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Good Doctor ep 5: Dramatic Review

Fill in the blank.  Best one wins.

Let us pause for a moment before jumping in because I need to collect myself.



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Ohmigoodnessyouguys!  Two things have converged in my world and I can hardly stand it!  So, bad news first, my KCON ticket didn't sell.  Boo.  BUT, being the "waste not" type of gal I am, I'm pulling my britches up and making it work on my end come hell or high water which means that, on Friday, it's road trip time!  I get to see a couple of my most awesome and amazing chingus and spend a wonderful K weekend with them. Super bummed my Unnie is not joining us - stinking Wisconsin - and way stressed about the financials and driving all the way to LA by myself (ohmigoshIamgonnafreakingdiesolet'ssayourgoodbyesnow), but I'm going to put those worries behind me and enjoy my time.  Yay!  KCON!  GD!!!!!!  And then, guess what I just saw, courtesy of our friends over at DramaFever?  You ready for this?  You sitting down?  I literally jumped up and down and squeed with excitement when I read this.  Filming for the new eye candy buffet of the century, Heirs, is moving to California.  Do you realize what this means???  Lee Min Ho.  LEE MIN HOTTNESS himself will be in the same general area that I will be in, not to mention the rest of the hotties in the cast that I'm gaga for.  And rumor is that he'll, you know, be SURFING!  Dawg, do you know how hottttttt surfers are???  Like seriously.  I am DHYING!!!!!!  GDragon, LMH and lil ol' ME all in LA at the same time.  EPIC!  I better make sure my life insurance is up-to-date because if the crazy Angelinos on the roadway don't kill me, a chance sighting of so much deliciousness certainly would.  It is seriously almost enough to make me want to at least know some nutty sasaengs just to know which direction to look, you know?  Not that I want to be one keep in mind; I promise I would keep a respectful distance and retain as much of my composure as humanly possible, but just to know where they are filming at any given time would be golden.  Alas, however, crazed stalker I am not, nor are any of my acquaintances.  Sigh.  But who knows, maybe the stars will align and we'll get lucky.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Okay, okay, enough of my crazed fangirl meltdown, I will get to the reason why we're here together today.  What did you think of this week's Good Doctor?   

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 5

1.  0 for 1
If you, like me, were hoping for a last minute "hey look! She's still alive!" miracle with Yoon Seo's young patient, well then, you, like me, were sadly disappointed.  The little girl doesn't make it through the operation.  She dies on the table just as Hot Doc rushes in.  Yoon Seo can't accept losing her patient though and still continues CPR and other means to save the child.  Eventually she and Shi On, who has collapsed on the floor, are the only two still in the OR.  Finally, reality hits Yoon Seo and she leaves the room and Shi On is tasked with closing the little girl's surgical site.  Both are visibly rattled.  Poor Yoon Seo, her very first surgery and it's one for the L column (you know, "loss" instead of W for "win") (sports analogies from me - sometimes I even surprise myself)   The parents are informed of their daughter's passing and we'll just say that they don't take it well.  Not a good day to be in Yoon Seo's shoes.

2.  This Lady

We are introduced to another character in this episode, though not properly with a name and relationship and all that.  We get this mystery cafeteria lady, who becomes all flustered when she sees Shi On.  Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and go out on a giant, reaching limb here and say that she is his mother.  Are you shocked by this revelation of mine?  Do you think I'm crazy to be thinking such crazy things?  She is so obviously his mother, I don't know why they're going for the whole "mystery woman" angle.  I just really hope that we are supposed to immediately know who this is, because I am not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to making connections like this, but even I could tell that that was who she was supposed to be.  May as well of hung a giant neon sign saying "MOM" over her head. 

3.  Defending
We start to see people coming to the defense of others in this episode.  Hot Doc in essence defending Yoon Seo to Chief Skeleton Face and calling him out on the carpet for refusing to treat the little girl, thus forcing a green Yoon Seo to take over.  The Head Nurse also comes to Yoon Seo's defense when the gossip gals start clucking.  Then there's the part where Yoon Seo defends Shi On to Hot Doc, claiming that he is indeed not the robot that Hot Doc has labeled him as. 

4.  Mending
Shi On shows us more of his un-robotic qualities.  He listens, he empathizes, he understands and mends hearts with his actions, from stitching up the dead child's shirt, waiting outside the morgue all day so that she is not alone, returning said shirt to the grieving parents, being there for Yoon Seo as she mourns, and comforting a child who has just been told heaven doesn't exist.  We really start to get the idea that this guy is something special.  Also mended is the relationship between the doctors and the grieving parents of the dead child - peace is made, largely due to Shi On's efforts and attentions.  Yoon Seo is also given the opportunity by Hot Doc to get back on that proverbial horse when he sends her immediately in to head up another surgery.  She may been hesitant and nervous and over cautious, but she did it. 

5.  Getting to Know You
Now that Yoon Seo has begun to talk to, observe and get to know Shi On, she is beginning to see what caliber of man he truly is and what a gifted doctor he is, and not simply for his skills.  She starts to befriend him, showing up at his apartment and making sure he's cared for.  She learns of his brother's story and starts to understand this unique individual better.  They even share a hug and you can see things start to awaken in Shi On.  I think pretty soon he may just have a big ol' crush on his lady doc friend.

6.  Kids, Animals - He Fixes Them All
The morning after they bond, Yoon Seo shows up in Shi On's apartment, wakes him up and declares that they are going to go out and have fun.  She gives Shi On the choice and he goes with a visit to the zoo, complete with fuzzy ears.  I loved his fuzzy ears.  I loved them so much that they inspired today's header.  How adorable was he as he watched the animals and teased the kids?  And then he shows that human medicine isn't the only area he's well versed in.  He immediately notices and animal in distress and before you know it, that animal is in surgery getting all fixed up.  We also get a peek into Shi On's history as well as mindset.  In essence, through work he did for a veterinarian, he taught himself veterinarian medicine.  Yoon Seo is visibly impressed by this new information.  Shi On reveals how kids and animals are similar in that they are cute, nice and play well together.  Remember last time how we reached into our chest cavities and twisted the heart?  Yeah, we're there again, especially after he refers to himself as "stupid" when explaining why he chose to be a human doctor instead of an animal one.  Twist that heart up good.  Poor, poor Shi On.  I just want to hug him and squeeze him tight and tell him that it's going to be okay.  But I guess I'll have to leave that job to Yoon Seo.  *sniff*

7.  Hospital in Trouble
Politics - still got 'em.  This time it's a major financial backer pulling out and withdrawing their support to the hospital.  This spells disaster for the hospital in general, but specifically the one department that operates at a loss - pediatric surgery.  There are a lot of players with their hand in all of these political maneuverings, but for intents and purposes here, this is the incident that I wanted to point out.  Note how Mr I Really Still Can't Figure You Out man played a role in these financial difficulties.  Just when you're convinced he's a bad guy, something else will happen to make you question.  I personally don't mind so much, I kind of like not knowing, but as someone trying to recap what's going on here, I fear I am just going to let you down as I really just still am not convinced either way when it comes to him.  Honestly though, how much do we really care?  We have two hot doctors falling for the same girl - that's good enough for me.  ;)

8.  Feral Child.  Yes, You Read that Right.
Yes, indeed, we end the episode of animals with the arrival of a wild child in the ER.  Dirty, growling and biting, it looks like Shi On has found a way to use both his veterinarian and medical skill set with this one, as well as his uncanny ability to communicate with animals and children on a different wavelength than the adults around him.  Amnesia, comas, fevers and now feral children.  Dramas and their wide assortment of plot devices.  Delightful.  This one should be fun, huh?  Woof.

Now, that concludes the exciting episode 5.  Stay tuned for episode 6.  At this point I can't tell you for sure when it will be up.  I'm scheduled to leave for California tomorrow around lunch time.  I had planned on doing it then, but wouldn't you know, my child has thrown another curve ball at me by once again spiking a fever after being nearly back to normal today.  We've had a yo-yo of a week with that kid and whatever this is that he's fighting.  Up and down, healthy and not.  Anyway, it means he's going to the doctor tomorrow which was not scheduled into the plan for the morning until just a bit ago.  And as much as I would love to get episode 6 reviewed, obviously caring for my sick child before I head out of town is going to have to take priority.  Sometimes momhood can take down the International Blogess Extraordinaire in the swift blink of an eye.  I will do my very best to get it up as soon as possible, but just to prepare you, next week my be a three-for instead of just a normal two-fer. 

To anyone going to KCon - keep an eye out for me.  I'll be the red head palling around with a super cute Chinese and equally as super cute Texan friend.  We will look like a motley crew of three ahjummas having the time of our life!  Don't hesitate to say hi!  (I think it's funny to think that this would actually happen - I have these wonderful delusions of grandeur, don't I?  Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? lol)

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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