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Good Doctor ep 8: Dramatic Review/Recap

Well, hello there.  So it's kind of Monday already and I kind of forgot that I didn't finish this recap from last week.  I blame it on the GD fog I've been in.  Silly, crazy boy.  Oh GD, whatever will we do with you?  Going around distracting ahjummas from talking about other boys dramas.  Hmm...maybe that's all part of his diabolical plan.  He didn't like me talking so fondly of Joo Won and Hot Doc so he made an entire new album and teased me with the release all day long in order to distract me.  I see what you're up to there GD, and it's working.  You are a master of your craft, no denying.  However, you had your day yesterday devoted totally and completely to you.  You even filled my night with your entrancing voice and music crooning in my ears.  As much as it pains me to say this, I'm going to need you to take a step back because I must, come heck or high water, fulfill my ahjumma duties.  That's right, the postal service has nothing on me.  Rain, snow, sleet, however-it-goes?  Psssshhhh.  Child's play.  Try delivering words with a Dragon in your ear, mind and heart.  Go ahead, give it a shot, I dare you.  ...... I'm waiting...........  Mmmhmmm.  That's what I thought.  That reminds me, I actually need to visit the post office and mail Unnie her birthday present (her birthday was back in May, ya know, no biggie).  Maybe I shouldn't pick a fight with them right now or who knows what will become of Unnie's present in their hands.  How about I stop blabbing on like a blithering idiot and just get on with the recap already?  Deal.

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 8

1.  Honey, I'm Home
Shi On's innocence is proven in Door Gate 2013 and he returns to work just in time to confront puppy girl's mean aunt.  What happens next totally made me laugh.  I'm curious to know if anyone else had the same thought as me.  The aunt wants to take the girl, the hospital staff argues that she is still ill and obviously won't be properly cared for by the woman who raised her in a kennel.  So what to do?  The child cannot speak for herself, so they in essence both stand there, calling to the "dog" to see who she comes to.  I could practically hear them whistling, clapping on their legs and calling, "Here girl!  Come here!  Good girl!  Come to mommy/daddy/auntie".  Seriously.  It was hilarious...to me.  Of course the girl chooses her Dr Shi On and thus ends the debate.

2.  Oh, Brother

Shi On is starting to crush on Yoon Seo.  She certainly shows him plenty of attention and affection.  It all seems to be progressing nicely until she refers to him while talking to Hot Doc as a brother.  She sees him like a younger brother instead of a love interest.  What's worse than being friend-zoned?  Being brother-zoned.  Don't you think?  I hope she soon realizes what she's doing to poor Shi On before it's too late.  Okay, fine, this is a drama - we already know that they're going to end up together in the end, but let's just say, for argument's sake at this point, that she's not interested in him.  She better watch it or his fragile heart is going to shatter.

3.  Love Doctor is In... and what, like 13?

Shi On is confused as to what is going on with him.  He's hiccuping and feeling all these new feelings he's unfamiliar with when he's around Dr Cha. Thankfully he has a however-old child to ask.  Love advice from a pediatric patient.  Hey, from what I hear, kids these days know all about love and relationships.  My son contracted mono and assured us that his friends would not mock him for catching "The Kissing Disease", but would instead be jealous.  Wha?  He's 10.  Oi.  But I digress.  My point is that despite her age and assumed inexperience, she informs Shi On that he likes Yoon Seo as a woman, in a romantic way.  This certainly gives him some food for thought.

4.  He Finally Starts Making a Move So We Can Figure Out Which Way He's Heading

This guy.  Mr I-Still-Don't-Know-How-Much-I'm-Supposed-to-Not-Like-You man.  He's hatched some plan to transform the hospital.  He wants to somehow take the pediatric surgery department, the one department of the hospital that is a financial drain, into the main focus of the hospital.  He's got some plan concocted and approaches both Hot Doc and the Director looking to involve them somehow.  I'm not clear on what his plan was, but judging by the Director's negative response {didja like my header dedicated to his awesome facial expression?}, and Hot Doc's contemplative one, it could be, shall we say, "controversial"?  Yeah, that's all I want to say on that at this point.  Sheesh you guys, I'm really sorry if this part of the story is important to you.  I feel bad that I can't help you out.  I really truly just don't care enough to actually remember a bunch of details.  I hope I'm not letting too many of you down.  Sorry.  My point is that at least the guy is finally doing something so that we can finally start to get a fix on him one way or the other.

5.  Party Animals

Delighted by his return, Yoon Seo proposes that they have a welcome party for Shi On.  A few of the team members are game and, while declining the invitation to join them, Hot Doc even ponies up a credit card in order to foot the bill of the evening.  After a meal, they hit up a norebang and get their par-tay on.  This scene was so cute, especially when Shi On started singing and joining in on the fun.  Then Hot Doc shows up and he and Yoon Seo share a moment outside on a bench.  The night ends with a still sober Shi On escorting a tanked Yoon Seo home.  She's still ready to party and sends him out for beer and then promptly falls asleep on his bed.  When he returns to find her asleep, he of course has to sit there and watch her.  Hey, it's not creepy in dramas, especially when it's Joo Won. 

6.  Dream a Little Dream with Me

There is a push to remove Shi On from pediatric surgery. and into another department.  Needless to say, Shi On balks at this suggestion, going on about how he has to be a surgeon, it's his dream.  He doesn't care if it's not the most appropriate fit for him and his talents - it's his dream and nothing else will do.  He even gets angry at Yoon Seo and stalks off.  He's so cute when he's mad.  I'm proud of him though for standing his ground and explaining his position so clearly.  I just wanted to shout, "You go Shi On!"

7.  Two Ends of the Parenting Spectrum

We have another case show up at the hospital.  A young man with the voice of an angel.  My snarky, smart aleck side must be feeling neglected right now because it wants me to say something snarky and smart alecky about how of course everyone is watching this boy on TV and such and then he just happens to show up coincidentally enough right afterward on their doorstep.  I'm not going to give in though and say anything like that.  She can just keep her snarky, smart alecky comments to herself.  So yeah, kid comes in.  He's supposed to be heading to Germany to try out for this fancypants choir or some deal like that, only something's wrong with his throatal area.  He needs surgery but said surgery will most likely destroy his ability to sing.  Mom in this case is a text book "tiger mom", pushing her child to succeed and refuses to have the surgery performed.  Even when the child takes a turn for the worse.  So in the past couple of episodes we've seen two dramatically different ends of the parenting spectrum from abusive neglect to hardcore involvement and control.

8.  When Tiger Parenting Goes Bad

We end the episode with a cliffhanger, though to be completely accurate, it's more of a rooftop than a cliff.  The young patient is standing at the roof's edge about to jump.  A suicidal kid?  Wow.  That's just not right.  Something has gone seriously wrong there.  I sure hope momma learns a thing or two from this whole experience.  I'm all for helping your children succeed and work hard and all that, but if they're standing on a rooftop about to leap, you might want to pause and reevaluate your parenting technique.  Yikes.

And that's where we end it for today.  I'll toss some pics on here and then we'll be ready for episdoes 9 and 10.  I've already watched 9 so if things go smoothly tomorrow (which now that I've said it out loud it totally won't, but I tried) I'll get it up early since these two were so late.  We'll see.  I'll do what I can.  Until I return though, happy drama watching and thanks for stopping by!

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