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The Master's Sun ep 11 Review

I'm baaaack.  You just can't get rid of me permanently.  No matter how much you want to, sorry guise, guess you're stuck with me.  No long winded confessionals from me this time.  Let's get this review started! Boo-Yah!!

He's confessed!  He's totally just admitted he loves her!  YAY!!!  Party in my head!!  So excited to watch the big happy response & maybe another kiss or several.  You could almost literally hear the air whoosh out of my imaginary balloon when she asked him if he was making fun of her & then said he was scaring her & refused to admit she liked him back.  I get she's worried about getting hurt & she doesn't like feeling like a vulnerable fool but come on!  Where's my stinking kiss?!?!  How about a hug at least!?!?!  Dang Tae Gong Sil, kill an Unnie's dreams why don't ya?  O.O

I lilked his first response, all those times you talked about ghosts I was scared. However, I accepted it.  you accept it too.  LOL  Spoken like a man!  Suck it up princess & deal with it.  

Dear So Ji Sub,
Oppa, confess to me!  I'll accept it & you, no problem, whole heartedly, excitedly & without restraint!
Already Happily Married but looking for an Oppa. ^_^

Then she made me mad when she said she didn't enjoy touching him.  That she wasn't doing all the touching so she could just touch him.  

Dear So Ji Sub,
Oppa, I will happily touch you for my own enjoyment!  Repeatedly & sincerely & gratuitous touching as much as you allow me & maybe even more.  Just sayin.
Really I am VERY Happily Married to a great guy but you're So Ji Sub!

Did anybody else notice that it was a very Mr Darcy-esque type of confession though?

JJW: "I wondered why I still kept you by my side when the calculations are all wrong..."

Mr Darcy: “In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” 

Both men like these women against their own common sense.  I found it interesting, that once again, Jane Austen & KDrama share commonalities.  Maybe it was just me though.  *shrugs shoulders*

I also loved that his confession was more of a warning to her not to fall in love with him. He confesses really weird...but so adorably.  And in the midst of all this she gets bugged by another ghost who wants her attention.  Poor Tae Gong Sil, she can't even have a confession without being bugged by the dead.  But it lead, FINALLY, to a hug.  And an even deeper confession.

And just when he is trying to woo her with promises of taking her anywhere she wants, which is when she gets so happy at the idea of being able to date at night again,, he gets a call that drags them away!  Bless her poor little talking to the dead heart.  Where does he need to be?  At the funeral to the father of his biggest rival, the CEO of Giant Mall, no less.  And boys does she look happy about it too.  *giggle*  

How awesome was Joo Joong Won's expression when she was literally saying, "Wow!  he's so good looking!" about his rival?  I was giddy with giggles & happiness at his jealousy!  

Enter this week's main ghost story...

Getting in touch with your feminine side:
So Giant Mall's CEO's dad has passed away.  But all is not what it appears.  Rumors are spreading like wildfire he was found dead in the home of his mistress of many, many years that he kept very, very secretly.  While he pretended to live an upright, clean, tidy life of the devoted & faithful husband & father.  Justifiably his son is more than a little bitter & angry.  Tae Gong Sil, using her radar abilities, seeks out & finds the deceased Chairman & conveys his request to Joo Joong Won that he wants them to clear out the mistresses residence before his son can see it.  Of course JJW being who he is, he wants nothing to do with this nuclear bomb of a story.  When she suggests visiting the Chairman's vacation home, where the mistress lived, to clear out her belongings, Joo Joong Won instead suggests they spend the night at his vacation home.  And when she declares she can't spend the night with him there & to keep dreaming he innocently says, "I am able to sleep with you just holding your hand.  I had trust in you but you don't trust me back?"  Thankfully she didn't fall for that line anymore than I did.  Oh men.  Sigh.  So transparent.  Of course the conversation turns a little more serious about how she will have to be the one to end it when she is no longer to face the ghosts alone.  

Now during this week's story line we got to see just how jealous Joo Joong Won can get & how ridiculous he will get when he is jealous.  Giant's CEO comes to Kingdom for a meeting regarding a mutual access road for both properties & int he process runs across Tae Gong Sil who is trying to get the ghost to come & visit her by wearing the perfume his mistress wore, & which she could still smell on his spirit.  This gets the attention of his son, who recognizes the scent he frequently smelled on his father himself.  Which was odd,a s his mother never wore perfume.  JJW, Candy Kang & Secretary Kim all watch as JJW's rival follows TGS to her little office & Secretary Kim, perfectly timed of course, let's it slip that earlier she had asked for the address for the vacation house.  Obviously Giant's CEO is handsome & he is attracted to TGS, since he's following her, & he would find great comfort with her at his side.  And on that note JJW immediately goes to TGS & offers to take her to the vacation home himself. 

To which I immediately said, "BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"   

Once they arrived there though, trouble ensued.  No sooner had they arrived when Giants CEO arrived too.  YIKES!!  Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run!  They were so screwed!  until JJW used his cell phone to call his rival's cell phone & demand an immediate meeting to re-negotiate the access road at Kingdom.  Giant's CEO agrees & leaves.  Phew!  And that's when the truth is unveiled.  The picture on the camera that the Chairman wants erased is that of his "other woman".  but when TGS finds the picture she is more than a little shocked at what she finds & then shows to JJW, at the chairman's request. He wants to see how JJW reacts & if he thinks JJW believes his son would forgive or be disgusted.  

It would seem the chairman's "Other Woman" was none other than himself.  He was a closet cross dresser.  A huge no-no in South Korean society.  And he was more worried his son would be repulsed by his father's secret vice, than he was at the thought of his son hating him for having an illicit affair.  After the big reveal the son, dutifully & lovingly agrees to keep his father's secret hidden & honor his father's wishes.  Love the happy ending as usual.  

Return of the REAL Culprit:
While Tae Gong Sil & Joo Joong Won are helping a dead transvestite come out to his son, an old enemy resurfaces, as does Joo Joong Won's dad.  With evidence that Cha Hee Joo may not be as dead as previously thought & on the search for a possible twin.  But father & son do have one thing in common...besides blood.  Stubbornness.  Mind blowing stubbornness.  Unlike anything heretofore seen.  neither wants to bend.  It is only the treat that perhaps his dad might doubt the veracity of Tae Gong Sil's ghost abilities & that he might just call her in to be interviewed via Candy Kang, that finally gets Joo Joong Won to finally go to his father.  Who gives him a manila envelope filled with pictures & post cards & other evidence of Cha Hee Joo.  It is here that Joo Joong Won tells his father that she was the bad guy & that his father tells his son I gave her the necklace & they both admit to being completely bamboozled by her.  

As for the return of the REAL culprit?  A woman runs into Aunt & Uncle, near their house, twice & then once at Kingdom mall.  But she isn't alone, Cha Hee Joo's ghost is closely following on her heels.  Is this the person Hee Joo needs to protect?  Is this her sister?  Her twin?  Whoever she is, it is obvious she is up to no good & has very nefarious plans.  At dinner with Aunt & Uncle's house, when Uncle receives a shocking phone call alerting them that a scandalous news article will come out the next day, where Tae Yi Ryeong, humiliated by Candy Kang's rebuff of her affections, claimed that she was hanging out intimately with someone at Kingdom mall, but not the man pictured with her in the subway, that in fact it was with Kingdom's CEO Joo Joong Won himself.  When their guest figures out that Tae Gong Sil, not Tae Yi Ryeong is the CEO's girlfriend.  Just as she once used Cha Hee Joo to lure Joo Joong Won, I am betting she will use Tae Gong Sil this time.  

It Hurts:
When Aunt goes to talk to Joo Joong Won about the article & questions him sincerely as to why he won't let Tae Gong Sil leave & why this girl would not be humiliated enough by the article to leave him, TGS overhears it all.  And just after she finally put on the necklace/amulet of the sun charm that JJW bought her before his trip to China.  He tells Aunt, while staring directly into TGS face that she has no self esteem, that money, news articles, appearing pathetic will not affect her, because she has to cling to him no matter what for a specific reason.  TGS agrees with him but you can obviously see this is beyond anything she could have imagined in humiliation.  She leaves, he follows, she leaves him again, and cries her way home.  Once there she removes the necklace regretting that he saw her wearing it.  And he can't stay away, he loves her after all & goes to her house.  After banging on the door, she emerges.

Only it isn't "her".  At least that's what she wants him to believe.  She fakes a possession & uses the opportunity to tell him how hurt, humiliated & broken she is by what she heard.  At first he believes her but when he grabs her arm & the possession doesn't disappear he knows she is herself.  And finally he asks her, do you know how I got rid of the nutcracker lady?  Then he grabs her & pulls in for another kiss. 

Unfortunately, even though, this time it is Tae Gong Sil, it's still just a lip press.  I know both of these actors can do better than this.  I blame the director for this one.  This kiss should have been different, special, full of more emotion.  She should have fought him off at first only to finally submit to one whopper of a passionate kiss, imho.  But it still managed to give me tummy flutters.  What can I say, I'm emotional this week. :)  

Look at that I finished two reviews in one day.  Yay me!  Now I intend to take a long hot shower & my new meds & pass out.  Till tomorrow for episode 12 AddiKts.  Have a great night.  And thank you again for your patience!  You guise rock!


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