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Heirs ep 14 "Revelations"

Wednesday is almost upon us which means that our long wait for the next installment of Heirs has almost ended.  Yay!  Let's celebrate by reviewing the last episode we saw in preparation for the big day, shall we?

In episode 14 we start to ramp up on the revelations and unveiling of truths, big and small.

For example:
1.  Kim Tan and Young Do's History
We finally get more of the story here and what happened between these guys 3 years ago that caused such a dramatic falling out.  We already knew that Young Do and Kim Tan caught Young Do's dad in a, shall we say, compromising position? that then led to Kim Tan revealing his deepest, darkest secret to the boy he thought his bestest bestie and confidant.  We also know that this didn't go as well as Tan assumed it would, for instead of further bonding the boys, it gave Young Do some dirt to use as leverage.  Meanwhile, things were obviously not well at home for Young Do as his mother was running away from home.  This is the portion of the story we learned in this episode - what Kim Tan's part in that was.  YD's mom was looking for him to say goodbye but couldn't reach him.  She ran into Tan and asked him to pass the message on for her that she would be at a certain place at a certain time.  Well, things didn't go so well in the passing of the message.  The boys were on the outs, so Tan didn't know where YD was, nor would he answer his call.  When he saw Mom's bag and heard the urgency in her voice, I'm sure he realized something bad was up, because he ran off to find his former BFF.  YD didn't listen to Tan's pleadings though willingly, which ultimately ended in him missing his mother.  Kim Tan feels remorse for his friend and wishes he had done more to insure he made it there sooner rather than later, and I would hazard a guess that YD feels bad that his bullheadedness and immaturity in that moment in time cost him that final farewell.  These two need to bury the hatchet between them, of course, now that there's a girl between them, that's going to be more difficult.  Sigh.  Teenage angst.  smh

2.  The Business Side of Things

A little more insight in the business side of Jeguk is revealed.  Scared that lil bro is about to come into his own in the family business, Kim Won lashes out against his father and fires or reassigns Dad's favored employees.  Tan is oblivious to what all is going on, but soon learns of it, realizing in the process that, want to or not, he's involved in this business battle.  And if you know me, you'll probably not be surprised when I say that this is really all I want to mention at this time about the business and politics and wheelings and dealings going on behind the scenes.  Suffice to say that it is business-related fear and jealousy that is the main divide between brothers which is frankly the only reason I even care to mention it, you know, since it has to do with the relationship between these two boys.

3.  Young Do's Crushing
Okay, this may earn me some enemies here, but please note that I am an AVID Lee Min Ho supporter.  I love and adore him.  I am fangirl CRAZY for the boy.  Cray-Z!  But, I'm sorry, Woo Bin is kinda still running circles around him here.  I want so much to be supportive of our Kim Tan/Eun Sang couple, but there is still arguably a large part of me that truly enjoys the chemistry between Young Do and Eun Sang so much more.  I think it has more to do with the characters themselves and not the actual actors - Young Do's character is just written to be so much more complex.  He's the bad guy you can't help but pity and want to help.  Both boys are injured and damaged by their messed up families, but Young Do a bit more.  Kim Tan's dad is no saint, but he's not as evil as Young Do's dad.  And, messed up as it has been in the household, at least Tan has his mom and a good relationship with her while YD's mom fled and left him behind with a beast of a father.  Both boys are desperate for love, but I think YD is just more so, and his awful story has warped him into this character that is twisted but vulnerable and shockingly honest.  Anyway, I could, and have, go on and on on this topic, but I'll get back to my point here and talk about the revelation made in regards to YD and his crush on Eun Sang.  He's love illiterate for lack of a better phrase and is trying to figure out whether Eun Sang is his first love or not.  He also has a moment where he pinpoints the moment he thinks he started to fall for her.  And then, the scene, the scene that had to have melted the hearts of even the most anti-YD fans out there.  Retchel is trying to figure out where Eun Sang works and tricks Young Do into showing her by calling him and telling him that she was outside of the workplace so that she could follow him.  He's just gotten out of the shower but immediately dashes out the door to save her from who-knows-what Retchel has planned.  I know that this will sound crazy since he's supposed to be the big meanie here, but he is just so sweet and I find myself falling for him more and more despite my efforts to not.  Look, I know he's not going to get the girl.  I know there's no point in letting myself think of him that way because no good can come of it.  I'll just be left heartbroken in the end, but I just can't help it.  He's too...too....everything.  And I love him, I do.  

4.  Retchel's Discoveries

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...what are we going to do with you?  Just like I can't bring myself to stop loving Young Do, I also can't bring myself to hating you either, despite your best efforts otherwise.  I hate it when the "bad guys" in dramas get an upper hand over the "good guys".  In this episode, Retchel learns that a) Eun Sang lives in Kim Tan's house b) that Eun Sang's mom is the maid and c) as mentioned previously, where she works.  She uses this all as ammo against our girl.  She starts by stealing Eun Sang's school uniform and throwing it in the trash.  Rude.  She then threatens to reveal Eun Sang's secret to the world.  She comes up with what she I'm sure thinks is a brilliant plan to do so when she hires Eun Sang's cafe to cater coffee and juice at Bo Na and My Chan's reunion party.  Thankfully our girl is a bit smarter and more confident than Retchel gives her credit for because she realizes what is going on yet decides to not let it stop her.  Eun Sang is done lying about who she is.  She's ready to reveal her true Social Care Group status to the student body.  May as well right?  I mean, her worst enemies at the school now already know, so why not?  

5.  Social Care Group Status

Sure enough, Retchel's grand plan to embarrass Eun Sang backfires when Eun Sang shows up and confesses to all in attendance who she really is.  There's all this drama that involves Kim Tan showing up and getting involved and making a big old mess when he knocks the table filled with coffee and juice over (thus making his girlfriend have to go back to work to get more - not very nice of you there Tan).  He wants to protect her, she's tired of the constant fear and worry that comes along with pretending to be someone she is not.  I applaud her for coming out and ultimately neutralizing her enemy's main weapon against her.  You know, at least for now until Retchel finds something else to use instead.  You think she's giving up just yet?  Haha.  As if.  Obviously this battle is only beginning.  In the end, we are left with a very sweet scene of our two lovebirds at the party, post-revelation apocalypse.  And the best kiss we've ever seen from Park Shin Hye in my humble opinion at least.  Eyes closed and she doesn't look ill.  Granted, he's only kissing her forehead, but seriously, I'll take it.  It's an improvement.  We're heading in the right direction - keep it up kids!

Finally, I would like to leave you with some shots of some of my favorite funny scenes from this episode.  These side characters are really making this drama work.  In all honesty, if not for them, I may have given it up because I'm just not feeling the heat between the leads as I wish I were.  Yes, even with all the awesome skinship and longing looks going on.  These amusing side characters are giving the drama that extra umph that is making it so much fun and I can't sing their praises enough!    
Bo Na and My Chan - LOVE these two!
Ahh - snuggles!
Myung Soo goodness mixed with some more Bo Na/My Chan

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