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The Master's Sun ep 12 Review

I honestly have no idea how to start this review.  My mind is blank.  I'm just.........

Yup..... ^ That big blank space just about sums it up.

Although, I do have a few choice words for a certain set of sisters that need to take a walk with me out to the woodshed.  >:(

Start at the beginning & take it slowly from there:
We all know the kiss at the end of 11 was just a lip press, therefore there is no point wasting time talking about the kiss.  After they kissed She faked falling asleep/passing out on his shoulder & then pretended to no longer be possessed. Once she is in his arms, he basically tells her that since she had to pretend to be a ghost ,in order to tell him how she truly feels, it's obvious to him that she can't really handle everything as it is.  But she, irritatingly, continues to pretend it was a ghost.   Thereby sweeping everything he just said under the rug & pretending nothing serious or scary is happening between them.  Work on your communication skills guys, please?  Eventually, he ends up in her little rooftop attic.  Where a few things happen...

1.) He sees her bras on the bed.  That was fun & cute BUT a missed opportunity for him to handle it as sexily & cutely as Kim Do Jin did in AGD, when he saw Seo Yi Soo's matching bras & panties on her bed.

2.) He discovers that Candy Kang comes over enough that she stores his beer of choice in her teeny little fridge.  Which makes him very cutely jealous, ending with him trying to remove the beer, her making him put them back BUT before he does he just has to show his truly mature nature by shaking them both violently first & then placing them back in the fridge.  Later he'll come back to her apartment with his own beer & purposefully remove Candy Kang's beer & put his beer in it's place. Very mature.

3.) After she gets a text message from Candy Kang & rushes off to help & he realizes he has to know but cannot read said text he bribes the little boys in her building to read it for him, by promising toys for every sentence read.  And then nearly suffering a heart attack when the little boy misread "Do it with me" (re: the separating of the trash cans) w "I Love You" at the end of the message.  Then happily finding out through his reconnaissance w the kids that she thinks that CEO is the "most special person in the world."  This scene with the kids was so sweet & I loved every minute of it.  Well played kids!!

4.) He gets to spend the night holding her hand & watching her sleep next to her bed, on the floor.  Such a sweet, romantic, lovely scene.  Both of them want to protect the other one so much.

Psychology 101:
At this point I am getting frustrated by the fact that they, the Hong sisters, are starting to make up reasons to keep them apart.  Things that in real life just don't make any sense.  This is usually where they start to lose me in their dramas.  But this one episode may drive me to the point where I finally lose it with them.  While they were having their night together, Aunt was confronting Secretary Kim about the relationship between Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Sil.  She just doesn't get it & I can't tell if it's out of true concern for JJW, her nephew, OR if it's just that Tae Gong Sil, in her eyes, is unworthy.  I'm leaning towards truly worrying for JJW's welfare but I'm just not sure.  And we get to see another face to face meeting with Candy Kang & Tae Yi Ryeong as she informs him that it won't be him that is in the scandal with her but JJW.  I admit I feel really bad for her.  She obviously likes him so much but he just thinks she's some shallow, selfish, well off snob & is blinded by his like for TGS.  And I really think, he has this issue where he "needs" to be the knight in shining armor & she doesn't need one, so he doesn't feel anything for her.  He hasn't figured out yet that she needs a knight, every bit as much as TGS needs her "safety hideout".  She may be a snot head from time to time & could use a good face slap too, but she isn't a bad person & in fact has massive self esteem issues. This is all IMHO of course.

Oh no they didn't!!:
Here is where I find I just don't know what to say.  Episode 12's ghost story is that of a little boy, who was tragically killed in what was just a horribly tragic accident.  The man responsible for this accident panicked though & hid the boy's body.  His mother frantic to find her son, stands at the entrance to Kingdom handing out flyers by the dozens to passers by, sobbing & begging for people to help her.  Tae Gong Sil watches in tears, overcome by emotion, trying to decide what she should do???  She can see that the little boy's ghost is standing right next to his distraught mother, as she searches for him.  How do you walk up to a grieving, distraught mother & tell her to stop searching for her child, because his ghost is standing next to her & that means her son is dead?  I thought about it over & over watching this episode, as she wrestled with this one question.  Both TGS's sister & Joo Joong Won were against her telling, & I have to say I was torn in pieces trying to figure out the right answer.  For one thing will the mother even believe her?  Will she then become the main suspect if she tells, as it might turn out no one believes she can see ghosts, & therefore must be the murderer herself, how else would she know what happened & where to find the body?  And also trying to figure out if  it were me, & IF I did believe her, would I want to know or not?  If I don't know, then I will always have hope, which could be good or bad, depending on how obsessed I become with trying to find the child, I hope, is still alive.  If I do know, well then I can make peace & allow myself to move on.  However, what if I didn't make peace?  What if JJW is right & instead I would rather just give up & die with my son?  This one question made my head & heart hurt equally!

Sorry got a little too deep there didn't I?  My bad, moving on.  So the thing is, TGS brings the little boy who won't tell her anything, because he's scared, to the 3 men & explains that she needs them to help reassure the child & calm him enough that he might talk to her & tell her where to find his body so she can go to his mother.  From reading the flyer she is able to find out that he likes to sing kids songs, & he has a picture of a teddy bear on his t shirt, so maybe they could sing a teddy bear song to him?  At first JJW is so not doing this, but Candy Kang & Secretary Kim are all over the idea, of helping the little boy.  By the time the men are done singing the song, Joo Joong Won is quite happily & cutely singing along.  I loved these 3 men so much for doing this for the little boy!  It was adorable!!

Eventually, the little boy talks to her & tells her where she can find his body, it's the trunk of the car of the man who accidentally ran him over.  He owns his own car repair shop & she heads there, without any help from Joo Joong Won or the police, & ends up trapped in the garage by the man.  After quickly sending out a text to JJW where she is, which through sheer determination & the fact that he loves her so much he is able to read enough to know where to go, she gets backed into a corner, with the man wielding a long wicked looking screw driver, Tae Gong Sil is rescued at the last minute by Joo Joong Won who jumps in front of her to protect her, taking the screw driver into his back in the process.  At first, she has no clue that he's been hurt & the bad guy, in shock, flees the scene.  He talks to her & tells her how glad he is that she isn't hurt.  Then he passes out on her shoulder & she realizes that he has been stabbed, just as the police arrive.  He's rushed into the operating room at the hospital.

Not going there yet:
Before I get to the final scene of this episode, there were other things that happened that were worth mentioning too.

Tae Yi Ryeong's scandal for one thing.  She meets with both JJW & Candy Kang & the decision is they will all play it off as just casual acquaintances.  She had dinner w JJW because she is the store's model & she knows Candy Kang because he is a security guard at Kingdom, they are friends & had a simple tea together once.  This way, she doesn't look trashy & neither man looks desperate to be with her.  No love triangle, no scandal.  But this isn't all to her story.  She & Candy Kang have another face to face.  I didn't really get the whole speaking in parables thing they were doing except he feels she is too much for him to take care of, no matter how much she may like him, he can't handle her high maintenance life & besides, remember, she doesn't really need him & he needs women who "need" him.  As he gets back in the security room, he sees her standing there in the same spot, sadly & slightly in shock, & then notices she is crying & wiping away tears.  He even gets to watch as she squares her shoulders, puts on her sunglasses to hide the truth, & stoically turns off the vulnerable her & puts on the model version of her again.  Sleek, sophisticated & sure of herself, walking away w swag.  And you can see he is rethinking his opinion of her.  FINALLY!

But even more important, after a lecture from TGS that he needs to stop running from his fears & face them so he can get his life back, (is read again) JJW finally calls Candy Kang to his office for an explanation of the contents of the manila envelope his father gave him.  He comes to the same conclusion, that Hee Joo must have a twin sister that none of them knew about & asks Secretary Kim to go to the orphanage & investigate & here is where I got my first real shock of the show.  When Secretary Kim talks to himself out loud saying, "I guess he found out." & then asks, "is she Hanna?"  And if I find out that Secretary Kim was in anyway involved with JJW's sad history or if he's known about it but been protecting the bad guy I am going to be so ticked off because I adore & trusted him so much.

And lastly, that Mystery Woman almost tips her hat to Aunt.  She has, so it would seem, expressed an interest in a good cleaning lady for herself & Aunt invites her into Joo Joong Won's home & intros her to his housekeeper.  At this point, they see that Joo Joong Won has been trying to read the Wolf & Goat story.  She accidentally lets it slip that she knows he can't read.  And when Aunt looks suspiciously at her, for knowing something no one else knows, she quickly & very smoothly lies, that it was when she was drinking wine with Uncle, he told her.  And she explains the main theme to the Wolf/Goat story to Aunt, who then sits down & reads it only to ominously finish it & says out loud, "They end up not living together, and really, the one that liked the other more is the one that dies.  What kind of story is this?"  Considering how this episode ends I think her question is very apropos.

Time to face it:
Okay, the part I was putting off until I absolutely had nothing else to talk about, the end.  Oh AddiKts, this was so hard to watch but harder still to actually talk about.  Right now I hate this review & this episode & I loathe the Hong Sisters.  After Joo Joong Won is rushed into the operating room & Tae Gong Sil waits alone in the hallway.  After a while of sitting alone a man approaches her wordlessly & stands right next to her, when she looks at him, we get to see it is Joo Joong Won.  Slowly, she realizes that she is seeing his ghost.  And he tells her that it's okay if he is dead, because he can tell his woman this one thing before he goes. "Tae Gong Sil,  I love you."  And then he disappears & she slides to the floor & sobs profusely.

And I sat there with my mouth agape & teary eyed, no I didn't cry too hard, & just couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Here is where I point out a few things;

1.) There are still 4 more episodes to this show, it is very unlikely they killed off the lead this soon.

2.) There are other possibilities to this scene.  It could be a nightmare that TGS is having or one that JJW is having while he is unconscious on the operating room table.  OR and this is mine & Dongsaeng's favorite theory, he is having an "out of body" experience while his actual body is in a comatose state.

3.) If he is having an "Out of Body" experience, as we sincerely hope he is, this could offer so much awesomeness to the story.  The possibilities are endless.

For example: Scenes of him haunting Candy Kang, scenes of him teasing TGS that he has seen her when dressing or showering, the opportunity for his spectral self to help find out the secret & the real deets behind what happened all those years ago & why.  And the opportunity to help his family believe in TGS as he does.  And maybe if we can find out the secret to TGS's accident we'll find a connection between her & JJW from before that might explain why only he is able to dispel the ghosts who gather around her.

These are just ideas & theories.  I have no idea what is happening, but if the Hong Sisters do end up killing him off I will be so extremely pissed off.  If they don't take advantage of this scene's possibilities then I will be washing my hands of them.  And I may end up re-writing their crap ending & using that as my actual review instead of talking about how much they, & their ending to what was an awesome story, suck.

Now the hard part...waiting a freaking week to find out what the crap they were thinking!?!?!?!

See you next week AddiKts, I am now officially caught up on my reviews & can now go & relax.


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  1. OMG I feel like if TGS had just for 2 seconds thought about what she was doing I could have saved myself 20 minutes of tears (only the first 5 minutes were histerical the last 15 minutes were my body refusing to accept the story).

    FINE! I will accept your stupid heroine move of going to the killer's place without any backup. How about lying when you see the killer? How about not going into the deepest corner of his garage? How about grabbing some sort of a weapon? How about sending a text to your security guard friend whom you have seen fight very well? How about sending a quick text NOT A NOVEL!!! How about sending that text to someone who isn't illiterate? These things annoyed me.

    BUT PPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!! JJW become a ghost and haunt Candy Kang! It would be my greatest joy to watch that scene over and over and OVER!!!


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