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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 13 [Dramatic Review]

It turns out that there is a good thing that can happen when you have a 3 hour medical test that consists of mostly sitting around waiting -- it makes it possible to get a couple of episodes of a drama watched and prepped for review.  Woohoo!  That's what I got to do yesterday and it worked out perfectly.  Multi-tasking at its best I say.  The only downside is watching a show like this in a public place.  It was very hard to contain myself and not start exclaiming out loud during some of the more intense parts.  You know, being surrounded by all sorts of sick people and all - you don't want to frighten them too much with over-exuberant drama watching.   The dog at home is one thing, some guy barely clinging to life as it is, not so much.  You may as well just call me a humanitarian for keeping it reigned in.  I wouldn't say that I'm like the Mother Theresa of KDrama addicKts, but it's okay if you want to say it. 

So I'm happy to present to you, thanks to my wonderful 3 hours of guilt free, only slightly interrupted, drama watching, my review for episode 13 of Nine!

Nine's Nine of episode 13

1.  Just Let Me Go Get My Keys

Seon Woo shows up in 1993 to talk to Jeong Woo and convince him to turn himself in.  Jeong Woo has just been warned by Dr Evil/Choi to be on the lookout for a man who looks like Seon Woo (you know, because it is Seon Woo).  So, Seon Woo walks in, Jeong Woo freaks out when he recognizes him from the photo, and ducks into the back room to "get his keys", which obviously really means he's calling Dr Choi to tell him that the one who can ruin their lives has shown up.

2.  How Rude

Seon Woo spies his brother's keys sitting conveniently by a phone, and being the smart cookie he is, instantly smells something fishy.  He picks up the extension and eavesdrops on the conversation between Jeong Woo and Dr Evil.  By the time Jeong Woo hangs up and comes back out, Seon Woo is long gone.

3.  Heyyy, I Know You!
Outside of the record store, a man pulls up.  Seon Woo is shocked to see that it is the same man that he saw torch the hospital on Dr Evil's orders.  The hitman/henchman is also shocked when he sees that Seon Woo instantly recognizes him.  And then a chase scene ensues.  As a blogger, I'm grateful for this chase scene.  One, because of the fast pace, screenshots are impossible.  Two, during all that time I don't really have to pay major attention and look for any potential plot points of importance.  Nope, I can just sit back and relax for those few minutes and enjoy the story.  Totally selfish reason, I'll agree, but there you have it.  More chase scenes please.  They make my job so much easier.

4.  This Guy Might Want to Consider a Career in Telemarketing

Seon Woo is finally able to evade his pursuer and finds a telephone booth.  He calls Jeong Woo, who at first is on the line with Dr Choi, but then finally picks up.  Seon Woo knows his time is limited, so he gets right to business working on convincing his brother to turn himself in.  He gets specific and knows the right buttons to push since he's talked to his brother 20 years down the road and understands what has been weighing on him all this time. 

5.  Ouch

Right as these two brothers are having their conversation that spans two decades, who should show up but crazy henchman with a knife, with which he proceeds to stab Seon Woo with repeatedly. Seon Woo manages to fight him off long enough to finish his phone call with Jeong Woo and then flees again.  More car chase scene.  Hip hip hooray!

6.  Like a Bloody Fish Outta Water

Seon Woo's luck finally runs out.  He's standing on a bridge, facing down the crazed henchman who is now wielding a hammer.  He sees that his time in 1993 is almost up, so in a last ditch effort to save himself, he jumps off the bridge into the water.  He hits a little too soon though, and is under water longer than I think he had hoped to be and starts to drown as he's bleeding out.  Meanwhile, back in 2013, his nap time is up and so one of the station employees comes to wake him.  When he gets no response from the anchorman, the employee gets concerned.  Then he hears a thud as Seon Woo finally returns from 1993 and falls to the ground, stabbed and bleeding and mostly drowned.  They break the door down and rush in, see the mess and get him to the hospital.

7.  Final Goodbye?

Jeong Woo rushes to be by his brother before he goes in to surgery.  They have a touching moment.  While all of this is unfolding, back in 1993, Jeong Woo is facing a major decision.  He has the video evidence left for him by Seon Woo that shows everything that happened that night his father died.  Now he has to decide if he's going to turn himself in or not.  He sits in his car in front of the police station, playing the "should I, shouldn't I" game.  At one point it looks like he has decided not to turn himself in and we fear that all is lost.  As 2013 Jeong Woo shows up at the hospital though, he reassures Seon Woo that his past self has just entered the police station.  The brother's clasp hands for what could very well be their final goodbye.

8.  Jeong Woo Comes Through

So yes. Jeong Woo comes through.  He goes to the police station and turns himself in.  He presents the videotape evidence, declares that the fire was arson and that he himself was the murderer.

9.  May I Ask Who is Calling?

We end with a post-surgical Seon Woo waking up to a phone call from Min Young.  This is the tell-all moment.  When he went in to surgery, past Jeong Woo was just about to turn himself in.  If all went right, then everything should be righted.  Min Young would be his wife, not niece.  What will she call him when he answers???

Haha.  Silly.  We won't know that until episode 14.  This is our major cliffhanger for this episode.  Guess you'll just have to stick around and see what is to come.  That's how they get you.  Reel you in and then....

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful recaps. I always visit your site just to read your recaps of NINE. I understand that a lot of hardworking and time is needed in putting this kinds of recap and I really appreciate it. I am also looking forward on your finale review after episode 20. I really love this drama and I'm still trying to watch it again the second time.


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