Monday, June 24, 2013

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 20 (FINALE) [Dramatic Review]


I just finished watching Nine.  What a crazy ride this one was, from beginning all the way to the end.  I loved this drama!

Did I have about a million zillion questions at the end?  You betcha.  Was I left hanging and feeling a bit unresolved?  Yup.  But was it totally awesome and completely worth it?  YES!  I'm actually okay with having a little mystery remaining.  What was up with that end?  Like seriously.  I would LOVE to talk to the writers and see where they intended to go with that.  What was the purpose?  What were we supposed to assume?  What was going to happen next?  Saying all that, I don't want to leave you with the impression that I was let down in any way, because I really wasn't.  Would I have liked to see them actually get together and live a happy life?  Of course.  I always want that.  That kiss though - I sure can't complain about that.  Hubba hubba!  Now I want to see the airport kiss too.  Where was that?  Did that still happen?

This is my last review for this series and I think I'll not do my customary list.  I really just want to say a few things about it and bid it a fond farewell.  Most of the episode, if you'll recall, was centered around the relationship between Min Young and Seon Woo.  Present day Seon Woo died back in 1993.  1993 Seon Woo grew up and eventually met Min Young at work just as he had previously - by clonking her in the head at the norebang.  She was all flirty and stuff until the memory of dying Seon Woo making her promise to stay away from a man looking like him in the future came rushing back.  While initially she panicked and tried to avoid him, she eventually gave up and fell hard for him.  I suppose it didn't hurt that he was chasing after her because she was suddenly and inexplicably running away from him.  Watching their whole relationship blossom and interactions back and forth was just adorable.  They were so cute.  She was so into him and he loved every second of it and teased her mercilessly.  And then that kiss.  That knock-your-socks-off-hand-me-a-cool-drink kiss before she took off for Nepal.  Yummilicious!

Okay, so the end.  What to say about that?  Min Young finally spills the beans about the mystery man back in 1993 - the so-called "trauma" in her life - to Seon Woo.  He instantly recognizes this as his future self, realizing that his future self ended up dying in 1993.  He then rushes off to Nepal where both Min Young and Jeong Woo are.  He announces to us by way of overheard message to himself that he will love the woman he wants to love.  Yay!  And then it ends.  But it doesn't really.  You think that that's the closing scene, but then there's a post-scene.  Jeong Woo lays in the snow, clasping the incense stick.  He's about to perish when up walks a stranger.  Only, he's not a stranger.  He's Seon Woo.  Was it just me or did he look like a lot older?  Was he supposed to be older?  Or was he just sporting the mountain man facial hair that made him look older?  Our last parting shot is of the two brothers reaching their arms out to each other - the younger saving the older from his fate.  I suppose we are to then assume that all is right in the world - order has been restored.  I'm hoping this means that the future from here on out is bright and cheery.  Our lovebirds live happily ever after, Jeong Woo remains alive, and they all go on their merry way thanks to the former future Seon Woo who sacrificed everything in order to help everyone get back on track.  At least that's what I choose to believe, and unless you have strong evidence to the contrary, what I will continue to believe.  I have to have the happy ending.  I just gotta.

And there it is.  Nine.  20 episodes of intense, suspenseful, very interesting and unique storytelling.  It was so different from anything else I've ever seen and I really did love every minute.  I'm glad that I could share in it with you as well.  Thanks for sticking by me through the craziness that my own life became that impacted my work here.  I am so happy that we have now reached this point together and can look forward to more fun in the future.  Want to know what is next up for me?  What I will be reviewing next?  Well, I can actually tell you now, as I've made my final decision.  How does a little I Hear Your Voice sound?  I'm loving this drama and would love to share it and talk about it with all of you.  So look forward to that in the near future.  As for this drama, we are now officially finished.  Thank you and hope you enjoyed!

I will leave you with some of my favorite parting images.  Why is it that they always seem to make the male lead extra hot in the last episode?  Or is that just me that thinks that?  Whatever - Lee Jin Wook was SMOKING hot here, when he wasn't all bloodied and bleeding.  I think I took a hundred or more shots of just him looking all hawt and stuff.  Those are for my own personal collection *wink wink*

Come on, you know you TOTALLY would have done the same thing if you were her ;)

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