Friday, August 23, 2013

The Master's Sun ep 6 {{Dramatic Review}}

Upon completing this episode I was immediately thrown into the depths of despair realizing that I would have to wait a WHOLE WEEK for the next episode!  It's torturous!  It's painful!  It's cruel! It's not fair!!!!   I WANT MORE MASTER'S SUN NOW!!!!  I seriously haven't been this stoked about a drama since I watched Incarnation of Money at the beginning of the year!  OMOMOMOMOMOMO!!!!!  If the Hong Sisters screw this one up I will be so ready to kill.  They had better not be setting me up for a huge fall!!  I don't think my heart can take it.  :):

Okay so when ep 5 ended Tae Gong Sil told Joo Joong Won that she was going to go for Kang Won-ssi, aka SIG aka Kang Candy. LOL I love that nickname from Joo Joong Won.  So from here on out SIG will be Kang Candy.  I know plenty of women who would LOVE it if he was their candy, right ladies?!?!  {{Pssst Amber I am looking at you chingu!}}  So we get to see Tae Gong Sil's vision of what it will be like, now that she has the strength, to come clean to Kang Candy, about her ability to see ghosts.  I love the whole running in slow motion, over acting in her vision of perfect happiness how Kang Candy pulled her into her arms, the cameras circle them & the ghosts give their approval w a rousing round of applause.  It was so sickeningly sweet & totally a girl's daydream!  Even better was when Tae Gong Sil revealed that while she was in the hospital she met a man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens & how patiently she listened to him & was even going to go with him to see the spot it happened in, but when she told him she could see ghosts he called her crazy. LOL  "But still ghosts are real, so I guess aliens could be too".  She is so my favorite person of the year!  I also loved how Joo Joong Won claims he didn't listen to her crazy stories because he wanted to but only because he has ear holes!  What a way to put it!

Hanging out with friends enjoying barbecue meat like a normal girl:
Who laughed & cheered when Cutiepie McLittlesecurityguy jumped out at her & she swung her big old bag & knocked him over?!?!  I DID!!  Serves him right!  Seriously, it's dark out, it's back alleys, you're a girl, alone & some guy jumps out at you?!?!  I would be seriously disappointed if you didn't fight back & then run away!  Duh!  I loved how her sister did the I told you not to scare her thing.  Good big sister.

It was so good to see her acting like a normal person, hanging w her friends at the end of a long day, eating barbecue on the roof of the apartment building & telling.        ghost.        sto...ries?  o_O

Yeah, okay that last part wasn't quite as 'normal'.  At least not to me, but I don't really believe in ghosts so the stories never intrigued me, at least not since I turned 14.  But I get the point she is trying to figure out a way to talk about her gift & gauge his reaction.  Unfortunately, he doesn't really care for ghosts, or people who claim to be able to "see" them.  Uh-oh.  Poor Tae Gong Sil.  But I enjoyed watching everyone get animated telling their favorite ghost story.  It was quite cute the look on Cutiepie McLittlesecurityguy got nervous when Tae Gong Sil told him the ghost was right behind him. ooooooooooo.....  And who knew that Fur Elise was the popular song to play among the ghosts who play piano?  Go Figure.

Meanwhile Uncle has his secretary spying on them to see whether Joo Joong Won has opened his heart to Tae Gong Sil.  And the man himself is dining with his aunt & Yi Ryeong, who is bragging about how wealthy her family is & how she is the only child so she's going to be the one to inherit it all.  Nope not an obvious set up at all.  Uh-huh.  His aunt is so subtle.  And Yi Ryeong is keeping her end of the deal with Kang Candy.  She's trying to figure out just who & what TGS is to JJW.  Sigh so much behind the scenes whispering.  Everybody wants to know something but no one is talking.  Not yet anyway.

Today's episode is brought to you by Ghost Dog:
While everyone is out to dinner & grilling meat Uncle is still at the mall.  He follows a strange sound & is attacked by ghost dog!  Dun Dun DUUUUUNNNNN!!!!  It was actually one of those startling moments & I admit I jumped a little.  But Joo Joong Won & the security team come running, Uncle is visibly shaken at his experience & is positive he was attacked by a vicious dog!  But when they showed the bloody bite on his hand, it was a human teeth bite pattern, not canine teeth.  Eventually they determine, that someone was hiding out in Tae Gong Sil's new office, where she & Joo Joong Won discover a dog collar, w a dog tag attached for, "Pil Seung".  Everyone is searching the mall for the stray dog.  But it isn't just a dog.  It's also a man, in military fatigues.  And on his way out of the mall he attacks Yi Ryeong.  Kang Candy comes to the rescue.  And the man gets away but Tae Gong Sil discovers where the is a dog as well as the man as he escapes, it's just.... well... she is the only one who can see the dog.  After she sort of introduces Joo Joong Won to the many ghosts who regularly haunt his mall, she confides in him that Kang Candy admitted he hates ghosts & people who say they can see them.  Did anybody else notice the incredibly smug little 'cat ate the canary' grin on Joo Joong Won's face at this news?  kekekeke...he is so the smitten kitten, he just doesn't know it...yet.

Later Kang Candy overhears Tae Gong Sil tell Joo Joong Won that it was a dog & she saw it.  But how could she see it?  It didn't appear on any of the video surveillance footage?!?!  Final consensus by the not able to see ghosts, is that it was a dangerous man, but to Tae Gong Sil and to Joo Joong Won, it was a living breathing man AND a ghost dog.  And Tae Gong Sil, just thinking of this incredibly sweet, smart, well behaved dog wants to follow it & help it & Joo Joong Won, realizing this means she'd be following it to an actual human being that has already hurt Yi Ryeong & sent her to the hospital, stops her by grabbing her arm & thereby stopping her motion but also making the ghost dog disappear so she can't follow him & put herself in danger.  Did anybody else's heart melt right then?  I was all Awwwwwwww.....see he likes her!  Awwwwwwwwww......  Big dreamy sigh.  Then she thanks him by touching his hand on her arm & he rips his hand away & deducts money from her paycheck. LOL  Way to stay true to character Joo Joong Won.

Unfortunately his 'I care more about your safety' thing ends the next morning when he wakes up after having a dream in which Pil Seung appeared, as did the Wonder Girls singing & dancing to their hit "Nobody".  {{Psst I don't think it was the actual WG's though, I think they were doubles.}}  I loved it when he said, "Nobody" into his phone the next day & the song started to play & the dog reappeared & Tae Gong Sil could see it dancing to the music!  The dog has excellent taste, it's one my favorite songs too.  And look when I said, "Nobody" to Google on my phone, the very first thing that pops up is.....

*****************************DRUM ROLL HERE******************************

First thing out of my mouth was, "Daebak!~~"

But it is this dream that makes him tell Tae Gong Sil on a quest to spend the day follow Ghost Dog.  The military tags on the dog collar come back while they are out & about & it's revealed that the guy is a deserter & wanted by the military police & he's armed.  We then get to meet our criminal & see that he was once a security guard for Kingdom, drafted & then continuously abused & bullied by his superior.  The only thing standing between being beaten by this military superior was Pil Seung, his hero.  But then sadly Pil Seung has to be put to sleep, not only that BUT they make this poor, little, not made to be a soldier guy, put his best friend to sleep himself.  Then when his superior had nothing stopping him, from beating the crap out of little soldier dude, the guy had a mental break & beat the crap out of his superior, a big no no, & then he ran.  I can't say I blame him though.  That superior was most definitely a bad guy all around & needed to be beaten up, it's too bad beating up your superior is not allowed.

Finally we see TGS & JJW approach the place where he is holed up & we, the audience, get to see he is about to kill himself.  Meanwhile JJW has ordered TGS to stay outside, the police are on their way, he even tries to grab her so that she can't see the dog & follow him, but this time she is the one who pulls away.  She, stubbornly follows the dog, who manages to stop the kid from shooting himself in the chin & in the mass confusion she is swept outside with the inhabitants of the furniture store.  Our hero, having heard the gun go off, freaks out & rushes into the building, up the stairs & comes face to face with the mentally anguished kid.  He talks him down & TGS witnesses everything.  Okay I admit when the kid was crying & the ghost dog was licking his hand & she started to cry, I was crying right alongside her.  The police come in, the kid is apprehended, our hero & heroine are safe & our hero promises the kid that after this is all over he has a job waiting for him at Kingdom.  What a good guy our hero is, right?

The aftermath:
Once the police leave, JJW & TGS have to wait out the departure of all the reporters & onlookers, in the store.  And finally JJW reveals a little about himself & what happened to him as a kid all those years ago.  She discovers that he cannot read.  And he tells her how when he was kidnapped, every day they forced him to read out loud from a book filled with people continuously being killed, which was constantly making him wonder who would be killed next... again & again until he finally wondered if he would be killed at last?  Because of this traumatic experience every time he sees words, he feels like throwing up, that he's scared of reading words.  She very sweetly holds out her arm & offers to help him like he does her.  She holds his hand to stop seeing ghosts, so why doesn't he grab a hold of her to help him read again.  This end scene was so touching & vulnerable & sweet.

Meanwhile Kang Candy is waiting outside the theater for TGS, they had a date.  Yi Ryeong had given him tickets to go see a musical as a thank you for rescuing her, of course he was supposed to use one of the tickets & she was supposed to use the other because it wasn't the musical that was the reward it was time with her.  I seriously adore her conceit, she does it so innocently it's hysterical, she really thinks she's a gift.  But he waves her off, thanks her for the tickets but he has someone else in mind, namely Tae Gong Sil.  At the end of the day/show, he is waiting for her, gets a phone call from his father, I assume, & Yi Ryeong, who is curious about who will show up for the musical, spies on him & overhears that he is watching JJW.

Back at the furniture store, TGS, while waiting for everyone to leave & for it to be safe for secretary Kim to come & pick up her & JJW, has fallen asleep next to Joo Joong Won.  He calmly picks up a paper & slowly, sweetly, grasps her sleeping hand softly & looks at the page, we don't' get to see if he can read but the show ends in such a way as to drive us all insane for next week.  He slowly, softly leans very close to her very prettily sleeping form on the couch and just when I thought he would leave a soft kiss on her cheek, her lips, somewhere on her face, the screen pauses & that is the frelling end of the episode!!  WHAT THE CRAP?!?!  That was just mean AND uncalled for!

My Thoughts & Squees:
You know I have a lot of friends that absolutely LOVE OST's for dramas.  In fact, I have friends that prefer OSTs to KPop.  Personally I only have a few OSTs included in my iTunes playlist.  A couple from Arang, Heartstrings, A Gentleman's Dignity, all of Playful Kiss & a couple from Boys Over Flowers & one or two from Gu.  I hardly ever notice the OST, it just becomes a part of the drama for me & I get so caught up in the story & the characters that I forget about the OSTs.  But this time around I have to admit I LOVE how they handle the music.  I LOVE how they have the music playing & swelling & then Joo Joong Won enters the scene & all of a sudden the music is comically & abruptly stopped.  I love how the music fits each scene so nicely, whether comical, eerie, or love song & for the first time I am really looking at & noticing ALL of the music.  They have picked the perfect music & I have already bought what OSTs are available for this one folks.  So if you haven't bought the soundtrack I'd check it out.  I am loving it.    In fact, it's playing while I am writing, very inspiring stuff.  ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to do whatever I decide I want to do today, & tomorrow, as my entire family have abandoned me for northern WI, & a camping trip with CA.  Ahhhh... the peace & quiet in my house is beautiful!  I'm gonna catch up on Two Weeks, I'm behind on that one, take a nap, maybe make some cookies & watch more k-dramas.  I intend to live in my PJs for the next couple of days & just relax.  I have nothing against camping but I would be dishonest if I didn't say that it isn't necessarily my favorite thing in the world.  4 kids, a bad back, no hot & cold running water, no toilets, I don't enjoy squatting by a tree to tinkle & at this time of year the mosquitoes are out enforce.  Yeah they can have all the fun they want out there.  I will sit at home in my climate controlled house & be a slug.  ;)  Besides I did my years of changing diapers out in the wilderness, my husband LOVES to camp!!  So many diaper changes on the floor of the tent, chasing toddlers away from dangers, worrying about kids on boats while fishing, dealing w a grumpy husband because the kids scared the fish, listening to wolves howling, little animals scurrying, bugs chirping, sleeping on hard grounds, with little kids that just HAVE to sleep in your sleeping bag with you AND then coming home & having to put it all away, get all the kids cleaned back up & do the stinky nasty laundry when all I want to do is drop in my bed, after my own shower, & pass out?  Yeah, the beauty of the great outdoors can get old, at least they can for me, it would seem.  Remember I'm an ahjumma now, I deserve a more spoiled lifestyle, don't I?   ;)

Have a great week AddiKts.


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