Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Hear Your Voice eps 1-4: Dramatic Review

Hi guys!  Tired of hearing from me yet?  It's been a regular ol' blitzkrieg of Dongsaeng posts lately.  Maybe some of you are new and just visiting us for the first time.  New dramas tend to bring in new people.  If you are new, WELCOME!!!!  Pull up a chair and get comfy.  We hope you enjoy visiting with us.  If you are not new, WELCOME BACK!!!!  It's great to still have you with us!  We love our readers and count the ones we've been able to get to know as some of our closest friends.  True story.  Whether old or new or somewhere in between, I hope that you're as excited as I am to embark on a new drama together.  Especially this drama.  I am LOVING this drama!  Obviously, since I chose it as my next one.  Or maybe not so obviously, since there have been times in the past where I have reviewed dramas that weren't necessarily the most enjoyable (*cough cough Dr Jin cough*).  But so far so good on this particular one.

Now, the last time I tried to start reviewing a drama mid-stream, it turned into a major disaster.  Granted, a lot of that was due to my own personal life deciding to be a major disaster in its own right, but fingers crossed that we are through the thick of that now and things will start to calm down a bit.  That is not me issuing a challenge to you by the way Mr/Ms Fate.  Doing a special jinx-eliminating wavy arm thingy just in case Fate decides it's not done messing with me yet.  Anyways.....big old steaming pile of stressy mess that finished over a month late.  Not doing that again.  So, instead, I've decided to get us up to speed starting from where I am currently, which is still behind, but only by a week.  That I can handle.  A week is no biggie.  3 though?  Nuh uh.  Not going to happen.  Therefore, this "review" will just be a general synopsis of the first 4 episodes.  Nothing spectacular.  No pictures.  I know, I know, so many pretty boys!  We needs to see the pretty boys!  And we will.  We will have 12 more episodes chocked full of pretty boy pictures, don't you worry.  But this one, no.  [insert sad panda face]

Ok.  Here it goes.

We have our two main characters.  Their paths crossed as children.  Our female lead, Hye Sung, is the daughter of a spunky housekeeper for a well-to-do-family.  This family has a daughter of their own who is in the same class as Hye Sung, Do Yun.  There's some issues between the two girls which comes to a head one night following an accident with fireworks where Do Yun was injured and blamed the innocent Hye Sung.  This results in the mom getting fired and both mother and daughter leaving the house to make it on their own.  Then, one evening, as Do Yun and Hye Sung are having a "discussion", they happen to witness a car accident.  A truck has struck a car containing a father and his young son.  Both are alive after the accident, but injured.  The truck driver, upset that the victims have survived and therefore will be troublesome to him, takes matters into his own hand in the form of a metal pipe which he then uses to kill the father.  The girls witness this, Hye Sung even snapping a picture on her cell phone just as this psycho killer is about to off the poor boy the same as he did with his father.  The sound of the camera alerts the psycho to the girls' presence and he chases after them.  He eventually catches them and threatens them if they breathe a word of what they've seen.  Now, these are young girls.  They're terrified.  At first they say nothing, but when it comes time for the trial, Hye Sung gets the courage to speak up for the underdog, having a very strong sense of justice, especially after her own personal experience.  This young boy, Soo Ha, after the trauma of the accident, can hear the thoughts of others.  With Hye Sung's testimony and photo evidence, psycho killer is sentenced for murder and goes to prison, vowing along the way to kill Hye Sung in revenge.

Fast forward.  Hye Sung is now a lawyer.  And not a very good one.  The incidents from her past have turned her former "warrior self" into a lazy, care-not kind of person.  Somehow she still manages to land a job as a public defense attorney, a position she wants simply because of the money and security, not because she has any desire to defend the weak or anything noble like that.  Her fellow lawyer hired at the same time, Cha Kwan Woo, however, is this warrior of the downtrodden-type.

Hye Sung starts her new job out much the same way she conducted herself in her previous job - no effort.  Her first client is a young woman accused of pushing a classmate out a window.  Guess who is a classmate of hers?  Soo Ha of course.  Soo Ha who has considered this brave older girl from his past as his first love and has her set up on this very high pedestal.  Soo Ha who has vowed to protect her and has even learned to fight for that very purpose.  He is so thankful to this girl who, even though terrified, stood up against the bad guy, insuring that justice was served on behalf of his beloved father.  He's cool.  He's still in high school, but he's cool.  And he can still read minds.  He has spent the years since the trial of psycho guy looking for Hye Sung and finally finds her thanks to his classmate's legal troubles.  He gets involved and together, the three of them are able to win her case and a fire is lit, at least temporarily, under Hye Sung, who can't help but see her own story in this young lady.

Now, psycho killer is out of prison and is looking for Hye Sung.  And Soo Ha is there to protect her.  And help her be the kind of lawyer and person that he knows her to be deep down underneath the protective shell she has created for herself.

And that should just about get us up to speed.  This drama so far has a lot of drama mixed with humor.  The mom cracks me up.  She is a riot and I love her.  Our heroine is awesome.  So strong yet so flawed.  I love the noona relationship between her character and Soo Ha.  I especially love as his gilded image of who he thought she was begins to tarnish with the reality of who she has become.  I love seeing Oska again.  I will not be able to remember his character's name in this because he is now, and will forever be, Oska to me (from Secret Garden).  I love the dynamics in the public defense office.  And that other young lawyer/clerk/whatever he is in the office?  Yoo Chang or as I will from now on call him, Hottie McHottie, is gorgeous.  Pretty boys, fun dynamic characters, mind reading, and good story equals a winner of a drama in my book.  I really think this one will continue to be a winner.  More drama gold.  This year seems to have an over-abundance of good dramas, doesn't it?  The only downside is that I feel like I can't possibly keep up and watch all that I want to watch.  Not to mention all the older ones that I know I'll just never get to because all these newer ones keep distracting me.  It's the curse of a drama addicKt -- too many amazing dramas, so little time.  I thank American TV for sucking so bad during the summer though and giving me all this extra time at least to pack in as many as I can.  I also thank the lovely state I reside in and the fact that it's a million degrees outside and there is just nothing else to do but sit inside and watch dramas all day.  It all comes together to create a wonderful drama-watching opportunity.

I look forward to furthering our discussion on this drama.  Feel free to leave comments here or on our Facebook page.  And as always, thanks for stopping by!  May your days be filled with all the wonderful drama life has to offer.


  1. Yaaay! Finally we watch a drama at the same time! xD

    This show is probably one of the best things I've watched (or started watching) in Months! Seriously wasn't bored a single second of it. And I'm so excited to see Lee Jong Suk again (I miss him from School). Oh, and I still call the other guy Oska too. He'll always be Oska. :)

    So- question. who do you think is going to get the girl in the end.....??

    1. Yay!!!

      At this point I'm seeing it as kind of a whole Flower Boy Ramyun Shop relationship dynamic. I think she'll try some sort of relationship with Oska/Attorney Cha, but ultimately will fall for Soo Ha. They seem to have the stronger chemistry together, once she gets over the fact that he's a little younger than her. I wonder what the age difference is? I didn't think it was all that great, but the fact that he's still in high school and she's already a lawyer is, admittedly, a little creepy. But he's cute, so we can overlook that, right? ;)

    2. Oh I'm always cool with the noona romances (well, most of them...) It helps that I know the actor is older than high school age though.. and I love him.. so. They're my ship. It really does seem like they get all "the" kdrama chemistry moments. But yet, Oska is the first-billed? And in the pic main pic for it.. she's standing with him. So. Hmph.


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