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Heirs episode 4: Dramatic Review

All caught up on this drama now and it feels so good!  And they're finally back in Korea so I can focus more on the story and less on the close-to-home backgrounds that tease and torment me so.  I am so sad I didn't see Lee Min Ho sitting on a bench at Balboa Park until today - the day after I was there.  Wahhh!  I was so afraid something like this would happen - that I would get home and see an opportunity missed.  I could have found that bench last night, oh yes I could have.  And I could have sat upon it.  But no, opportunity missed.  Oh the tragedy of a Kdrama addicKt/fangirl. 

Okay, so episode 4.  What to talk about here?  First, Eun Sang returns home to Korea after refusing to give Kim Tan her phone number in the airport.  She chastises him for ignoring his fiance in pursuit of another woman when they have already said all that needed to be said between each other.  Ouch.  So she returns home to find that the apartment she and her mother lived in was lost because the money that went to big sister was the deposit money for the apartment. This means that Mom has moved in to the House of Crazy as a live-in maid.  Eun Sang has no choice but to join her there, living in the shadows and getting a glimpse of this messed up family and all their drama.

Meanwhile, back in California, Kim Tan is lonely.  He misses his family.  He misses his home.  He misses Eun Sang.  He makes the decision to return home, a choice that greatly pleases his mother, doesn't seem to have much effect either way on his father and royally pisses off his brother.  Much of the last half of the episode is spent with Kim Tan and Eun Sang living in the same house, yet always just missing each other and therefore remaining oblivious to the fact that they're both there at the same time in the same place.

A bit more information on this family was revealed in this episode that I wanted to clear up.  I mistakenly assumed that Kim Won's deceased mother had been yet another mistress, but no, she was actually the first wife.  The current wife is wife #2 and Kim Tan's mom is apparently gunning to be wife #3, or at least added to the family register thus making Kim Tan legally her son.  I guess right now he is legally the son of wife #2 since Mom isn't on the registry.  Dude, that's just all messed up.

Time to mention this brewing love triangle I see coming.  "Triangle" probably isn't the right shape, but I'm not quite sure how many sides this one will end up being, so I'll just call it a triangle for now.  Eun Sang continues to catch the eye of Young Do.  There is the scene where Jo Myung Soo (played by Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A <3) goes to the House of Crazy to see his father (?) and sends Young Do off to the convenient store to wait for him as there is some animosity there (go figure).  While there, he sees a very exhausted Eun Sang stumble in, grab a drink and then gulp it down before falling asleep on a table outside.  Her mother woke her early in the morning after only 3 hours sleep because the Chairman is grumpy (Kim Won has taken off now that little brother Tan is home) which then sets the mistress off, so Mom sent Eun Sang out in order to protect her from the uproar in the household that morning.  Young Do, if you'll remember, has seen Eun Sang before when she was delivering chicken and was intrigued by her then.  I would appear that his taste has not changed.  He still seems enraptured and intrigued by her when he sees her.  He sits down at the table and watches her sleep (no, still not creepy at all).  Two kids come by arguing and start to cry when he chews them out for being so ill-behaved in a public place.  Eun Sang wakes up, stumbles off, the whole time not even noticing her companion sitting there.  Myung Soo pulls up, picks up Young Do and we are left wondering what all will become of this little relationship as things go on.

Did you all enjoy the cameos from some KPop groups in this episode?  BtoB, Vixx, Hee Chul from SuJu. Honestly I didn't recognize them personally as they aren't groups that I follow closely.  I think I've seen Vixx in concert and I know Hee Chul from Instagram, but that's about it.  It was still fun.  Hee Chul especially cracked me up as he tried to get Bo Na's attention and failed.  I so enjoy cameos like this.

Episode 4 finally ends with Kim Tan figuring out that Eun Sang is there, living as the daughter of the maid.  I am curious, as I assume you are as well, what will come of this realization and discovery.  Will she hate him because of his family and their treatment of her mother, not to mention the crazy messed up-edness?  Well, I saw the preview.  Looks like Young Do makes his move on her.  We'll have to wait nearly a week though to find out what happens.  Oooh, the suspense!  I can hardly stand it!  How ever shall I endure?  Duh.  I think we all know the answer to that age-old question, don't we?  It's simple really.  We watch more dramas to pass the time.  Don't mind if I do!

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