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Gu Family Book: episodes 9 & 10 {{Dramatic Friday Review}}

So wow!  It's been a long, long time hasn't it?  I hope I was missed at least a little.  ;)  Time to break out my notes & start putting down my opinions.  Since I have seen every episode, I am hoping I don't get ahead of myself in these individual reviews.  Wish me luck guys.

So when we left off episode 8 , Tae Seo had just stabbed Kang Chi, right through the stomach & all I could think was, this is more than 8 episodes long, right?  This can't possibly end here, so how are they going to fix that?  o.O

But fix it they did, magically of course.  Helps being half Gumiho, doesn't it?  Now did anybody else think, even covered in blood Lee Seung Gi looks really REALLY good?  {{Thank you Korea for existing!}}

One thing I really liked in this episode is that they had Master Dam figuring out very quickly that Tae Seo was under hypnotic suggestion, they didn't drag any of the story lines out in this drama, that was really nice. Jo Kwan Woong & his henchman thought they were so covert.  Thank goodness Master Dam is smarter than your average bear.  Also at this point we discover that Tae Soo's character is in serious "Like" w Yeo Wool.  Which means that Yeo Wool is liked by Gon, Tae Seo & eventually by Kang Chi too.  I want to have her problems.  Well, okay just her love life problems, am I right?  Must be nice!

Meanwhile, Cheong Jo, who has decided to be a Gisaeng is getting trolled by all the stuck up little witch Gisaeng's in particular by Wol Sun.  Oh how I detest her.  But Head Gisaeng seems to think this is a character builder for Cheong Jo.  Part of me agrees Cheong Jo needs to toughen up & part of me can't help but feel bad, hasn't she been through enough?

Back to Kang Chi who is very ill, what with being stabbed through the stomach & all...well duh.  Yeo Wool, whom we already know is crushing hard on Kang Chi, is in agony sitting next to him, knowing he's probably not going to make it through the night.  Then she remembers that the Monk told her not to interfere in Kang Chi's fate but she of course ignores him, I would have too though.  Heck yeah the guy I like is dying & I know I can save him?  You bet your hiney I'm going to break rules to save his life, if I can.  So she takes off his bracelet, the one that keeps his inner monster in check.  And sure enough the blue fairies arrive & heal his stomach.  Of course this also turns him into the gumiho, who panics upon waking & practically attacks Yeo Wool, slicing open her arm on a candlestick in the process.  So my question was okay, he's healed now.  Ummm how are they going to explain his miracle healing to all the others?  o.O

The next morning dawns & we find out everyone, almost everyone, already knows about Kang Chi so they'll be subtle but they also aren't going to worry about explanations either, that was where the writing got weak, plot hole?  What plot hole?  Just wave away those pesky plot holes, no one really pays attention anyway. Now something I noticed, we all know Lee Seung Gi is an excellent actor, especially if you've watched King 2 Hearts.  But Kang Chi is a terrible actor.  LOL  He can't fake that he's still injured to save his soul.  Anybody that falls for that is nuts!  But he was adrokably sweet, so who cares.  *waves hand in air* would someone give me a swatter for this pesky plot hole?!?!  It keeps buzzing around my head!!  Aish!  

And as we learned watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Gumiho's are always hungry & usually its for meat.  Kang Chi is no different.  He wakes up starving, only to find broth waiting for him.  So he goes in search of meat & finds himself in the kitchen of Master Jook Dal.  Whom he mistakes for just your run of the mill old man leaning on a bamboo broom.  Did I mention Master Jook Dal is just about my most favorite character in the whole cast?!?!  He so is!!  Cute, funny, surprisingly agile & incredibly wise.  Like the Admiral, he sees the Big Picture.  Full Unnie Stamp of Approval, addiKts.  Now the rest of the episode is the planning for going after the silver at the 100 year Inn that Lord Park promised the General...hopefully before JKW realizes that it's there.  Best part is they've got the village carpenter on their side & he is already starting the process of redoing the room that sits above the silver.  My favorite scene was when trying to teach Kang Chi a lesson in the kitchen, Master Jook Dal withholds chicken from Kang Chi.  It was so Kung Fu Panda w the dumplings!  Perfect humorous moment!

Okay so it's almost the end, which means, it's time to put the mission to retrieve the silver into action.  Unfortunately, JKW's henchman, is suspicious & he gets in the way & almost ruins the mission.  While Kang Chi & Yeo Wool are trapped behind the door to the secret passage, Yeo Wool loses her balance & falls & Kang Chi HAS to grab her & keep her from falling & making even more noise.  I love the look on his face with his hand pressed to her breast.  Ummm... I'm pretty sure he knows she's a girl now!!!   No way you can misinterpret that kind of curve.  Bahahahahahaha!!!  Oh goodtimes!

At the beginning of episode 10 we get to see Kang Chi does, in fact, figure out that Yeo Wool is a girl...he'd be really stupid if he didn't, after having felt her up like that & all.  Do you think Joseon peeps knew about "bases"?  Cause Kang Chi is already at 2nd.  Can you say, "Awwwwkwaaaard"?  Giggles all over the place from Unnie.
I loved that he just kept staring at the hand that touched her boob!  LOL!!! 

Where is Jo Kwan Woong you ask?  At the Gisaeng house, being all creepy & stalkery w Cheong Jo.  Seriously, he is so gross & creepy.  But I give credit to Cheong Jo, she didn't flinch, even once.  Heanchman arrives & wants to see JKW but Head Gisaeng is a part of the good guys so she orders her servant to give him this really potent liquor & sends henchman away.  Thank goodness!

Kang Chi & Yeo Wool are trapped w the silver, as Henchman put his men in the room to guard against his suspicions.  But all is not well, as Yeo Wool's sliced open arm is infected & she is getting sicker & weaker as they wait.  Kang Chi at this point remembers the little girl he saved from the dog & realizes that Yeo Wool is her.  His first love.

Awww so sweet.  

He's scared & knows if he doesn't do something soon she may die.  So he decides to try using his magic blood to save her.  He slices open his palm & drips his blood on her arm & almost immediately the blue fairies arrive to save her.
I apologize for it's blurriness but didn't you just LOVE how when she faints & falls backward that her hair so perfectly unfurled all straight & beautiful?!?!  Only in K Dramas.  

Thankfully at this point Kang Chi gets Yeo Wool out safely and, with the help of the servants, plans a way to get the money out safely.  It's actually pretty ingenious.  Kang Chi goes back in the little room all night long & hides all the money behind a curtain, the next morning JKW arrives to see the silver & hidden room, but finds it empty.  As they (JKW & Henchman) arrived they saw the servants loading big bulk items of food, into a wagon, to go to the military base.  He realizes as he stares at the empty room, that what he was told was food, was probably all the money.  So he rushes off to the military base to confront the Admiral.  While he is gone Kang Chi & the servants pack up all the money for real this time & take it to the Admiral.  Walking right past JKW & his men.  Well played Kang Chi.  Well played.  I was cracking up laughing & repeating "Neener, Neener, Neener" to my computer screen a lot at this point.  So awesomesauce!  You go Kang Chi-ah!!  Yeah baby!!!
But what I didn't talk about was why Kang Chi decided to crash this mission to begin with...for a bet.  He wanted meat, remember?  Master Jook Dal bet him to get something from the Admiral as proof that KC really did know the Admiral, in return he would give Kang Chi some chicken.  So when Kang Chi successfully delivered the silver to the Admiral, the Admiral was duty bound to repay his service & loyalty.  What did Master Jook Dal want?  The Admiral's hat.  Seriously the glee & happiness lit up his face as he put on the Admiral's hat.  He was so stinking cute!  Kang Chi won the bet.  And in return he got his chicken. LOL
Onew better watch out, he may have to fight Dimple for that chicken he loves so dearly.

At the end of this episode our cliffhanger story is the fact, in retribution JKW is going to be WITH (wink/wink, vomit/vomit)  Cheong Jo that night & Kang Chi has to save her from his evil clutches.  And Yeo Wool doesn't know what to think about the 2 very different sides of Kang Chi.  The one who saved her life, using his gumiho blood & the one who wants to risk his life, no matter the cost, to save Cheong Jo.  Who does he love?

You will have to wait until the next review to see what happens.  Have a great night Addikts.


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