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Heirs ep 5: Dramatic Review

Hello and welcome back to this week's installment of Heirs reviews!  Today I am going to switch back from the freestyle form used in reviewing eps 1-4 and revert back to my normal list form of reviewing.  If you're new here, you have no idea what I'm talking about, but if you have been with me before on my past few reviews, it should be very familiar to you, for better or for worse.  New or old, like it or not, here is my Top 5 moments of episode 5, or as I like to call it..."Dongsaeng Splits Heirs" (you know, because I'm splitting it up into 5 points and the whole play on the word "heirs" like "hairs"??  Yeah, sorry, but I like it so it least for this review)  ;)

Dongsaeng Splits Heirs
: episode 5

1.  Will He, Won't He?

Kim Tan has just figured out that the girl he has been pining away for ever since their chance encounter in California is the maid's daughter and is, conveniently enough, living in his own home.  The question then becomes, will he reveal himself to her?  The answer, at least at first, is no.  There are a couple of funny moments where he has to quickly hide so as to not be caught.  And then, in a moment very reminiscent of a certain Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers, he lights up the garden for her one night as she is retrieving a bottle of wine from the wine cellar and using just her phone to light her way.  I melted in that moment, instantly of course recognizing that it was indeed he that had lit everything up just for her as he watched over her from the sidelines (I swear, it's totally sweet and not in any way as creepy as it kind of sounds).  One thing I have always appreciated and loved about Lee Min Ho is his intense looks.  That man can say so much with just his expression.  One would be hard pressed to find someone who has nailed down the intense gaze like he has.  I love how there's a certain air of surprise in his expression whenever he looks at her.  Like he is amazed by her and his feelings for her.  She has awoken something in him.  At least that's what I get from it.  Maybe that's just me.  I doubt it though.  I think that's what they pay him the big bucks for - his facial work.  I think that's why he speaks so little.  So many of his scenes are wordless, or at least close to.  It was much the same in Faith.  He's a man of few words, yet you can see directly into his heart and soul when he looks at her.  *swoon*

2.  He Does, and It's Pretty Darn Cool if You Ask My Butterflies

After all of his hiding and teasing, he finally reveals herself to her.  He starts by letting her know in a very subtle manner that he has returned to Korea.  If by subtle we mean a huge crowd gathered around him and his flashy car and uh, eye-catching? sweater as he singles her out of the crowd of gawkers.  Between then and dropping the "hey we're housemates" bombshell, there's a lot of interplay between them as he pursues her and she dodges him all while still sending off signals of "actually I really do like you".  They are so absolutely adorable together even when they're not together.  Then finally, it's bombshell time.  She's walking through the lit garden when she gets a call - a call that he had told her would come.  A call in which he warns her ahead of time that he will tell her to "look up" and then "look behind you".  Sure enough, in that magical moment, he calls and tells her first to look up.  When she does, she sees the dream catcher she had given him back in LA hanging in his open window.  And then, the moment that sent very happy waves of chills all over this here ahjumma, he tells her to look behind her.  When she turns, there he is.  And then it clicks.  She finally puts it all together and realizes just who he is.  In that moment she's understandably a little overwhelmed by this realization.  She tries to process it, but leaves with tears in her eyes as he asks her, in that unique way of his, whether he missed her.  Uh, yah, I can answer that for you.  Yes.  Yes, you missed her.  And yes, she missed you.  Just give her time to wrap her head around this development.  And probably some more episodes filled with drama trying to rip you apart until you finally work things out right around episode 20, unless there's an extension (oh please no) and then who knows what will happen?  With or without an extension, there's a chance one of you could end up with some serious illness that has to be overcome.  Or amnesia.  Comas are also popular, especially the whole coma followed by amnesia thing.  Okay, so we know we have a long road to haul with these two still, so let's just enjoy these precious moments of new love blooming before our very eyes. 

3.  Whoa!

I don't usually spend too much time on the side characters and their actions so early on, but this one is worth mentioning because whoa momma!  I did not see it coming, that's for sure.  At least not so soon.  And so hot and heavy.  Know the moment I'm referring to yet?  Well, considering the collage above with the hot and heavy making out happening, I'm sure you've figured it out by now.  Smarties.  There's an awkward impromptu foursome at dinner one night.... Secretary Yoon and Kim Won end up at a bar drinking together, when who should walk in but Secretary Yoon's old flame, Rachel's mom, and her fiance, Scary Bully Young Do's dad.  The four sit down at a table together, but tensions are high.  Secretary Yoon gets a phone call and excuses himself.  Rachel's mom, picking up on the vibes brewing between the two men left at the table, also then excuses herself so that they can have their man moment.  Out in the hall, she and Secretary Yoon encounter one another.  She starts by apologizing for her rude fiance not behaving himself as a gentleman, to which Yoon responds by saying that he too is not a gentleman, and then he kisses her, passionately.  Like, whoa.  Dangs.  Okay, I'm going to go out on a very short limb here and say that I believe he is Rachel's father.  Anyone else think so too?  He and Rachel do share the same family name of Yoo.  And it was obviously not just a casual relationship that mom and he had between each other as witnessed by the practically public fornication happening there in the hallway.  That would make Rachel and Yoon Chan Young siblings.  Half or whole?  What's your guess?  Do we know yet who Chan Young's mother is?  I can't think of one that we've been introduced to yet.  Seriously, the web of relationships we have going on in this drama is mind boggling, even for a drama.  Either way, if and when Scary Fiance finds out about this little tryst, I'm sure it will go over incredibly well and he'll just accept it happily and wish her well because he loves her so very much.  {if there was such thing as a sarcastic font, that right there would have been written in it.  But you probably knew that already.}  He frightens me more than his psychopathic son, and that's saying a lot.    

4.  New School

Kim Tan's dad is another one who gives me seriously creepy creep vibes.  He for some unsure reason plays philanthropic boss man and decides that the maid's pretty daughter should go to the fancy schmancy rich kids' school.  Eun Sang balks at this idea, but doesn't have much say in the matter as her mother has already decided that it is a wonderful opportunity for her daughter and has already taken the necessary steps to make it a reality.  Looks like she will soon be tossed into the gladiator-like arena that this school is.  And she's going in already with a bullseye on her seeing as how she has attracted the attention and/or jealousy of all of our key players.  Kim Tan obviously likes her, something that fiance Rachel isn't too happy about.  And that girl is scare-ee.  It would also appear that Scary Bully Young Do also has some interest in her, though he's hard to trust in his intentions.  Bo Na falls into the jealous category as the friendship her boyfriend, Chan Young, and Eun Sang share makes her nervous.  This is a cut-through kind of environment, and Eun Sang is like a tasty little lamb being tossed into the den of ferocious lions.  Oh yeah, pass the popcorn, cuz this is going to get interesting.

5.  First Day

It's the first day of school, or at least the first day for new transfer students, Eun Sang and Kim Tan.  Girls literally start running when they hear Kim Tan has arrived.  Please tell me, is there any school anywhere in the world where something like this would actually happen?  If so, I'd love to know.  There's a little standoff between Kim Tan and Young Do that makes me very curious to finally find out what happened between these two because wow - that's some serious, serious animosity flowing between the two of them.  So the two boy men are standing there locked in their feral struggle as the student body circles around them to watch the spectacle of the arena when our girl, Eun Sang, unknowingly walks right smack dab into the middle of it.  She's busy texting her buddy Chan Young to find out where he is and doesn't realize what she's just gotten herself into until it is too late.  Basically what has just happened is that a giant steak has been tossed in between two snarling dogs.  Who is the alpha that gets the prize and gets to sink his teeth into that tasty steak?  Well, of course we don't know yet.  That was how the episode ended.  Very dramatic like and all tense and stuff.  The kind of thing that keeps us addicKts coming back for more, all drooling and ravenous.  Fun, isn't it?

Okay, so before I sign out for this episode, it became apparent to me that we are in some serious need of nicknames here.  Nicknames are like the backbone of a good drama when you're watching them.  Nicknames help you not only remember the characters, but make it a whole lot easier to talk about them later because, let's be honest, sometimes the names might slip a bit in our memory until we've seen them flash on our screen a few thousand times by the end.  Here are several that I have started with.  From now on, if I interject these names or shortened versions of them, hopefully this can serve as the key (if the names aren't self-explanatory enough on their own which of course is always the goal, but you know, sometimes my brain works a whole lot different than someone else's and I'd hate to have a disconnect in communication prove hazardous to our relationship here).  I'm sure there will be more to come as the characters' personalities start to shine through more as we progress, but for now we'll start with these four.    


Rachel:  Retchel.  I really want to call her something else, but I'll refrain from the curse word that comes to mind every time she's on screen and just call her Retchel, since every time she messes with my girl Eun Sang or pulls out the Kim Tan fiance card I want to retch.

Bo Na:  O-bo-na-xious/OBoNaXious.  I think it speaks for itself.  She's drives me nuts.  She's not loathable like Retchel, but she is definitely obnoxious, even if she has her funny and cute moments.

Chan Young:  My Chan because he's soooo cute and adorable I just want to hug him and be his bestest friend too.

Young Do:  Sir Scares Me A Lot Yet He's Still Really Really Hot (aka the Knight in Confusing Armor)  Since that name is a bit of a mouth full, I'll probably just call him Sir Scary for short.  Seriously, the guy creeps me out yet I am oddly attracted to him at the same time.  I hate him but I want to see what he has to offer in the love interest arena all the same.  Because I'm sick and twisted apparently. 

See you next time!  Thanks for stopping by!


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