Friday, February 8, 2013

Flower Boy Next Door ep 9: Dramatic Friday Review

Good Friday afternoon to you all.  I hope that this week has been a good one for you since you and I were last together.  I hope that you have been enjoying some good dramas and maybe some good music as well.

I'm going to level with you.  I am exhausted right about now.  Much like our dear panda-eyed webtoon boss lady up there ^.  Plus, I just got back from a hot lunch date with my Honey where I had food that I'm most likely going to be paying for in just a minute.  Without boring you with a lot of boring details, I am on a very restrictive diet for health reasons and when I "cheat" even just a little bit, I pay for it with pain.  A whole lotta pain.  I'm not telling you this to whine or seek sympathy or whatever, just to let you know that if for some reason I suddenly disappear and this doesn't make it up onto the blog for a day or so, well, that's what happened.  I collapsed in pain because of chicken fried rice at my local Thai place.  Actually, to be more specific, it will most likely be the fried spring roll that gets me.  I know better, but wow, it was delicious.  Right now I will tell you that it was worth it.  If I'm in the ER later, maybe I'll change my mind, but yeah, as of right now, totally worth it.  P.S.  Don't get old.  Not that I'm really old, but days like today, I feel every year of my *cough cough not telling you how old I am, nice try cough*.  But anywho, enough about me, let's talk eye candy.  Serious, serious, wish-I-could-snack-on-that eye candy.  And maybe touch on a bit of the story too while we're at it.  You know, if we must.

Seo Young has just dropped a bombshell on Enrique, his brother/cousin (did you happen to catch the same subtitle I did where suddenly they're calling Tae Joon Enrique's cousin instead of brother?), and Dok Mi when she pulls out tickets and tells Enrique that she wants to head back to Spain with him.  Immediately.  Tae Joon leaves for his military service/year on some island.  I really don't know where he's going, but it's not really that important.  The point is, he's leaving, Seo Young is mad/sad and is coping with it by dragging Enrique back to Spain with her.  Enrique then gets all out of whack when Dok Mi doesn't express the proper farewell that he wishes she would.  See, he's fallen for her, whether he wants to admit it or not, and so when she doesn't elicit much response to the idea of him leaving, he gets a little bummed.  Okay, he gets mopey and depressed and freaks out a little on her.  Meanwhile, it's pretty obvious to us, the casual observer, that she actually does care, quite a bit in fact, that he's leaving but is trying to play it cool.  She can't get rattled by this man child who has swooped into her life so unexpectedly and upset her fabricated little bubble she exists in.  She goes back to her apartment and sinks into a depressed despair.  As does Enrique for that matter.  They're both just so sad.  Why can't they just be honest and admit that they have the hots for each other and stop being so sad?

Their emo, sad music moment is interrupted by another cooking class.  Enrique brings the wine and eventually coerces Dok Mi to drink some.  And she gets wasted.

I loved the part where Enrique was going around telling everybody goodbye and giving out hugs and how hard Jin Rak tried to keep him from hugging Dok Mi.
That was cute.  I love when Jin Rak gets all jealous and possessive in such an adorable way.  Then, in a gesture to apologize for initially thinking him to be a perv, the security guard takes Enrique and the rest of the gang out for a little norebang.  Including our reclusive, drunk spinster.  A couple of parts I wanted to point out here was the scene where Jin Rak is asking Do Hwi how she knows him.  He's noticed her using his old name, which she only happened to hear once, yet uses it with such ease as if she's known him a lot longer than she is letting on.

I'm so glad he's caught on and isn't a total dunce and doesn't fully trust the Muppet Slayer.  She, being freakishly desperate and unable to accept reality, tries again to plant a kiss on Jin Rak, who covers his mouth in horror.

This part of the exchange is of course witnessed by Enrique who freaks out at Jin Rak for two-timing Dok Mi.  Words are exchanged between the two men and a little rift forms in our Enjin bromance.  So sad to see a good bromance turn cold.

Except when it's at a norebang and nets a totally hilarious sing off between the two of them.

Neither one will be making it onto Korea's Got Talent anytime soon, at least not for their performance here on this particular evening.  But it sure was good for some laughs, even if a bit hard on the ears.

On the walk home, Enrique stops Muppet Slayer from getting between Jin Rak and Dok Mi.  Even when Muppet Slayer tells him that Dok Mi likes him.  This gives him pause and definitely gets a shocked reaction from him, but he is resigned to keeping his promise to not interfere.  He's going back to Spain.  He knows that there isn't a chance for them and that he should just let Jin Rak go for it without stealing her away.  Poor Enrique.  Then there's a whole conversation about the mark left by the security guard's hat on the wall of the security office, showing how long he has been there watching over their apartment complex.  Jin Rak tells Dok Mi that he wants to be that for her - ever present in her life, leaving his mark.  He also tells her how he doesn't like winter because she doesn't have her window open like she does during spring, summer and fall and he can't smell the herb and rice scent coming from her room.  He confesses that he wants to be by her side, always and that she just needs to stay where and how she is.

*WARNING! Opinion Time*  While part of me was touched by this sentiment and I'm pretty sure I can tell where he's coming from and can respect it, kind of along the lines of, "I love you just the way that you are", part of me really cringed at that part.  Stay where/how she is?  Scared and shut off from the world?  Sure, she finds some peace in that that I can actually respect and understand (I am a bit of a homebody myself), but she's also miserable.  She's all alone.  She lives in fear.  She's not emotionally healthy in her current state and for him to ask her to stay that way isn't very fair.  He's a dear, sweet man and I know that he meant well, but it bugged me all the same.  This shouldn't come as a very big surprise though as I have already declared myself Team Enrique for this very reason - that he challenges her to step out from behind her fortress and face the world and live more of the life that deep down she wants to be living.

Now, we still have a lot to cover, so I'm going to speed this up a bit.  Important parts to note and remember....  1) Enrique makes a game for Dok Mi using pictures from their time together.  He also leaves a note telling her that he will be at his window at a certain time in order to say goodbye.  They also are all invited to a party that Muppet Slayer is hosting in order to get rid of Dok Mi.  Enrique, not knowing this, encourages Dok Mi to attend through the game he creates.

She's all moping in her room because Enrique is leaving though and misses the note, therefore missing the appointed window time.  Enrique gets depressed when she doesn't show up, thinking she doesn't care.

But she does care, she cares a lot, which is why she misses it in the first place.  By the time she finds the note and game and milk with post-it left by Jin Rak letting her know that he will accompany her to the party, it's too late.  Enrique is at the airport.  While sitting there though, Seo Young brings up the strange comment she overheard Muppet Slayer say when she went to visit her earlier that day about how she will get rid of Dok Mi at the party.

Enrique freaks out and rushes off to protect Dok Mi from whatever Muppet Slayer has planned.  Oh, and he finds out from a fan that Jin Rak is some sort of con-man/plagerizer/featured him in his webtoon.  Jin Rak meanwhile has been called into his boss's office right before the party and is anxiously watching the clock, not wanting to be late in picking up Dok Mi.  Their webtoon is in trouble.  He's a little too distracted to really care.

We end the scene with both men running to save the day and an unsuspecting Dok Mi heading behind frenemy lines.  She shows up and who is at the party but the old language teacher.  Yes.  You may.  Go right ahead....  DUHN DUHN DUHN!

Poor Dok Mi.  I really do feel bad for her, even though it is difficult at times since she has these two amazing wonderful men vying for her affection.  Hey boys - I sit around my house a lot too.  How 'bout it, huh?  Huh?  o.O? 

By the way, how hawt is that teacher now?  Hommina hommina!  Even if he turns out to be another Evil Oppa as the story goes on, he sure is a very pretty E.O.  I'd take his class.  Then I'd fail it so that I would have to repeat it.  Over and over and over again.

And that brings us to the end of this episode.  Join me as I try to dissect and discuss episode 10 in a second here.  Well, it will only be a second for me, but a bit longer for you as you have to you know, wait for me to finish writing it.  But for me, I'm jumping right in as soon as I get this published, which is why you may notice maybe some errors or weird stuff here because I'm not even stopping to edit it first.  It's late and I want to get both up as soon as I can.  I can always edit later anyway, right?  *stage whisper* that's what I normally do anyway because I like to take some time between writing and editing in order to look at it with fresher eyes.  Maybe if I didn't procrastinate writing these so often I could actually do both - take a pause and still edit before posting, but where's the fun in that?


  1. Was I the only one who was a little freaked out by all the pictures of Dok Mi on the board game Enrique made for her?? Seems ultra stalker-ish by my standards, though I still love Enrique for being puppy dog cute, then dead sad and serious. *dreamy sighs*

    1. You probably weren't the only one, no, though, stalking and KDramas kind of go hand-in-hand so maybe we sometimes grow too numb to it ^^ And yes! Totally agree about Enrique and his many varied emotions - I love him and both his adorable puppy-dog excitement and sad face. He's just so squishable!


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