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Pretty Man Episode 8: Confessions, Bromance, and Hijinks

This episode slammed in a lot of movement and I have to admit that I felt it did not spend enough time on our OTP.  We are halfway through and I really would love to see more movement when it comes to them as a romantic couple.  Mattai is still oblivious to his feelings towards her (other then friendship) and Bo Tong continues to be his doting slave, trying to get him to notice her as a women.  Add in all of the other women taking up Mattai's time (we are finally on female number #5???  I think I lost count) and you have almost no time for what I really want to watch which is the love triangle.  But still episode 8 did provide for some good movement in the plot and I enjoyed watching Mattai continue to mature.

#1 An Awkward Date
The Evil Connections Ahjumma announces to both Mattai and actress Myo Mi that they are going to be dating from now on in order to take the heat off of her and Mattai's relationship.  Mattai agrees in hopes that this will release him from her web (just judging by her evil look I am guessing that you are not going to be able to get away from her that easily)  So Mattai and Myo Mi meet and both size each other up.  Mattai notices that she seems to have the reaction that all women have to him (nope not at all shallow there.)  And she in turn accuses him of being just so so looking and not to expect her to be moved since she has worked in the movie industry for ten years and seen pleanty of handsome men.  Mattai just tells her that he has watched the industry also for that long and never seen anyone more handsome then he is BWAHAHAHA  I love that he says that totally straight forward.  This makes her smile slightly and she announces that they will have their first date tomorrow.
 There date turns into an awkward mess as both of them try to move around each other without connecting.  He tries to charm her and show off a couple time (love when he rubs his hands on some pine to get them to smell good and tries to charm her with how good he smells) but she just stays stiff and rebuffs him.  She is always aware of the reporter following them and is obviously uncomfortable.  At the end of the date she hands Mattai a pair of sunglasses and informs him that he will need them starting tomorrow since his life is about to change.
I like that they both seem unsure how to deal with each other.  I am just taking a wild guess that her "secret" is not that she is a lesbian because they have some vibes and even Mattai noticed that she looks at him "like all the other women who have fallen for me look".

#2 Expect Changes
The problem with dating a top star is that suddenly you are not hidden anymore.  And it becomes obvious that things are going to change.
When David and Bo Tong arrive at the office they find all the reporters and Bo Tong is worried they might be her because they heard about all their new ideas (i.e. Noodle Sink, Disposable Anger Phones, etc. HAHA)
 Instead Mattai is attacked by reporters the second he steps out of his car.  But never fear Bo Tong jumps into the fray to save him from pushy reporters.  But later we see a sad little montage of photos of Mattai and Myo Mi on his window with a sad Bo Tong holding up a sad emoticon sign.  But just behind her we see a grinning David holding up a congratulations sign.

#3There is always an adversary
And in this case that adversary is (not Evil Queen, Wicked Witch, or Evil Connections Ahjumma) but Bo Tong who has decided it is time to step up and "save" oppa.  She has decided that she has been to slow about letting Mattai overcome his timid nature in wooing her.  It is time that she takes the initiative and forces him to confess his true feelings.  Poor David is left desperately trying to figure out how to keep her form taking their relationship to "the next level".  I look forward to her going on the offense if the last 8 episodes were examples of her being passive.
So where better to go for advice on picking up a player then gold digger jr.  He tells Bo Tong that the secret to getting Mattai's attention is indifference.  Nothing attracts a player more then someone not paying attention to them.  She needs to be less pleasing and instead make Mattai suffer for any attention.  Jr asks what she usually does when he calls her and she reply's that before he can finish his sentence she replies "yes oppa what do you need".  Rather then do this she needs to ignore him for 2 seconds then turn around to look at him then not saying anything do whatever he asked indifferently.  LOL  I foresee some funny reactions to his advice from Mattai.   It finally occurs that she can put her Mattai fishing plan into action.  She does everything perfectly (if perfectly involves prancing, super cute blinking, and counting under her breath) until she realizes that instead of getting the water he requested she handed him a bottle of hot sauce.  LOL

#4 Budding Friendship
I love that Mattai is slowly learning what using people hurts others/himself as he goes through this journey.  Seeing how he hurt Connections Ahjumma by using her loneliness button for personal gain,  he goes to apologize for the hurt he caused her.  He also asks her to stop hurting Myo Mi since by being cruel  to the actress now she would just feel worse about herself later on.  " Hurting and controlling people does not cure loneliness".  He walks out andshe just says that she is doing what she must to make her able to have her secret love........ But this time you can tell that she is not as sure about the situation.
 Texting Mattai to bring soda's for her staff since he is her boyfriend, Myo Mi seems to have softened and is actually enjoying Mattai's attention.  They even bond as he talks about his innteractions with The Connection Ahjumma and his mothers death.  You can tell that both of them are creating a nice friendship and I personally hope they dont mess it up by adding in any type of serious romantic connection.
 Inviting Bo Tong's family for dinner Mattai uses this moment to throw his closeness with the mom into David's face (I could watch these two trying to one up each other for the whole episode).  When he drank to much he said not to worry since he was going to spend the night at dormitory sock.  Bo Tong immediately volunteers her room and gets slapped on the back of her head by her mom...hehehe.  David pipes up that there is only one spot he can sleep if he is going to stay overnight.  He points back at the tent.  HAHAHA  The Guys are going to have a glamping party.

SO ADORABLE!!!  The have a super cute moment talking about mothers and how a house can be so lonely without them (hence David's addiction to sleeping out in a tent rather then his house).  But of course Mattai the manly man that he is ruins the moment by complaining about the lack of humidifier since his nose is getting so dry.
#5 The Big Confession
So the evil connections Ahjumma has been all conniving and snagged Mattai back into her secret lover boy toy web.  Poor Mattai is devastated, but again is willing to sacrifice himself for the good of Team Sock (still dont get why you would be willing to become a Gigolo for this but whatever........).  He is scrambling around trying to decide what to do and asks David "If the company fails right now what will  you do?"  I Love that he is starting to worry not just about Bo Tong but also David as well.  And David being the surprisingly more levelheaded of the two just says "You are Doko Mattai, you built up this company from nothing.  I have faith that if we fall you can do it again".................  AWWWWWWWWWW  The Bromance is alive and well between these two sort of step brothers.
Mattai also calls Myo Mi to ask her opinion?  She tells him to wait just a while longer before doing anything since she can help him.  He agrees and spends the rest of the day fretting.
That night Bo Tong decides that the next step in her winning Oppa is an official confession.  And while she is to poor to propose on the side of a building, she can call into a radio station and confess on air.  She begs Mattai to listen to the radio while driving home (which he does since he really does everything she asks him to) but right when she is going to start he glances up and sees Myo Mi on the giant tv bill board.  Pulling over he watches as she confesses to him publicly and outs herself as having a ten year old son which she had been hiding (I knew she was not a Lesbian).
My Thoughts:
Wow talk about a big ending.  It is interesting how Mattai is changing a lot of the women that come through his life as much as they are changing him.  Whether it is giving them some moments of happiness like with the electric fairy or giving Myo Mi strength to break out of the shell of secrecy she had put herself in.  It makes for a much more interesting and even drama.  Ratings remain low for which makes me sad.  Several friends have also commented on how hard it is to keep everyone/and their actions in order.  I have to agree that it is a bit hard to remember how all the various women relate to each other & Mattai.  However since the main love triangle and story remain pretty straight forward I am not to upset or confused.
It was nice seeing David step up in this episode. Slowly bringing in David's skills in negotiations and his American education the are moving him from the one dimensional goofy sidekick character to one who is an actual threat to Mattai's hold on Bo Tong.  Also they are connecting him and Mattai as friends so that it will mean more once they are on opposite sides of the fight for GM and Bo Tong.  I also liked how he finally stopped being passive and started to tell Bo Tong (who is totally clueless) that it hurt him when she did these kind of things to Mattai who doesn't deserve her.  Cant wait to see how this changes their dynamic.  Will she finally start seeing him as a man and not just her sidekick?
Have a wonderful last week before Christmas.  I am hoping to have Episode 9's post up by tomorrow along with my thoughts on the best couples of 2013.  Is your favorite OTP on my list?  Be sure to check back tonight and find out.
Sincerely, Kmuse

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  1. Hi, Kmuse! I'm so glad ur still doing PM recaps. I'm with u that the romance needs a kickstart. In ep 10, it felt like they spent waaaay too much time on side characters. And i loathe new girl #5, the psycho spoiled brat. Hopefully they finish her story post haste!


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