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Good Doctor ep 9: Dramatic Recap-it

This whole blogging thing has helped me learn some things about myself, specifically when it comes to writing.  I had a family blog for a few years before I started this one, so I thought I had a pretty good handle on what blogging entailed.  Yeah, I was still misinformed.  There's a big difference between following a schedule (hey, I do so follow a schedule -- kinda sorta sometimes) and just writing when the mood strikes.  Turns out that I have these bouts where words flow and it all comes together and I'm happy with the result.  It's awesome.  Except that I now know that those days are like once a month.  The other 30 days of the month I have to wrestle and try to drag them out as they scream and claw and hiss like a cat on its way to a bathtub.  I have also discovered that I work better at night.  For whatever reason, maybe because the cat is just sleepier, the words come easier at night.  And last night I found that closing my eyes as I type works even better than having them open (thank you 9th grade typing class where I learned the one skill that I have actually been able to put to work in my real life) (Just kidding - I learned lots in school. Hey kids, school's cool, stay in school).  Weird, huh?  So, I say that to let you know that right now it is morning and my eyes are open wide and that that one glorious day of easy writing is not today.  Why do I say this?  Well, mostly because I just had to fill in this empty space here and make small talk before launching into my recap.  It's my process.  And I am a sharer.

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 9

1.  Suck it Up Buttercup, I'm More Pathetic than You
There's a kid on a roof threatening to jump.  Not to worry though, Shi On is there to talk him down.  How does he do this?  By comparing his life to that of this young man's and basically telling him that, in a pity party, he (Shi On) is king.  Hey, it works, why question?  Plus then we get some more sympathy for poor, poor Shi On who keeps on living even though everybody hates him.

2.  Honey vs Vinegar
Shi On, whether intentionally or unintentionally, decides to enact the old idiom, "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" when he sees Chief Dr Skeleton Face sitting on a bench.  He comes over, scaring the bejeezies out of the doctor which I'll admit made me chuckle a little - I really don't like that guy, and offers him some ice cream.  Skele goes to slap him/push him away when Shi On stops him and marvels at his hand.  He notices and is jealous of the scars and calluses on the older doctor's hand, indicating that this doctor has performed so many surgeries in his career.  Shi On's biggest dream is to be a surgeon and gain those scars and calluses for himself.  You can tell that this conversation has given Skele pause and hopefully is making him rethink some of his actions and intentions as of late.  Maybe, just maybe, he won't turn out to be as icky as he currently is.

3.  Abandonment Issues
The Director plans on stepping down from his job.  First he wants to make sure that the Vice-whatever guy skedaddles on out with his plans though.  He then begins to prepare Shi On for his departure.  That doesn't go so well.  Poor Shi On.  How will he get on without the powerful Director backing him?  Looks like he's going to have to definitely win more people over to his side and quickly.

4.  You Know What Your Problem Really Is?
There was a great moment where Yoon Seo chastises Shi On.  He's spent this whole episode, and parts of others, going on and on about how nobody likes him and everybody hates him.  He bemoans the fact that he has no friends.  Yoon Seo is all like, "what the deuce man?" and then lists off a bunch of people that like him and support him and tells him that he's not disliked because he's dumb but that he is acting dumb because he thinks that he is disliked and to get over it.  This made me all melty and gooey inside.

5.  Side Show at the Circus
We find out a bit more of the Vice-whatever guy's plans for the hospital.  In a nutshell he wants to focus on the pediatric department and make it the flagship for the hospital with Shi On in the pathology/diagnostic side of it acting as the star of this freak show.  "Come see the amazing medical savant!"  We're talking full media attention from across the globe.  He's a business guy and he wants to utilize Shi On's unique situation in order to promote the hospital and beef up their PR.  This, I am assuming, is the part that really ticked off the Director when he heard it, though we don't get that as clearly as Hot Doc's reaction (which, to his credit, was also not very well received).  I think we can pretty much guess though using our special deductive reasoning skills.  Don't you love it when dramas exhibit such faith in our deductive reasoning skills?  Makes us feel all smarts and stuff.

6.  All Better
The kid.  His turn now to get talked about.  He doesn't want the surgery because he can't imagine losing his singing abilities.  After talking it out a bit though, it is revealed that his true dream is to not be in some hoity toity German choir but to use his voice to help people that need it.  {Snarky sarcastic side has been properly muzzled here, don't worry about her saying something to the effect of "well, isn't that an odd yet convenient dream}  Blah, blah, blah, the kid is miserable.  He wants to die.  He has no friends and can't remember ever laughing.  A childhood without laughter - this is where we all collectively "awwwwww" :(  There's a lot of back and forth with the mother trying to convince her to have the surgery.  In the end, mom and son have a heart to heart thanks to the help from the hospital who not only will solve your medical problems, but your domestic ones as well.  All is fixed up and the surgery is a go.

Speaking of heart to heart - I wanted to mention this scene.  Shi On and Yoon Seo are sitting together.  Shi On is speaking only in his head, but Yoon Seo appears to hear him loud and clear.  It was cute.  And sweet.  And deserves a mention.  I loved Shi On's reaction of surprise - adorable!
7.  Farewell Performance
A special friendship has developed between the singer and the puppy.  Before going under the knife, the young singer holds one final performance over the hospital's PA system.  Everyone pauses and listens to the beautiful voice.  Okay, so yes, I know it was actually super duper cheesy, but I'll admit, I got choked up during this scene.  Especially as Shi On and Yoon Seo prepared for battle so to speak.  Fine.  I cried.  You happy now drama writers?  You wanted to make me cry with your cheap ploy, and you succeeded.  Congrats.  I also cry during commercials though so don't let it go too much to your head. 

8.  Time to Make It or Break It
I should probably mention that Yoon Seo is the lead surgeon on the operation because she is more invested in preserving the boy's dream than Hot Doc.  She chooses, and after much argument gets, Shi On as her second.  It's a huge victory for both of them and one that Hot Doc has reservations about but eventually allows anyway.  Of course he still shows up in the room to observe.  Yay!  I'd have missed seeing those eyes over the mask if he hadn't been there.  Poor Shi On is shaking like a leaf he's so nervous.  Yoon Seo reaches over and stills his hand in a reassuring gesture.  And then surgery begins.  Our cliffhanger leaves us with Shi On dramatically announcing that they can save his voice.  We don't know how, but we know that it's going to be creative and daring.  Oooh!  Can't wait to see the dramatic conclusion there.

All kidding and light teasing aside, I thought that this episode went a decent way in keeping my attention.  In other words, it was less boring than the last one and that makes me very happy and relieved.  I'm actually looking forward to watching 10 and seeing what all happens in Shi On's life.  I don't care much for the rest of it, but I do care about him and his experiences and growth.  And love life.

I also wanted to give a nod to some of our supporting cast members.  I really am enjoying the interplay of the nursing staff, the other doctors in pediatric surgery, and the "resident" kids.  All of those side stories are a treat.  Seriously still not interested in the business/political side of it or those characters, but at least time spent in the hospital is enjoyable with all those characters.

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