Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unnie's WWU: Drama Drama Drama

Hello!  I thoroughly enjoyed my week off for Spring Break last week.  So relaxing & restful, even though all 4 of the monstrosities were home too.  I'm one of those weird moms that loves & looks forward to having all of her kids home & being schedule free.  I am already aching for summer vacation, mostly for the warmer temperatures but also for the lack of rigidity & the rushed feeling I get to endure enjoy during the school year.  I like their noise & their cuddles & their questions & trolling my teenager as much as possible.  However, by the end of summer, those last 2 weeks in particular, I am ready for them to go back to school.  ;)  As for this Spring Break we didn't really go anywhere special; we hung out, played games, read books, I watched K Dramas & Korean movies & we celebrated Easter & then CAs 41st birthday, love my real life Oppa.

Happy Sighs...

But as you aren't here to see hwo I spent my Spring Break I'll get on with my WWU.

Earlier this week, I asked on my Twitter page, which automatically feeds into my FB page, what you guys were in the mood to talk about this week?  Since I always pick the subject, I wondered if there was anything in particular that you guys would to pick my brain & find out about?  Only one of you was brave enough to respond.  *SMH*  Thank you A for answering my question.  It meant the world to me, even though I responded w a sarcastic snotty reply, you're too good to me.  She wanted to know what dramas that are coming up am I interested in watching & she asked me, a while ago, if I know what drama I want to review when (IF) I ever finish I Miss You?  I was going to try & do all of the last 4 episodes in one week but this week my schedule as a mom & wife is way too busy.  Dr's appts, IEP mtgs, Tae Kwon Do, grocery shopping, taking friends to lunch to celebrate their bday, WWUs & DFRs & another "K" themed trip to Chicago this Sat, speaking of which... anybody in the area of Schaumburg Illinois, this upcoming Saturday &  interested in some yummy Korean food, shopping & talk, with a Crazy Ahjumma, or two, since I won't be alone? Wouldn't that be fun?

But in answer to that wonderful reader, who has become a dear friend, that took the time ask that question, I decided I needed to go search out as many of the just started or getting ready to air very soon dramas & look over the synopsis & see which ones catch my eyes.  BTW Viki just revamped their website, I'm still learning it & there are a few things that aren't quite working all the way yet so bear with some of my links in this post & if they aren't working then please let me know & I'll try & find other links for you.

Drama Drama Dramas that are up & coming....

First up & one I have already started (last night) is Lee Seung Gi's (Dimple!!) new drama....
Gu Family Book.  Starring Dimple & Suzy from Miss A.  And I have to say I really liked the first episode so I will continue to watch & keep my fingers crossed.  This is his first Seaguk.  He plays a 1/2 human, 1/2 Gumiho who falls in love w a human & has to seek revenge for his family's history.  Very promising.  I do love the paranormal.

When a Man Loves.  Starring Song Seung Heon (An actual OPPA!!!)  & Chae Jung Ahn.  SSH Oppa plays a former (or maybe reformed is better) gangster who has made a successful life for himself, post gangster days.  I am looking forward to checking it out, although it seems more melodrama-ish than I like, as you know I am not a fan of those, just because I like to try a lot of different shows & give it at least 1 or 2 episodes chance.

Nine: 9 Times Travel. Starring Lee Jin Wook & Jo Yoon Hee.  A little paranormal, a little science fiction, a little time travel...I hear really good things about this one & it's one I have been meaning to try & just haven't for whatever reason...soon though I will stop & do a little time traveling of my own.

All About My Romance. Starring Shin Ha Kyun & Lee Jung Min. I do like political satire mixed romance.  Can two people with polar opposite political view points make a go of it in the midst of the all the political chaos. This one I actually really want to check out, just for the story line alone.  I LOVED City Hall which had a similar premise...sort of so will I love this one as much?  Guess we'll see.

Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love.  Starring Lee Tae Hee & Yoo Ah In.  This one I am not a big fan of the story or the main actress.  Lee Tae Hee is gorgeous but she just isn't, IMHO, a very good actress.  I've mentioned before that My Princess was our, mine & Dongsaeng's, first drama & at first we loved it but by the middle we were mocking the acting, we kept watching through to the happy ending though. ^^  But I LOVE Yoo Ah In so I may have to check out the first ep just for him.  Who doesn't love a little "Crazy Horse"?!?!   This one is about a royal concubine who gets power hungry.

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin.  Starring Jo Jeong Seok & IU is a L O N G family drama.  48 episodes L O N G.  L O N G E S T K drama I will have ever watched IF I finish all the episodes.  Right now, I am up to ep 4, but then I was sidetracked, because at that time neither Viki nor DF had gotten the license yet.  So I was watching on Gooddrama & the subs were awful & I just don't trust that site to not give my laptop a virus.  DF has it now, up to ep 4, so once they get more eps up I will resume watching.  The rough synopsis is a young girl that gets her big break into show business, after a lot of family drama.

Mandate of Heaven.  Starring Lee Dong Wook & Song Ji-hyo.  This one is a 24 episode thriller.  Lee Dong Wook plays a doctor who ends up getting framed in an assassination plot against the King who ends up on the run while his daughter is simultaneously dying.  So this one looks good as well.  And I have to check out any drama that has Lee Dong Wook. And this one I cannot find on either DF or Viki.  So I have no idea where it will be broadcast becasue I have no idea who has the licensing for it yet as neither site has a page ready for it.  They have a couple more weeks so we'll see who gets it first.

There are probably a bunch more that I am missing but I am going to stop there because quite frankly I just don't have the time to check out every single drama that comes my way.  I have a life outside of my computer after all.  These should be enough to get me going.  As for which drama I want to review next....I am really not sure.  I know I need it to be a lot more light hearted than I Miss You.  I need a breath of fresh air after the heaviness of revenge & evil & depression of IMY.  Maybe All About Romance if it ends up being what I hope it can be, but then I am not a big fan of Lee Jung Min.  So I just don't know yet.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter & a great week, I'll see you again on Friday with my next two DFRs for I Miss You.



  1. YAY.... So excited to read this review! I am also really hoping All about Romance stays good. Have watched 2 episodes and it has been laugh out loud funny.

  2. Sadly, I'm not feeling this latest and upcoming crop of Kdramas.. I almost think I need a little break, and will be watching more Jdrama and other stuff for a while. Then when I get back to the Korean stuff, they'll feel a little fresher to me.


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