Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Hear Your Voice ep 15: Dramatic Review

Well folks, we're almost there.  We are coming into the home stretch with this drama.  We have this week and next and then we're done.  What in the world are we going to do with ourselves after this?  I just don't know.  I have a feeling that my Wednesdays and Thursdays will feel very empty for a bit.  The only bad thing about a good drama is when the good drama ends and we are left to pick up the pieces of what is left of our lives and move on.  To other dramas.  Hopefully those other dramas are dramas that we can love as well, even if they don't quite fill the void left behind.  And what a void this one will be leaving in its wake.  This drama has just been fabulous, and this episode was certainly no exception.

How about we take a look see, shall we?

I give you, without further ado,

Dongsaeng's Dozen Divided by Dul for episode 15

1.  Who's Your Daddy?
Hye Sung delivers the devastating news to Do Yeon that she is adopted and that her birth father is the same guy her adopted dad let rot in jail for 26 years for a crime he didn't commit.  Needless to say, Do Yeon didn't react well to the news.  Hye Sung even earned herself a slap on the cheek in the one-sided cat fight.  Hey, give the girl a break - you have to admit that that's a lot of stuff to take in all at once.  Obviously you're not going to be all that keen on listening.  Poor Do Yeon is in a rough spot now.  She's one of the prosecutors after all, charged with putting this guy back in jail.  As she does her own investigating though, it becomes harder to ignore the evidence and truth behind her true parentage.  You know, like when she tells her dad about it and he freaks out asking her if she did the DNA test or not instead of reassuring her that it was nonsense.  Red flag you think?  Yeah, I'd say so.

2.  The Pen Pal You'd Rather Not Have
Funny envelopes start showing up for Hye Sung, Soo Ha and Attorney Cha.  They're envelopes without a return address and contain a copy of a news article from some odd 10 years ago or so.  Hye Sung brushes hers off as something she must have received in error, while Soo Ha and Attorney Cha understand a bit more about who is sending it.  And yes, probably not the pen pal you want to have.  Of course it's Psycho, trying to stir up trouble or something.

3.  Loving the Levity
There are some truly funny and cute scenes peppered throughout this episode.  Like Hye Sung's visor to keep Soo Ha out of her thoughts.  And her covering her cheeks anytime she sees Do Young.  And cute young lawyer/clerk or whatever he is in the Defense Attorney's office.  Adorable and part of what makes this drama so great in my opinion - serious lightened with a nice dose of levity every now and again.  And just utterly delightful characters. 

4.  It Can't Be All Fun and Games
Of course, it's not all fun and games and happy times.  There are some serious things going on.  Psycho and his mystery letters, Soo Ha and his secret he's keeping from Hye Sung that is weighing heavily on his poor widdle sweet wonderful heart.  Do Yeon and her daddy issues.  Birth Daddy and his stabby issues.  There's a lot wrong that needs fixin'.  Good thing we have the right people on the job.

5.  Ghost Trial Begins
I wanted to say real quick how I appreciated the way they handled these scenes, with the two former classmates discussing the trial and the back and forth between them in the salon and the courtroom.  I thought it was a clever way to sort of narrate things as they went along.  Good job writer!

6.  Find that Axe and Bury it Already
Do Yeon, after a particularly brief but moving statement from Mr Stabby Daddy about his daughter, falls apart in court.  She just drops all the rest of her questioning of the defendant.  She's visibly struggling to keep it together.  Turns out that she had gone to see Stabby Daddy in jail and had more or less revealed herself as his daughter, even though she has made her anonymity a condition of her submitting to the DNA test in the first place.  Poor girl is really, really taking all of this hard.  She wants to protect her father but also apparently doesn't have the heart to go into full attack mode on her bio dad either.  I sure hope Judgey Dad sees and appreciates all that she is trying to do for him in a really tough situation of his own creation.  Hye Sung is watching Do Yeon through all of this and is amazed at her strength.  But all is not as it seems.  Do Yeon falls to pieces in the ladies room and is down on the floor weeping when Hye Sung walks in.  In a move so very uncharacteristic and indicative of the internal struggles she is having, Do Yeon turns to Hye Sung and asks for help.  Seriously ladies, bury the friggin hatchet already.  Neither one of you is as evil as the other likes to believe in her head.  Leave the past in the past and move on.  Work together.  You're both brilliant, you both have good hearts, you both share so much history together.  Like it or not, your lives are intertwined and you need each other now.  Stop hacking away at each other in this ridiculous battle and work together to come up with the best solution in this impossible situation you find yourselves in.  Do I sound like a mom?  I want to just send them both to the corner to think about what they did.  Enough is enough girls.

And that's where we end it for today.  Cannot wait to see what comes next!  Do you know how tempting it is to watch the raw unsubbed episode 16?  At this point I really don't know where we go from here.  I don't know how they're going to be resolving all of these different story lines.  And I don't want to speak too soon, but it appears that the whole extension thing so far hasn't been an issue.  Nothing seems artificially stretched out.  Maybe the pace has slowed minimally, but it's not noticeable unless I'm really really searching for something to pick out.  It doesn't feel draggy or weird in any way.  Still 3 eps to go, so there's still a chance, but I think that if it was going to be there, it would have been there by now, don't you think?  We have two major story lines to resolve at this point - the trial of Stabby Daddy and all that that entails as well as the truth behind Soo Ha's dad and Psycho's wife.  Seems reasonable and legit to me and not inorganic at all.  I would call this one pretty darn seamless at this stage in the game.  High five again writer!

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