Friday, June 28, 2013

I Hear Your Voice ep 5: Dramatic Review

After a brief intro into the first 4 episodes earlier, I now return to my regularly scheduled program.  In other words, I'm back to bullet-pointing key or favorite parts of each episode.  I started with Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen in whatever I reviewed two shows ago, then changed that to Nine's Nine for the drama Nine.  I've debated long and hard over what to do now.  12 was too long and this is a show without a number in its title that automatically lends itself to the perfect tie-in, so I had a decision to make.  It's probably no secret by now, but I'm a sucker for alliteration.  I know, I know, cheesy and lame, but it works for me.  Therefore, I have decided to try on for size Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dos.  If I had hangeul on my keyboard, I would have used 둘, but I don't, so I can't.  What's 둘?  Korean for two or "dul".  Except I would have Romanized it as "duel" (because I'm a dork and would have misspelled "deul"), and then you would have thought that the dozen was divided by fighting or something and that's way too violent for what we do here.  Except now that I see it is 둘, not 들, I suppose I can go ahead and go Korean instead of Spanish.  Well, isn't that a relief?  That would have been weird, no?  Si.  So, scratch what I said before.  I'm going to go for Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul.  I suppose I could just call it Shannen's Six, but where's the fun in that?

So, how 'bouts we step into the virtual dressing room here (ooh lala!) and try on the very first ever
Dongsaeng's Drama Dozen Divided by Dul of episode 5...

1.  Shacking Up, and it's only ep 5

After figuring out who he is and that he's been protecting her, and bailing him out of jail, Hye Sung asks Soo Ha to stay with her for a bit for the sake of collaborating the story they told police in order to get him out of trouble.  This is going to be awe-some!

2.  Psycho's Next Move

He can't get to Hye Sung because of Soo Ha, so Psycho Min Joon Gook sets his sights on another target.

3.  More Appropriate + Perfectly Loveable = Ultimate Losers

If you haven't yet seen Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and plan to, LOOK AWAY NOW!  Spoilers coming!
I don't know about you, but I am totally seeing a FBRS-type theme developing here in our romance department.  We have an older woman and younger man with obvious chemistry.  Steamy hot chemistry.  Need-a-cold-shower-already chemistry.  Their relationship is by all intents and purposes, taboo.  Not because she's older and he's younger, but because HE'S STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL and she's a LAWYER for crying out loud.  This should not be okay.  I should not be rooting for this couple.  Sorry, let me rephrase that with the proper term...  I should not be shipping this couple.  I just shouldn't.  Yet I am.  And what makes matters worse is that, just like in FBRS (which was a teacher/student relationship if you'll recall or haven't seen it - yeah), both of them having perfectly wonderful, age-appropriate options available to them.  Attorney Cha/Oska is delightful and handsome and just the sweetest, most wonderful guy.  How could you not love him?  And Soo Ha's classmate/Hye Sung's former client is awesome as well.  She helps him and confesses to him and everything.  There's no reason to not be cheering on the more appropriate relationship options here, yet I can't help myself.  See, so very FBRS of them, thus leaving me questioning my sanity and ethics.  Mean, cruel drama writers.

4.  Poor Baby!

The truth is fully revealed once and for all.  Yes, he does still love her.  And seeing her with another man is killing him.

5.  Momma Matchmaker

Okay, so yes, maybe I saw this one coming from episodes away, but it turns out that this "son of a spa owner" that Hye Sung's mom has been trying to set her up with is Attorney Cha.  Both had agreed to a blind date, but then both called it off because they were each interested in the other one.  Very cute.  Still shipping Soo Ha and Hye Sung, but still very cute.

6.  Gloating Too Soon

The competition between Hye Sung and Do Yun heats up again in the courtroom.  Hye Sung defeats her once again and starts to gloat and rub it in her face.  She really does have some hard feelings towards this chica.  It's all fine and good until Soo Ha lets her in on a little secret - in this case, she was wrong and Do Yun was right.  And he tells her this while holding her in the middle of the street.  Ooh lala!  Hey, Soo Ha, I think I was wrong too - can you break it to me while holding me in the street too?  It would be much easier to accept that way.  Just sayin'.  

And that's where we end episode 5 for today.  So tell me, who are you shipping?

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