Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unnie's WWU: Shaking the Mid Week Slump K Style

IDK about you guys but I am having a seriously hard time getting motivated to move today.  Probably has to do with the 8 more inches of snow we got hit with in the last 24 hours.  I am SO ready for spring!  My kids had a snow day from school yesterday.  It was nice, we all spent the entire day in our jammies relaxing, playing games, reading & for me a good portion was spent marathoning Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  Up to ep 17 & that is exactly where I intend to be as soon as this here Wednesday Write Up has been completed. ^^ What can I say?  I just can't get enough of Yoochun.  He's just so dreamy.  Don't worry KHJ remains supreme in my crushes ^_~  but immediately after him are those sexy, cute, funny, handsome, charismatic JYJ guys.

Because of the excess snow that my area of the world has received lately I am fighting a bad case of winter blahs.  I just want to crawl back into my super warm, snuggly, soft, comforting bed & bury myself deeply under the covers.  Anybody else fighting the winter blahs?  I know Dongsaeng isn't fighting Winter Blahs.  Not living in sunny, warm, the trees are already budding leaves, Arizona.  Sharing pictures to FB just to torment the seasonally challenged me.  She has some nerve.  Punk!  Yeah I called her a punk, whatcha gonna do about it?  ;)

But it's back to school, back to chores, back to life & responsibilities today.  Just not enough sun this time of year to keep my spirits lifted though.  Especially after living in the sunny southwestern part of the US MOST of my life.  Sigh I miss the sun.  So, to get myself up & moving today I went to my YouTube Channel to force myself to get my ZING back.  Nothing makes me as happy as KPop!   It helps me find my happy.  And I LOVE my happy.  And guess what?  I found my smile again after just a few songs.  Which are still on auto play in the background as I type.  Ahhh....KPop thanks for making me smiley again.  So to get you all through the mid week slump, the winter blues, the I just wanna go back to bed day I am going to share my favorite songs.

I know this post is going to be short & you were probably hoping for an actual article about .... something.... interesting? News worthy?  Sorry, not today.  Today I want eye candy & happy, get me moving music & I want to just give my overly active brain a break in between all my mom chores.  You know cleaning, bills & phone calls to Dr offices.  And yes I leave the music running while I make the phone calls.  And I have had more than one person ask me what am I listening to in the background?  LOL  That, right there, is the best part of leaving the music on IMHO.

Have a great rest of the week AddiKts.  Spring will be here soon & I will be able to ditch the hoodie & jeans & snow boots for flip flops & capris.  CANNOT WAIT!!!  >.<  Until then enjoy the music & dream of cute Kpop stars.


Finding the Happy w/ KPop


  1. 2 Block B MVs.. MMmmm. You make this BBC (hehe) very happy. xD

    Kpop always makes my day. Whether's it's the super happy sounding stuff, or the more melo-y stuff, or the 'I'm so cool and listen to non-idol Korean groups' stuff. Or those days where I pretend that no one else exists in the world except me and Bigbang.. Yeah. Good days.

    1. I'm with you there Rosie. Kpop just makes me happy. And there are so many styles within that umbrella label of K Pop it suits any mood I find myself in for the day. Just what the Doctor ordered. ;)


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