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Basketball Episode 2

In This episode we dive into our mismatched romance and try to decide if this couple has a hope in hell of lasting.......  And being Korean historical drama, just because they love each other does not mean they are going to last, or for that matter actually live through the finale episode.

We start where episode one leaves off.  San plus bookie ahjussi's walk in, San saves the girl, then just like Cinderella they must rush off into the night. Mostly because the hotels security is upset about the fight and they are about to be arrested if they dont run. But the important thing is that our hero is now on are heroine's radar as possible dating material. And in a burst of passion she runs out of the hotel ballroom with him leaving the whole room gaping.. 

He Loves Me:

Our OTP (One True Pairing for those of you who are not up to using Kdrama abbreviations yet) are randomly running the upper hallways of the hotel (why they could not have just gone towards the exit I for sure dont know) only to run into her father who is meeting with a bunch of Evil Ahjussi's. They rush behind the only piece of furniture nearby which happens to be a desk big enough for both of them. At this point she puts her hand over his mouth so he wont yell and out their location???? Again still having to work towards getting their relationship so far but this provides the opportunity for some light skinship as he gazes at her adoringly. I am glad that he is so taken with the shape of her eyebrows ( I swear that is what the camera kept focusing on) since that is all he can be appreciating since so far they have yet to actually talk to each other............. 

OK DEEP BREATHS, I swear I am going to give this couple a chance. There has to be something coming that will blow me away with how awesome their romance is........ Or at least I hope so.

So as they get up from their hiding places the bump heads resulting in a round of awkward (filled with tons of puppy eyed looks from both parties) are you ok's. And upon seeing that our OTP hottie has somehow scratched his hand our heroine promptly tied her beautiful embroidered handkerchief around his wound. I would like to point out that this part was very sweet. I find that both of them are suffering equally from the love at first glance syndrome (or in her case second glance since she did not notice him when he was a street kid). And neither seem sure of what to do. Also the beautiful violin OST might also have a lot to do with why this scene worked for me. The combo made for one of the first romantic scenes that has given me a glimmer of hope.

He loves me not:
Just when you think this budding relationship might cross the colossal financial divide something of course comes to get in the way. That roadblock comes in the form of our princess's daddy who plans on destroying our hero's home, along with all the other Koreans who are living in the tent/shanty village. They are in the way of his getting an in with all the higher up Japanese business men and they have given him this area to clear for their new apartment buildings they want to build.

He Loves Me:
So the next day we see our two lovebirds back in their real lives. San is early to his job selling liquor wearing a huge smile. He is even happier to discover a magazine (the magazine his true love writes for) thrown onto the floor by his boss. He must be in love if he is reading a magazine called Modern Women. LOL And later on we see him on the outskirts of the basketball court reading one of her articles called “Ways to Find Your True Love”. With such important advice as pouring hot cocoa so your hands look nice and picking appropriate sporting events for your dates, how can this guy miss in winning her love. 

At the magazines headquarters, our heroine Shin-young. is walking around the office sighing heavily and lunging for the phone anytime it rings. (correct me if I am wrong but wasn't she fired). Her BFF (who is embroidering this time and must just come for the use of the comfy couch not actually to work) keeps giving her curious looks.  A few seconds later we see that yes she was fired but comes to the office anyway and kicks one of the other reporters off of their desks to make room for her. Despite all of the not so subtle hints her ex boss is giving her she just continues to say that she is ok and not to worry about her not having a desk of her own. Hehehe this girl totally lives in her own world.

Still in Love:

Shin Young (have decided to call her by her name but at a seconds notice I am ready to revert back to her ditzy princess moniker since one descent scene does not a good character make) is sent to get photos of our Basketball team for her magazine.
But instead of working all she can do is gaze off into the distance daydreaming about San. This allows the basketball jerk from the night before to get his revenge by purposefully missing a pass made by Chi Ho which resulted in our leading lady getting smacked hard in the head. Every mindful of this great opportunity Shin Young's companion (will have to learn her name because I am really liking her) keeps pushing her friends head down declaring that the only right thing to do is to have Chi Ho take them to the hospital to treat the injury. She whispers under her breath that this is her lady's chance to interview him and to fake injured. Chi Ho offers his back (seriously does anyone even consider carrying someone in their arms) to whisk her away to the hospital. As they come out and are bantering back and forth San (in his regular clothes) sees her. After his first joyful reaction he steps back seeing her with Chi Ho. At least one of them realizes the distance between them.

He loves me not:

San has his own problems. In order to force him under his control his bookie “friend” asks him to go collect money from some of his Japanese patrons. Little does our hot headed hero know that this will put him in bad with the Japanese Mafia who are easily identified in their black Japanese attire. Forced to run away but eventually caught and beat up San limps home past windows plastered with Chi Ho's ads. When he returns without the money owed his bookie boss the bookie sweet talks him into working for him. Little does he know that his boss has been hired to get rid of all the Koreans living in his home shanty. When I watched this part I just wanted to smack our hero for being so naive, You could just see the evil bookie ahjussi in devil horns and sitting on his shoulder telling him what he wanted to hear. He prepays him some money so San can take his lady love out skating and for cocoa. Little does he realize what he is going to have to do for this brief charade.

Bookie Ahjussi (aka -The Devil)

He Loves Me:  (yup you are getting a whole lot of pictures of their cuteness)

Their date is all that could be considered cute, sweet, and innocent. Such sweet moments of skinship on the ice skating rink and I love that he is following all of the suggestions in her article in order to win her over. OK I am very very slowly warming up to these two. Still dont think they have any depth to their relationship but it sure is cute in a sweet first love kind of way (Yup it is all flowers and sausages for this OTP so far). 

 We end with a cute scene of Shin Young prancing around her bedroom wondering if it is to forward for a modern women to contact him first. Her companion Go Bong Soon ( played by wonder girl's lead singer Park Ye Eun) complains that her lady never listens to her and that she should know always to leave something behind so she can “go collect it”. So practical in comparison to her lady's twitty ways.

Interlude for a Hottie:

Taking a quick break from all the lovey dovey talk to discuss my new favorite character in the show Min Chi Ho. I love that true to Korean Idol (or basketball star as the case might be) fashion our #1 basketball cover boy is shooting a CV for French Perfume. Well spoken, handsome, and with just a touch of bad boy.  Our basketball star accepts all of the acclaims that come with his fame with a smile. I found it  amusing when he wished he was a little less popular and was complaining about having to go to the Christmas ball. Also how awesome is it that he has his own version of a cute little manager that translates, organizes, and moves our golden boy from one location to the next. I detect a hint of the director really trying to make this drama relatable to our idol obsessed tv viewers. Also his snarky quick witted comments with everyone he interacts with, be it his manager, prejudiced French ahjummas, or our heroine add that bit of humor that the show has been lacking. Already there are signs that he is going to be the character that is going to show some growth emotionally. When he spies the street urchin who shouted obscenities at the train station he starts to chase after her. After being decked with feces slop (that was a super icky moment) and followed her into the poor shanty village.  Only to find out that her father had been “taken” by people using his image on a flier which promised jobs. After a night of heavy thoughts he goes back to the shanty neighborhood throws the urchin girl over his shoulder and carries her to.................. his basketball game?????????? And then says that she is to watch him so she can see the real him and that he is not a puppet for the Japanese. Oooooooooookay..... since he is currently on my “like” list I will watch and see where this goes. Hopefully he has a point beyond the whole, I am handsome and a star, concept he has been going with. I really hope they dont make him into a horrible bad guy because I am kind of falling for his easy charm and the cute wink.

And we return to our regularly scheduled romance:

He loves me not:

As San goes off to do “government work” we switch over to the shanty village where everyone is in a great mood. Sharing vegetable pizza and listening to the basketball game on the radio, the locals smile and banter unaware of the thugs coming to destroy their lives. Upon arrival San looks around asking what they are doing since this is not an official job. 

Seriously?????? You are 24 how can you have such a lack of street smarts?

 His bookie friend just smirks at him and asks “what, did you think you were not going to have to get your hands dirty”. But true to his nature instead of joining in he starts to beat all of the thugs trying to save his friends and neighbors. Upon seeing his best friend kneeling next to his dead grandmother San rushes forward but is mistaken as part of thug gang (because of his official arm band) and is cursed at.

Held back by other thugs he can do nothing but watch as his best friend is beaten and his home destroyed. The episode ends in an awesome mix of the basketball game interwoven with the destruction of the shanty. Yet another visual distinction between the have's and have nots.

My Thoughts:
So personally I think that their romance is looking very bleak right now.  As cute as the couple is in their innocent puppy dog love kind of way, it is obvious reality has not set in.  She has absolutely no idea of how the other half lives and although she spouts off ideals left and right, I notice that she does not have any interaction outside of her comfort zone.  Even her servant/companion is more of a poor nobility type of girl rather then a true servant.  Add in her father's lack of humanity and his ambitions and we see a huge hill for the heroine to have to overcome.
Although San is a little more realistic he also seems to be truly innocent.  I think he is more twitterpated then anything else by the beautiful princess who seems to have noticed him.  The him that he lets her see which is pretty much none of the real him.  No angst, anger, or drive come through just the sweet kindness that he usually only reserves for dealing with his mom.
Also our possibly fickly princess looked really entranced in the end scene with Chi Ho and his basketball skills.  Is she going to have duel bias's?  Cant wait to see what happens in the next episode.  From the previews it looks to be more action packed and less sappy romance.  Which makes me happy since there is nothing I like better then action from this drama.

I am already excited to stalk tomorrows episode for subs! 


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