Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pretty Man Episode 12: Its Time to Get Real.

Mattai Grows Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He did not accept the password!!!!!  Woot Woot... much to the plastic wicked witch's surprise he deletes his mothers dying words and tells her that he does not want anything that he has not earned.  it cheapens it.  I am so proud of him at this moment.  Just when I was starting to give up hope of his emotional growth he goes and does something hard and awesome.  Now if he can just start making some romantic moves on Bo Tong and you will have a happy blogger.
How is a girl to choose?  
Ask strangers on the internet of course.  Because seriously how can people who answer questions on the internet steer you wrong.  LOL  I enjoyed this scene which brought a bit more of her cute nature back in focus (have not been a huge fan of the mopey sad Bo Tong of the last two episodes).  The answers range from a generic good for you, to date both of them, and then more specific imagine kisses both of them and then make a decision.  She tells herself that she has imagined kissing oppa for years now so she will start with David (I am so sad...... right now I would even take the OTP dream kissing).  She puckers up, David (bleh so not a fan) comes closer and....................her fantasy is broken by the arrival of her mom.  Oh thank goodness I would be so cranky if the kiss I got was of the "guilted into it" couple.
The Walnut Kiss 
Comes in drunk with some kind of nuts for Bo Tong and claims he wants to have a meeting about their relationship.  He feeds her a nut he just shucked??  (What is the proper word for walnut breaking)?  He touches her cheek, then he squeezes her cheek, leans in and ............. in her head she is saying "No it cant be, I ate pickled garlic".  LOL.................he is still leaning in and says "Bo Tong, I like you, no I love you...... (Gasping along with her here) .......its a lie"............   
BIGGEST LETDOWN.  There are only 4 more episodes.. 
Come on already.  
But then he redeems himself when he tells her that he does not understand what those words mean when it comes to a women except for his mother.  And that the other women he was with he never felt those words applied.  He then tells her that until he figures out what those words mean, not to leave his side.  AWWWWW  That combined with his sexy voice would have me being his stalker forever.
Please can we fix David's Hair
The perm look on him is not my favorite.  Especially in this boardroom scene.  It seems that sweet David owns a lot of stock in his dad's company and he succeeds in blocking evil queen mom from ousting his oldest brother.  But he does it with the wavy perm from the hell that has been bugging me.  It is not so bad when pulled back, but when it flops near his face like that I just want to attack him with a straightener.   So sue me I'm a tad bit shallow. 
We Have another Bimbo (this time a smart that an oxymoron?)
It seems that daddy of the bratling is in some legal trouble.  Like all Chaebol's he cant seem to be honest and follow the law.  With hidden slush funds abounding he is about to be prosecuted by the one thing every rich person hates...... an honest cop.  Enter prosecutor ahjumma (yes i know they have real names but if they wanted me to learn their names they should have put less women in this drama).   Mattai is told by daddy bratling that he will give him SS Shopping if 1.  He keeps him from having to testify in this slush fund problem, 2.  He gets his daughter to go abroad to study business (seems bratling wants to go study business AND marry Mattai) and 3. Never see his daughter again.  This of course works perfectly for Mattai since as he tells the dad "she is not my type".  He starts "studying" his new target.  Seems that Prosecutor Ahjumma is just about perfect.  I love when he pauses to think if he has ever done anything dishonest... He pauses then says, "nope since being beautiful is not a crime" BWHAHAHA. 
He stalks Prosecutor Ahjumma (calling her PA now since that is to long of a nickname to type this late at night) to the bus and sits next to her where he wait for her to notice him.  He attempts to "vogue" but is foiled when when the bus jostles him.  It seems that the PA knows who he is and calls him on it as they leave the bus.  She invites him to drink with her and when he passes out she grabs some of his hair and claims he cant be the MG owners son and she will prove it. (WHAT.....She is connected in with evil queen?????).  Coming to after PA has left Mattai decides that he needs a different approach.  And some really nerdy glasses to help him look smarter HAHAHA.  He comes at her directly the next day with a giant ugly stuffed something or other in his hands.  She invites him to her place and asks if that really suits her style.  He says yes since she needs something cute in her place and that he plans to seduce her.  He then puts a pair of men's shoes at her door telling her that this will help protect her (makes people think that a man lives in the house to scare of thieves) and then leaves.  She goes to throw away the shoes but instead leaves them lying next to the door.
The Big Reveal (Ok not really since I called it around 4 of 5 episodes ago but hey it at least is kinda sorta out in the open).
So stupid wicked witch is still trying to stay connected with Mattai (even though he firmly shut the door on their relationship both literally and figuratively earlier in the episode).  But being the plastic parasite that she is she keeps popping up.  Bo Tong snipes at her and Wicked Witch just smiles and hands over some coffee.  As she turns away she sees the watch (the cool antique one that Mattai gave her earlier to hold onto) on her desk.  She demands to know where Bo Tong got it and then goes all crazy faced when she hears it was Mattai's.  And roll closing credits. 
So we dont get a straight answer that he is Evil Queen's bio son but lets just all admit the writing is on the wall.  I am assuming that Dead beat Dad maybe had him taken as a baby and raised by one of his exes.  Was it spite?  Or an attempt to save his sons and company from his evil wife? Who knows, but I guess we are to assume that his advanced age and ill health has led to some type of revelation where he wants to play big happy dysfunctional family.. And when it comes down to it, is really either of those two ever going to be voted parent of the year?  And what about poor Mattai when he finds out that his beloved mom is not really his mom.  The poor boy is going to be beyond devastated.  And I guess this might be why his mom also didn't tell him anything before her death.  This would be one whopper of a situation to handle with someone you raised as your own.  Luckily the next episode will be out soon and we can have some of our questions answered.
Happy New Years to everyone!

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