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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 19 [Dramatic Review]

Omo you guys!  I just finished watching this episode and had to write about it immediately because I am dying to see the final episode!  How in the world are they going to resolve this twisted tale of suspense???

Nine's Nine of Ep 19
*Author's Note - These are going to be slightly out of order because I was working from memory and just listing the moments that most struck me instead of chronologically going through my screenshots.  Sorry if it bugs you, I just find this preferable and faster and I'm anxious to get this show packed up and on the road so to say.  But at least now you know why it kind of jumps around.

1.  Left at the Altar - 20 years ago
Seon Woo, stuck back in 1993, misses his wedding and poor Min Young, after everything, is left at the altar.  She is also kept in the dark while Young Hoon and Jeong Woo search for Seon Woo's whereabouts.  Just sitting there, waiting by the phone while her mother goes on and on about this weird family they're involved with.

2.  Fighting Spirit
Seon Woo, a champ to the end, is battered and bleeding, but still fighting.  He's trapped and can't get out or get help, yet he refuses to give in.  He starts leaving messages on his phone for his best friend.

3.  I Am the Incense
By the 4th or 5th message, he's figured out that he's not going back.  He hypothesizes that he was the incense and now that it's all used up, so is he.  His job is done.  I look at it like he had to sacrifice himself in order to save those he loved.  I don't know what karma these characters all have, but they sure do seem to be an ill-fated, sad sort, don't they?  They just can't win.  No matter what.

4.  Police Report
After Jeong Woo seeks out Jin Cheol and hears about the hit and run in 1993, he and Young Hoon go to the police station to investigate and see what they can find out.  Sure enough, the night of April 24th, 1993, a man was struck and killed in a phone booth during a hit and run accident.  He was found dead at the scene at 8:30pm when authorities arrived.

5.  Father's Day
During his confrontation with Jin Cheol, Jeong Woo tells how he prayed for this man for the past 20 years and he just can't believe how unrepentant the man is.  When Jin Cheol asks him why he would do such a thing, Jeong Woo drops the bombshell, telling him that it's because he is his father.  How sad.  A son that killed the father who raised him and bio dad kills his son's brother in cold blood. 

6.  Jin Cheol's Regret?
Jin Cheol, who I guess we, or at least I, thought knew that Jeong Woo was his son, apparently doesn't.  This news is shocking to him and really upsets him.  Already drunk, he hits the road and goes to the nursing home where Jeong Woo's mother is and confronts her about it, completely and totally distraught.  Apparently, when he tried to claim the child as his, she emphatically told him that he was not and Jin Cheol believed her.  After "visiting" (i.e. sobbing at) Momma Woo (yes, I know that's not her name, but it's what I'm going to call her despite the crude and obvious error), Jin Cheol calls Jeong Woo, begging to see him and talk about things.  He seems to be incredibly upset by how everything has worked out, including Seon Woo's murder.  He's drunk.  He's an emotional wreck.  And because of this, he ends up in a wreck.  And spilled out on the ground all bloodied and possibly dead himself.
7.  The Final Message
We get to the final message on the phone.  It's Seon Woo accepting his fate.  And talking about being the incense sticks.  He's resigned, but the rest of us, Young Hoon included, are sobbing.  How can it end like this?  How do they fix this now?  What's going to happen?  What the heck is this show doing to us?

8.  Get Your Own Dang Water Lady
It's the evening of April 24th, 2013.  Min Young is at her apartment with her mother.  Wedding dress and everything scattered around the room.  Min Young still hasn't heard anything.  Then there's her mother.  I really hope that we were intended to not care for this woman very much, because I'll tell ya, right about now I'm wanting to smack her silly.  Her daughter's fiance has disappeared and there she lays, in bed, bemoaning how he must be dead or something.  And then she has the gall to ask for a glass of water from her poor daughter.  I'm sorry, but get your butt out of bed and get your own @#$% water lady!  How can you be so selfish and uncaring towards your daughter when she needs you most?  How can you be making this about yourself?  How come you're playing the victim here?  Why are you talking smack about the family and casually talking about him being dead?  Seriously???

9.  Promise
As Min Young is getting water for her good-for-nothing-mother, the memory hits.  I'm assuming it is hitting her as it is happening in 1993.  In one final, cruel twist of fate, young Min Young has come across Seon Woo's accident site.  And has a conversation with him as he lies there dying.  He asks her to not call emergency services and instead makes her promise two things.  One, remember my face, and two, when you see someone like me in the future, stay far away otherwise I'll ruin your life.  Present day Min Young is remembering this odd encounter with the strange dying man and is sobbing.  Now she knows.  She knows what became of him.  She's "found" him.  The episode ends in a dramatic moment with a pinky promise and Seon Woo apparently dying.  Right there in front of Shi Ah/Min Young.

And here I leave it.  You won't know this because by the time it posts, they'll be here, but I'll just tell you now anyway that I'm leaving this post without pictures right now because I can't wait any longer to see the final episode.  I had to get the writing done so as to not affect what I say here with whatever comes next.  I wanted you to have the full, "just finished watching is and am dying of suspense" experience.  Now, I'll be back with the (hopefully) exciting and satisfying conclusion!

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