Friday, September 13, 2013

The Master's Sun ep 10 Review

I know I am almost a week behind on my reviews.  I have 3 reviews to get out, hopefully by tomorrow night.  It's just been one of those times in life, lately, where I have been handed a lot of lemons.  And it took me awhile to figure out how to make the lemonade.  In all honesty, I am still trying to perfect my life lemonade recipe. 

Full Disclosure:
For those only interested in the review & nothing personal feel free to ignore this whole, very long, paragraph, I just want to help you understand what is in TCA's near future, at least as it pertains to me & my involvement.  As some, or most, or maybe even all of you know, if you've checked out my personal profile on this here blog, I have a child with a rare genetic disease.  It's a complicated & very rare disease, that affects a startling number of different systems in his little body.  What you don't know is that since moving to WI, I have been fighting tooth & nail to get him in to see a plethora of specialists at Milwaukee Children's hospital, only to be given a sincere run around & ignored.  Meanwhile, he has been rapidly declining in health.  Finally, on my 3rd pediatrician, someone listened to me, she suggested Chicago Children's instead, it's about 30 minutes further but I was desperate & my insurance goes there.  They contacted me in less than a week & we had an appointment in less than a month, the first day of school, in fact.  Where the doctor, alarmed & furious at our being ignored, pointed out very seriously to me that we have now entered the dangerous, serious years, for his disease & that we need to get aggressive on his treatment & care.  I knew all this already, hence the fighting & stress over the last 2 years to get him seen.  But hearing all of this & hearing the confirmation that he is now grossly underweight & needs a G Tube (this process is very typical for kids with A-T, especially at this age.  They just stop gaining weight for some reason, on regular food, it's also known as a feeding tube), which is major surgery, sent me into major panic attacks all of last week.  Feeling like I was having a heart attack most of each day, I finally called my own doctor, who put me on anti-anxiety meds, including Xanax.  Yay!  Apparently all the years of stress that I've been dealing with, have caught up to me & I find I just can't cope anymore without help.  I spent this week in a fully drugged haze, as my meds start to regulate themselves in my body, mostly sleeping on & off & trying very hard to wake up fully.  If I didn't take the meds I had more anxiety, but when I did take the meds I was barely able to take care of my kids.  Add to that that only 9 days of school & I had 2 kids home for 3 days each, for the first colds of the school year. And my special needs son spent 2 days home vomiting, which is part of his disease, & hopefully the G Tube will get rid of, so you can see why I was not exactly present this week or last.   Today is the first day, in over 2 weeks, I don't feel like I am having a heart attack AND I am fully awake.  I spent most of today catching up on my mom responsibilities & am now ready to get these reviews out to you.  But there will come a time in the very near future, where I will have to take a break form this awesome blog, that I love so much to be just a mom as my son & my family face surgery, treatments, doctors & a lot of new scary things.  Dongsaeng & I are already trying to figure out how we are going to play this & I hope, when we finally make decisions, you guys will like them too.  I don't know if you pray or believe in prayer or just in positive thoughts & vibes but any & all you can spare my way, would be, & are greatly appreciated.  Now how about we get back to some seriously awesome Master's Sun? 

Let me start by saying it is a good thing I waited to watch the latest episodes when I was on Anti-anxiety meds, because I thought 9 had intense FEELS, it just keeps getting to be more & more each episode.  Seeing all the responses & comments on FB etc... regarding this week's episodes, which I still have to finish watching, hasn't been easy to avoid either, but I can tell that I will be in agony.  In fact, I am in agony, as I work my way slowly through.  Aigoo!!  Joo Joong Won & Tae Gong Sil what are you doing to me?!?!  My anxiety filled brain can't handle all of this!! 

It Isn't What We Thought:
So when 9 ended she found out that he was engaged to be married & everyone, myself included yes, was freaking out & screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!!!" to their screens.  It was so painful when he just walked right past her at the end & ignored her.  My heart was in tatters & I was crying.  So mean JJW!!  This episode, of course they start by making us relive that pain, cruel editors!  But no fear, almost immediately they put our hearts to rest, it's a FAKE engagement!  Mutually beneficial engagement for a week only, oh & BOTH sides are aware of this arrangement.  Sigh ...  Big breath of relief right?!?!  And what's more that he hates doing this to her but he feels he has to because he is so afraid of how intensely he feels about her.  Men are so stupid sometimes.  And while Aunt & Uncle aren't in on the plan, Secretary Kim, who is just about the most awesome secretary in the history of secretaries, IS in on the whole ruse.  Seriously, I heart him he is so awesome!  Secretary Kim also informs Candy Kang of the plan as well, but swears him to secrecy. 

I Liked Men Who Were Like Dignified Scholars:
Guess who got to be haunted in episode 10?  I loved the Aunt & Uncle in this episode, they are so funny together.  The Aunt calls TGS into her husband's office to warn TGS away from JJW by showing her the priceless beautiful porcelain vase that was an engagement gift from his new fiancĂ©.  As TGS gazes into the vase she sees the visage of a ghost.  One that is apparently very bad & can influence those who spend too much time staring into or with the vase itself.  She tries to warn the Aunt but ends up insulting her by calling her rude & arrogant.  She of course apologizes to Aunt for the misunderstanding but Aunt is determined to misunderstand TGS.  As TGS leaves I had to laugh at Uncle & his "Bang Sil...fighting!" under his breath comment.  Then when JJW comes at Aunt's bequest & he figures out that obviously TGS must have seen something attached to the vase & he defies Aunt's demand he stop seeing TGS he leaves & Uncle once again whispers, "CEO...Fighting!"  I adore this idiot.  He may be greedy, but he's also incredibly funny.  Perfect comic relief imho.  Every scene he is in, he cracks me up.  Such as when Aunt was inspecting the vase & proclaiming its graceful beauty & he sits there with his toe socks on, propped on the table in front of her, scratching his feet & offends her with his gross habits.  I loved that as he gets up & follows her edict to, "go scratch yourself in the bathroom!" he stops to smell his fingers, not once but 3 times!  Could he be any more disgusting & clueless at the same time?  He probably could & I would still love him, & the quick sand upon which he walks. 

And once again TGS was correct, Aunt should have heeded her warning, the ghost attached to the vase at first just changes aunt, she is disgusted by her husband, whom she used to find cute & sweet & she tells him so repeatedly, even evicting him from their bedroom to sleep alone because he likes to cuddle up to her while she is sleeping.  While she is sleeping she is having visions & dreams of a handsome, dignified scholar from the Joseon period & becomes enamored of him so much that eventually she gets stuck in the dream & just won't wake up.  Which is when Uncle comes to JJW who eventually breaks the vase & sets Aunt free, who is so happy to be awake until she sees the ghost sitting on her chest.  But Uncle comes to her rescue, when he hears her scream & all is well with the happy but oddly paired duo. 

In Between The Lines of the Story:
While Aunt & Uncle are getting more screen time this episode our regulars are getting their fair share as well.  Candy Kang still likes Tae Gong Sil after all.  First he escorts her to the VPs office so she can get a better look at the haunted vase, where he grabs her shoulder to keep from being afraid, which prompts her to ask him to at least loosen his grip on her shoulder.  And then he offers to go to dinner with her but is unpleasantly surprised that his favorite place to eat is haunted, but the place next door, where the food isn't as good, is not haunted.  I love that he immediately says, "let's go there."  And secretary Kim's "Oh SO Obvious" attempts to make JJW jealous & keep him very aware of TGS & Candy Kang's relationship is so much fun to watch.  But dinner that night won't happen as Tae Yi Ryeong interrupts, I loved his reaction when she jumped out & scared him, & then so does Joo Joong Won.  He confronts Tae Gong Sil, saying he'll set her up in a house, with a car, send her to more schooling, be his mistress.  But instead of getting upset like any normal girl would do or accepting it she just tells him she doesn't need that instead to keep her in the basement of his sweet home so she can lightly use his touch to keep the ghosts at bay.  Or better yet, hurry up & have a son & pass on your ability to him & then I can be his nanny.  He's confused by her reaction & this is what keeps him interested, she's unlike any other girl he's ever known. 

When Uncle brings Joo Joong Won the vase asking for help w Aunt Joo Joong Won suddenly realizes how to get a reaction from TGS, he takes the vase to her & plays on her sympathies. 

JJW: My poor Aunt is so sick, she may die, she's my only aunt sniff, sniff. 

TGS: Then you need to break the vase. 

JJW: (suddenly a lot less emotional) Will you take responsibility?

TGS: Why do I need to take responsibility?!?!

JJW: Okay if you say I have to break the vase then you'll have to take care of me once this breaks my engagement.

Drops the vase with no emotion while TGS gasps! 

Oh how I heart you JJW. 

Reunions & Confessions:
In her ongoing effort to make sure everyone from high school knows that Tae Gong Sil has fallen & how far she has fallen from her pedestal as the Big Sun to Yi Ryeong's little sun, Yi Ryeong decides that there should be a reunion dinner of all the girls form their group & invites TGS, who agrees to go.  I am probably in the minority but I keep in touch with all the people I want to from high school, about 4.  I have not yet been to a single reunion.  I have no desire whatsoever to go hang out & reminisce over old times & see how middle aged my friends have become.  So needless to say, when TGS decided she was going, I was sitting there saying, "Why?  Who cares what people from so long ago think of you?"  If you haven't spoken to them in all this time, then obviously they weren't important in your life.  Move on.  Thankfully, though, she didn't listen to this cynical me.  Of course she wasn't the only one there, while cheering her on & proclaiming he was on her side all the way, Secretary Kim found out the location of her reunion & arranged for JJW's official engagement break up dinner meeting to take place in the same restaurant.  You sly old fox Secretary Kim.  I like the way your mind works! 

After JJW's passionless & emotionless dinner break up ended as he was leaving he sees Tae Gong Sil w her friends & I loved how Secretary Kim plays innocent about knowing she was there, yet is happy to remember that Candy Kang is going to show up to help Tae Gong Sil show off to her girlfriends.  I cackled & giggled through his expressions.  After a while the girls ask Tae Gong Sil what she's been up to, about her accident & what she has planned & even about Joo Joong Won.  Of course Yi Ryeong is only too happy to help get that part of the story rolling.  And TGS goes on to talk of all the romantic & wonderful things he did for her, winning over her friends until Yi Ryeong reminds them the important part is the ending, so what happened?  And TGS admits he is to marry a chaebol's daughter. But she can't let him go, even though it makes her sad & pathetic, she needs him. 

Just then he appears behind her to the surprise of all the women at the table & proclaims that he has broken the engagement & that Tae Gong Sil needs to take responsibility.  He then puts his arm around her calls her his baby & says to the women at large, "Stay have fun I am paying for it all but I have to take my baby with me."  Then grabs TGS's hand & takes her with him.  Outside she is furious.  She has already figured out how pathetic she looks to people in his world for hanging on to him, he didn't need to further humiliate her in front of her friends like that.  Candy Kang shows up as she is walking away & sees she's upset, JJW steps between them & drags her off again.  Once alone she tells him yes I can still use you without worrying about what people think.  And he calls her bluff. 

He finally admits how he feels & asks her what she's going to do now? 

And I gasped & said, "YES!" all at the same time.  Very exciting episode, filled with lots of funny thanks to Aunt & Uncle.  Oh & JJW's dad has arrived & shows Candy Kang the pic of Cha Hee Joo & explains it was taken a year after her death & he suspects TGS is not on the level or that there is a twin or that the person(s) responsible for the kidnapping are still after JJW.  It's all very dramatic but that really wasn't as important to me as Joo Joong Won's confession to Tae Gong Sil.

And now I have to go watch ep 11 & try to get that post out tonight as well.

Thanks again, for bearing with me, my fellow AddiKts.  I love this blog, I love this show, I love & appreciate all of you!  Have a fabulous evening.  Wish me luck in writing till I drop.  ;)



  1. (((((((Hugs)))))))) Unnie! Family First! FIGHTING!!!
    Love Sec. Kim, he rocks. My favorite moment was when the Aunt woke up. I have seen the actress in several dramas always as the strong woman. It was nice to see her scared out of her wits even for a few moments. I liked that vulnerable side to her character. Grasping at her honey too boot!
    Stay strong Unnie!

    1. Thanks for understanding that family comes first, & for the support & encouragement. It means the world to me. And Omo Secretary Kim is so awesome! And Aunt & Uncle are seriously the perfect oddball couple. I love them together. She is my absolute favorite character actress in K drama land. She's in almost everything. So talented. I admit not only is it nice to see her vulnerable but it's nice to see her as part of the upper rust as opposed to working class for a change too. <3 Unnie.

  2. This is my first time reading your blog..I am obsessed with Kdramas and especially Master's Sun...anyway I wish you the best of luck and will pray for your son and family. Family first. Blessings to you.

    1. Welcome to TCA Miss Missives!! We love making new friends!! I'm glad you are enjoying the drama! It's heading right up there for the top spot for me too! And thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement & support. Kdrama shrinks the world a little more. <3 Unnie.

  3. Unnie FIGHTING! <3


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