Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Unnie's WWU: How I wished KHJ could have sung Soft Kitty to me

I'm back!~~~  Betcha thought I'd never come back again, that I ditched my Dongsaeng & you guys too.  How wrong you are.  In fact, I stalked her a lot while I was sick.  Facetime saved my sanity.  Poor Dongsaeng had to listen & watch while I coughed & coughed & coughed.

When I get sick, I get SICK! What started off as a simple cold developed into full blown bronchitis, in just a couple of days.  Recognizing bronchitis, as I have had it many times over the years, I immediately broke out my nebulizer & huge supply of Albuterol & started breathing treatments.  10 days later it was getting worse & then my right plugged up completely, bringing on a nasty case of Vertigo.  So, I went to the doctor, got antibiotics & was told, keep up the breathing treatments, take it easy...rest & fluids.  Then Wisconsin got hit with extreme sub zero temps (in other words Winter finally arrived)  & my pathetic excuse for lungs decided to close up further & pushed the bronchitis deeper into my lungs.  Yay.... :/  I was planning on giving my antibiotics a few more days to work but family & friends all said, "GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR!"  And so I did.  Where I was then put on super strong antibiotics, steroids, & they altered my typical Albuterol breathing treatments to Albuterol (w Ipratropium Bromide added in) as well as a super strong decongestant/antihistamines for my congestion.  I was informed by the doctor had I waited, as I had originally intended, I would have been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.  So I guess it's a good thing I do know how to listen... once in a while.

I was then ordered not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.  So CA grounded me to our room, which is upstairs & is the warmest room in our house...for over a week!  And as the meds gave me severe shakes, made me nauseated & I had vertigo through most of it, typing was next to impossible.  Let me tell you, you may think you would love for someone to send you to your room but trust me it is not all you think it is.  Very....very boring!  And lonely. :( The only time I saw my family was right after school each day & in the morning before they left, otherwise I was all by myself.  BTW daytime TV is deplorable.  I tried watching K dramas but the meds also made me super hyper so trying to get my brain to focus for more than a few minutes at a time was next to impossible.  My drama watching was choppy & disjointed.  I managed to keep up w FBND & started Level 7 Civil Servant.  But both of those are light hearted & very fast paced so my brain, high on steroids & Albuterol, kept up nicely.  ^^

But I finished off all my drugs last week & my breathing treatments have been dialed back to as needed which is now rare.  I still have a stinky cough but its only bad first thing in the morning & if I've gone outside which I really haven't done a lot of yet.  Taking kids to school, my son to his choral concert which was hosted at the high school, very big deal, & my first Sunday back at church in 3 weeks.  We've gotten several inches of snow over the last week, in fact it's snowing as I type this (Monday morning) & more sub zero temps from H E Double Hockey Sticks.  (psst that spells "Hell" in case you aren't familiar with that term. It's how I spelled it as a kid so that my mom wouldn't get mad at me for using a "Swear" gasp!  And I still use it today...old habits etc...)  But now that I am all better my plans are to get as many I Miss You Reviews up as is humanly possible because I know that drama is all done airing.  So I have a lot of computer time over the next couple of weeks.  :)

Now I am positive you guys are so fascinated by my long & boring tale of having been so sick.  I actually thought up quite a few great ideas for a WWU while I was sick.  I wrote them down & everything but when I went back & looked over my "Brilliant" ideas I realized I was way more drugged than I knew.  Seriously such horrible ideas.  So disappointing.  I just threw them all away & decided to just do a catch up post instead.

So here is my take on the things I was able to watch & keep up with while coughing up my lungs & feeling like the floor was trying to greet me half way for 2 weeks.

Jaejoong's new MV for Mine is awesome.  It has a total Evanescence feel to it & I love them.  Very angsty, hard rock, dark, feel to it.  I loved it.  Favorite of the year so far...  ;)  And yes I realize that the year is all of a month + old.  Still my favorite so far.  I really appreciate the new sound & vibe to his voice & look.  I loved the symbolism behind it all breaking free from the restraints & being himself & spreading his wings.  Yes, I likey some Jaejoong.  I was most excited to hear in his MTV-K interview that he & the guys want to do another album together hopefully this year & another world tour.  PLEASE COME TO THE US!!!!  Now we're just waiting for Mickey to get out his first solo album, yes?  I know I am.  Loves me the Mickey!  And yes I like the Mouse too but this kind of "like" (read obsession) is reserved solely for the Yoochun version of Mickey.  Otherwise it gets weird in so many ways. o.O

As for the other songs that have come out since I was sick...  BAP I am not a fan of the MV for Rain Sound.    I just prefer their hard core sound more than I do this soft/ballady sound they are currently experimenting with.  Plus I was put off by the whole body blowing up thing.  mostly because as their bodies were blowing up they just stood there as though they were not in fact being blown to pieces.  Very disappointing for me.  And the new song from GG I Got A Boy..m'eh.  The MV is all over the place which actually fits the song as it too is all over the place.  A big messy mix of sounds & I just didn't care for it.  I am not a big fan of BOA either, I mean I don't hate her or anything she has a pretty voice & I love that her MVs are more than your usual SM fare, but still it was just m'eh for me too.  However, I LOVED that  Taemin was in her new MV.  Hi Taemin!  So cute!  And he looked all grown up!  Gone was the long hair or the longer curly hair.  he was all clean cut & cute & manly.  Very VERY nice. ^^

But I LOVED CNBlue's new sound & MV for their new album.  We haven't shared that one yet so I am going to post that MV here...  If you remember from the beginning posts on this here blog CNBlue was my gateway to KPop via the KDrama Heartstrings.  So I have a very special place in my heart for this awesome group.

I loved the new look all the guys were sporting & since this MV Yong Hwa has come out as a blonde.  It took me a while & I had to see it from different angles etc but I actually think he looks hot as a semi blonde. I mean let's face it, it's not like he went white blonde.  It's more of a dirty blonde look.  Which works for him.  Of course, I still prefer his dark sexy good looks to this look but he's still definitely got it & then some.  Thank you Yong Hwa.

He's still got it.  

And now for some sad news.  Sigh.  KBS has decided to nix the upcoming Kim Hyun Joong K drama City Conquest.  I wanted to cry.  This news came at a time when I was bored out of my mind in my room, sick, feeling homesick, & lonely in my quarantine which made me feel more than a little blue.  But I wasn't allowed to cry... for real, another reason I stopped watching I Miss You.  Watching a sad melodramatic K Drama when you aren't allowed to cry & release the tension, as it could push you over the edge of sickness, is torturous.  Stuck all by myself in my room, sick, lonely, not allowed to cry & that's when they release the official word that the drama has been nixed?!?!  WHAT?!?!  I wanted to cry, scream, rant & rave.  Now if I am completely honest I still have a small grain of hope within...how about a cable channel picks it up or if they can get KBS to change their mind?  It could still happen, right?  {{Here is where you lie to me & say, "Of course Unnie!  It could most definitely still happen!" Like the good fellow AddiKts that you are!}}  As I kept reading posts leaking rumors of what's really going on behind the scenes & following the he said/they said between the director/producers & the affiliates of KBS; I can't help but notice the similarities between this real life K Drama Drama & an actual K Drama.  Did anybody else notice the King of Drama similarities?!?!  Where is Anthony & his awesome fur collared jackets & deep sexy voice when he we need him?!?!  Anthony, King of Dramas save us please?

But I do have Kim Hyun Joong's JPop Album Unlimited to keep me company.  Sigh.  Happy sappy feels folks.  He just makes me so happy.  I will say while sick, since K Dramas were not easy for my overstimulated brain to follow & daytime TV in the US is so icky, & reading when you have vertigo is not so good for the nausea the drugs give you, well let's just say I listened to a lot of Kpop/Jpop.  I'd just turn on my iPod & turn it low & set it to all my favorite ballad/soft/romantic songs (heavy on the KHJ/SS501 btw) & let them soothe/serenade me back into another drug induced coma.  I slept a lot.  Like a lot a lot!  I haven't slept that much since the last time I had pneumonia, about 2 years ago.  And I watched it rain, sleet, snow, rain, sleet, snow etc... over & over from my bdrm window.  The weather has been insane here.  but I'm told it's like that all over the place.  I think Mother Nature is Bi Polar.  Someone get her some happy pills.  Or maybe it's menopause & she's just in need of Hormones to take care of her hot flashes & chills?

These are my views from my bdrm window...
My bdrm window from my bed...
Lake frozen over

Neighborhood street 

 Told ya I was bored.  Taking pictures was my highlight. LOL  

Now let's talk K Dramas....

Like I said I was able to keep up with FBND & even though the writing is subpar & uneven I love this silly funny, weird, quirky show!  Oh my how I heart Yoon Si Yoon's "Enrique"!!  He is so good at switching between child like & man instantaneously!  And OMO!!  Kim Ji Hoon's "Oh Jae Won/Oh Jin Rak" is so incredibly tender & sweet & timid & handsome & romantic with his milk notes every morning.  Sigh!  And all the other eye candy is yummy too.  Park Shin Hye is doing a fabulous job with the reclusive/hermit-like Go Dok Mi.  However, "Muppet Hunter" is annoying & evil & most of the time I want to strangle her!!  I can't help but hope they are going to redeem her, because Go Dok Mi & she were really such good friends once.  I keep hoping she isn't evil to the core & can be redeemed.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking.  She cracks me up & irritates the crap out of me in one breath.  Like Dongsaeng, I want to live in that neighborhood.  Or better yet in the neighborhood where Big Bang & Infinite live in the same Apartment building.  Did you catch that story?!?  Thank you Allkpop for fast news!  I want to live there!  Do you think CA will go for it?  Worth considering at least, right?  Now my only real draw back to FBND is, as much as I like Park Shin Hye, she's a sweet girl & pretty & decent actress, BUT she has yet to break out of the good girl mode & go for a real kiss.  You're Beautiful, Heartstrings & so far even in this one she is nothing more than a squish kisser.  I've seen both YSY & KJH in other dramas give fabulously sexy deep kisses w real feels.  If she doesn't take this opportunity w/ one of these sexy pieces of eye candy to break that good girl mold & do a real kiss I may give up on her ever stepping outside her carefully constructed box.  You're 22 sweetie.  It's time to walk away from the innocent, frigid, boring, squish kiss & go for a real kiss.  Just sayin'.

And I managed to start Level 7 Civil Servant w Joo Won & Kang Choi Hee.  I loved her in Protect the Boss & I adored him in Bridal Mask.  Fantastic both of them.  But again the writing is leaving me SMH.  The spy stuff is beyond bad.  And the character development is predictable & over done.  They both have crappy parents.  She is poor, he is rich.  Her parents are trash & uneducated & his dad is/may be unethical.  However, I do love their chemistry & I adore that he is being far more grown up than most K drama guys.  He went through his TKJ phase very quickly & has already confessed he really likes her.  Yay!  I loved the Birthday serenade as they parachuted.  So sweet.  So even though parts of this drama have been sub par I am still wild about it...so far.

That pretty much covers my drama watching for the last 3 weeks.  Told ya I just couldn't do it on drugs & sick.  My precious K Dramas deserve all of my attention & focus.  But I am now watching I Miss You, Level 7, FBND & am about to start Baker King Kim Tak Goo, as well as Alice in Cheongdamdong.  Oh & I signed up for a profile on MyDramalist.  JessUnnie, friend requests are now accepted. ;)  And then you can see my list as it updates & we can discuss more K Dramas!!  On a side note, CA texted me from work mockingly with, "OMG!!!!!! ...Guess what I just heard....Iris 2 starts later this month!!!!!!!"  I texted him back that I knew that, he must have heard it from his co worker who happens to be Korean, & that I want to watch it but I still need to finish the first Iris.  But I was waiting & hoping he'd watch it with me.  To which he replied.... "So we'll be doing "Naked Iris" viewing???  As that is the only way he'll watch a K drama.  Nice right?  LOL  Naughty CA.

That pretty much covers everything that I can remember.  I have blank spots where my brain has still not caught up w me.  But I am definitely on the mend AddiKts.  Yay!  HUGE SHOUT OUT TO DONGSAENG for doing all the work by herself over the last almost month.  I felt like such a huge slacker!  You rock socks Dongsaeng!  Saranghae bb!  Now, I have chores waiting for me as 3 weeks of mama being sick means my house needs a thorough going over & I have laundry all piled up waiting for me.  Ahhhh the glam life indeed.  I'm so sexy when I scrub toilets & separate underwear, right?  Working on IMY I promise my reviews will start posting soon.

Hope you guys are having a great week.


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