Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: You ask, I answer.

Almost a week ago one of our readers posted a list of topics & asked our thoughts on each of them respectively.  

From B:
What are your thoughts on the following subjects:
* Why is Big Bang's comeback taking so long?
* Will JYJ ever be seen on Korean TV, even with the new rulings? 
* Why were "Nail Shop Paris" and "Monstar" sooo ridiculously bad?
* Who's enlisting next? 
* What do you think of the chemistry on Master's Sun?
*What was the best K-Drama of the summer?
*What was the best song of the summer?
*Is KHJ way over auto-tuned?

Well, that right there is a lot of questions...  

So I'm just going to tackle them in order.  But remember these are mostly MY Opinions based on news info &/or rumors.  

1.) Big Bang's Late Comeback.  I think the guys have been all too busy working on their own individual projects to focus on group activities.  Also they did make the announcement that TOP will be entering the military sometime either later this year &/or very early next year.  Followed by GD & Taeyang shortly after but nothing has been set in stone.  Personally, I doubt a comeback of any kind, as a group, anytime in the near future.  This is why Papa YG has been grooming & preparing more young group's for debut this year, to keep fans interested & active on YG, while the guys fulfill their compulsory service requirements.  

2.) JYJ...sigh...my beautiful JYJ boys.  I would love to be able to say that now that the rulings came out in their favor & now that the injunction against SME & their cronies have been laid to rest, to keep them from actively interfering in my beautiful boys schedules etc... we should definitely see them on TV again.  But alas I have become somewhat cynical in this area.  So while I hope with all my heart this is true a bigger, more bitter part of me, believes it will be a long time still before we the spectacularly talented guys we love so very much on South Korean TV.  SME has a long reaching arm & is quite capable of continuing to intimidate the others in the industry for a long time.  While the rulings, injunctions & fan love they receive at home & abroad is wonderful & is helping to make headway I just don't think it will be enough, at least not for a while.  Yoochun is off filming movies, Junsu is on stage again, reprising his phenomenal performance as "Death" in Elizabeth & releasing spectacularly awesome albums, Jaejoong is releasing his own super awesome solo albums & working on building up his acting career as well.  Plus, Jaejoong & Junsu just recently announced their own plans to enlist soon, no specific date, yet.  Will Yoochun go with them, as they originally planned?  I don't know.  I hope so but it's all so up in the air.

3.)  Now this one will be easy.  I did not...yes I did NOT watch either Monstar OR Nail Shop Paris.  I know a total gasp moment.  I think Shannen watched Monstar so I will leave that one to her.  But for this one I cannot give you any opinions.  

4.)  Who is enlisting next.  It is almost that time for a lot of my favorite 1986 born idols to start turning their minds towards that goal.  Today Song Joon Ki formally started his MS.  I already said that tentative plans for enlistment have already been announced for BB & JYJ.  But no matter who it is they won't have the cushy positions that celebrities previously held.  They will now be split up & sent wherever the military deems it necessary & appropriate.  Thanks to the scandals of celebrities not following the rules & sneaking out to happy ending massage parlors.  But honestly I am a Navy Brat & I was not a fan of special treatment for the celebrities.  Concessions for health issues I can understand but for simply being a Hallyu Star, not so much.

5.) Now for my favorite question....  The chemistry on The Master's Sun.  OMO!  I LOVE it!  I am thoroughly loving & shipping the OTP on this show & am really hoping for a second pairing of the model & SIG's character.  Their chemistry reminds me a lot of Jaejoong & Ice Cream Girl in Protect the Boss.  But So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin are perfectly matched to each other.  Their timing, the way they play off each other, the way they compliment each other's acting styles is perfection.  I am LOVING them so much & loving reviewing this show.  

6.) Best KDrama of the summer...  I think it's safe to say that I Hear Your Voice was pretty phenomenal.  But I wasn't sure, since I spent a good portion of my summer playing catch up on the ones I missed at the end of the school year, also known as 'Spring' to those who don't have school aged kids in their house.  So, I polled some great K Friends to see which shows they loved the most this summer.  And IHYV had a slight lead over Monstar.  Which tells me not everyone thought Monstar was "ridiculously bad".  Sorry sweetie.  

7.) Best song of the summer...okay I know {{AND YOU KNOW}} I am biased & so you shouldn't be  too surprised when my pick for BEST SUMMER SONG OF 2013 is KHJ's Unbreakable.  It's honestly my favorite of all his songs to date I loved it that much.  But I would be remiss if I didn't also add that I adored Junsu's summer party song, "Incredible" as well.  Seriously, a sincerely close 2nd to KHJ.

And last but not least....

8.) IS KHJ using over using Auto-tune?  Hmmm... objectively I'd have to say that I think, in general, Auto-tune is overused by way too many artists, so if he is over using it, he certainly isn't the only one.  Most use it in their songs as an artistic tool but some have gone beyond that & use it as a back up to not having any vocal talent or faith in their vocal talent.  I do wish it were not allowed in a LIVE setting but sadly many artists have confessed to using it in performances, "just in case".  While many more artists are anti-auto tune.  I think honestly that he doesn't use it any more or less than many of his peers.  I know he lacks confidence in his talent, as a singer a lot of the time, which is probably why he uses it.  When really he has a naturally beautiful singing voice on it's own.  He even said as much while auditioning on the singing episode for the 3 main music teams, Epik High, Dynamic Duo & Double Sidekick.  When he asked to wear his sunglasses because he looks down when he gets nervous & loses confidence in his abilities.  Also, in a society where perfection is the ultimate goal in all things I think there are a lot of Korean groups that over use this feature a lot, most likely as a result of following the company's orders.  So yeah, he probably does, due to company influence & his own lack of confidence.  Does he need it?  Absolutely not.  

And to give you guys some really fun MVs to get your self up & moving here are a few of this summer's releases...

Starting with ....  Duh....KHJ.  :)

Junsu: Incredible

Two from 2NE1 this summer:

Seungri's latest is HAWT!  Big Bang's maknae is growing up quite nicely indeed.

EXO had a comeback as well this year.

CNBlue just released this sweet, fun song.  I LOVE these boys almost as much as BB & JYJ!

And BAP seriously impressed me with the gritty Badman, set in the sad, crumbling once great music city of Detroit MI.  As a native Michigander, it breaks my heart what Detroit has become thanks to the line of corrupt politicians.

And last but not least we can't forget how BAP set the "Loof" on fire in Hurricane. :)

I hope you all having a great week AddiKts.  This week has been super busy for this ahjumma.  Kids start back to school next Tuesday.  I'm throwing a party to celebrate it that day.  I am finally ready for them to go back. It was a beautiful, relaxing summer...time to get back to the schedule though.  

See you Thursday & Friday for my Master's Sun reviews.  

Until then....



  1. I saw both Nail Shop and Monstar. You did not miss anything (with exception of a few cute guys). The storyline for Nail Shop was really non-existent while the one they were attempting to portray was WTF? The writers really were either smoking or drinking something while they were writing that one. Totally missed the mark on where it could have gone and I think it was cut short because of the lack luster ratings.

  2. My two cents on Monstar: I actually was enjoying it for the most part, up until maybe the last 4 or 5 episodes. Then it tanked, and it tanked big. I have no idea what happened to it. It was just another example of a good drama gone bad. The last bit about the whole tv show or whatever it was was where I totally lost it. The episode that ended with the friend's lament/song and her "empowering" or whatever that was meant to be for me was the turning point. From that moment on, it was just weird and didn't flow as well as the episodes beforehand. I also didn't really enjoy the direction they took with the 2nd male lead as he was rejected and became more aggressive in pursuing her - it just didn't seem to really fit his character (he even points that out himself, I mean, duh). I really truly wanted to like this one because I saw its potential. I liked the cast for the most part, but yeah, it just didn't deliver the knock out punch I was hoping for all in all. I enjoyed most of the music though and think that the OST would be a good one to add to the collection. I love the concept of a music channel like Mnet branching out into the drama scene and want to support them in their efforts. I just hope there's a next one and that the next one redeems itself and proves that this is the smart move for Mnet to make that I personally feel it is. I'm excited to see what else they come up with in the future. Learn from this one and make it better next time.


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