Saturday, September 12, 2015

Yong Pal Episode 12 - Sometimes a Haircut is Just a Haircut........Except When its Not.

The "I'm not dead" secret is out of the bag and it leaves this Ahjumma questioning on whether I am liking where the story line is going.  Sure the story as a whole is still working, but it is the little plot holes that leave me confused as to where my feelings lie.  If nothing else we have a sassy new hairstyle to chat about. So let's discuss episode 12 and maybe I will be able to work out some of my frustration through prose. 

We are back into the sci-fi room where Yeo Jin just ordered Secretary to get down on his knees. Secretary replies --"Prove to me that you are worthy of me getting on my knees"  At which point she shows him the USB drive and says that this is what Do Joon has desperately been looking for.  And get on his knees he does.  Looks like Secretary has switched teams.  However I would like to point out that if he had wanted to stay on team Do Joon he could have easily taken that away from her.  Great moment visually.  In reality, that would have been a bit of a stupid move.

This observation becomes mute since Yeo Jin actually gives the USB to Secretary anyway.  To solidify his loyalty maybe?  Hmm that might actually work since Secretary does love to organize things for those higher up.  But I again have to question her easy acceptance of his minion loyalty. 

Meanwhile at the airport that is crawling with Hanshin security thugs, our favorite loan shark shows up asking for the passport.  Loan Shark clarifies that he is just the middle man in this cog of confusion and when the minions call secretary for confirmation, they are informed to hand Yeo Jin's passport over.

At which point Loan Shark takes it straight to Tae Hyeon who is waiting outside.  It is just their misfortune that they are seen by Scarface who is sitting in a van in the parking lot.  Why?  I have no clue.  If I had to take a leap of logic, I would say it is because Greedy Ahjussi is still monitoring Secretary's phone calls.

We get an adorable scene were Tae Hyeon confesses to being in love to his loan shark buddy, who is dubious about this whole marriage plan.  It is so adorable to see Tae Hyeon smiling so widely as he thinks about Yeo Jin.  But cute dimpled smile moments can't last for long as Yong Pal is called back into action by his begging buddy.  Seems that a few thugs are injured and after a sob story about dying patients, Tae Hyeon agrees to go really fast to help and then go on to the courthouse and register the marriage.  Anyone else have this song from "My Fair Lady" going through their head?

Sure enough the detour was a very bad idea since it gives Greedy Ahjussi a chance to realize something is going on.  He runs straight to Do Joon and informs him that he thinks Yeo Jin is alive and not to trust Secretary.  At which point Secretary steps out from behind the wall and proves that he is indeed Do Joon's man.  He went straight to his boss with the slush fund USB and told him everything.  At this point I am really really hoping that Yeo Jin planned for this to happen and it isn't in fact her being a flaming idiot.


Now it is time for the bad guys to attempt to kill off everyone........ again ..........Greedy Ahjussi texts Scarface to kill Tae Hyeon, they plan to imprison Chae Young (who also finds out that Yeo Jin is alive), and kill Chief Lee who has finally woken up in the hospital.  It is not a huge surprise than none of this attempted murders succeeds.

Back at Yong Pal central, Loan Shark is starting to look more and more guilty til finally it bursts out that the police are on their way.  He made a deal with the detective to escape jail time. He shouts at Tae Hyeun that he needs to run before they arrive and starts ushering out all the thugs.  Loan Shark and Tae Hyeon start to also leave but Scarface has other plans for our hero.

Oh my gosh, I literally just screamed.  You might be asking yourself why did Kmuse just scream?  If you have already watched the episode you know that on his way to Tae Hyeon, Scarface just stabbed Loan Shark friend.  WAE????????  Don't kill the fun sidekicks you psycho. Tae Hyeon hesitates, but Loan Shark grabs onto Scarface's leg and yells for Tae Hyeon to run.

Scarface quickly catches up to Tae Hyeon and we get a wonderfully choreographed fight scene.  I specifically like that the director doesn't make Tae Hyeon this amazing fighter, but instead has it become a realistic scuffle where Tae Hyeon stays alive mostly through luck and quick thinking..........and the timely arrival of the police.  Yong Pal begins to escape while Annoying Detective fights Scarface, with Detective getting beat and thrown of a roof.  Scarface is scared away by more cops arriving and Yong Pal, being Yong Pal, he takes a few seconds to save annoying Detective's life before running away.

Chae Young figures out where Yeo Jin is hiding (remember the mummy disguise) and goes to confront her.  Both girls are polite yet cold to each other as they come to an agreement that Chae Young will  support Yeo Jin.  However Chae Young demands that at the end of the plot, she gets Tae Hyeon.  Yeo Jin agrees with only a slight grimace to display her displeasure. 

And now the time you have all been waiting for.  Yeo Jin dramatically (I am not kidding, there is epic music going on. You would think she is battling for her life, not just cutting her hair) chops off her long locks telling her reflection -- "You are not the old Yeo Jin anymore."  Lucky for her, her hair cutting experience goes better than most people who go scissor happy and it turns out looking like a power bob straight out of the magazines.

Since the scene was so dramatic, it really deserves more than one Meme to commemorate this moment.  So read forth and enjoy.

Chae Young helps Yeo Jin get fancied up for the funeral.  A funeral that is suddenly being attended by a ton of political and businessman from the who's who list.  And my guess, the slush fund list, judging from their displeasure at being present.  This of course is sending Do Joon and Greedy Ahjussi into a tizzy, while Secretary stands to the side and smirks.  Awww. There really was a plan (thank goodness or I would have gone nuclear). 

However I think I would have confirmed that Tae Hyeon is doing well on his part before setting everything into motion.  He is in fact trying to get the marriage registered, only to be arrested before he could finish the deed. Dude, just let the guy get married already and then arrest him.

But thankfully Tae Hyeon has besties in low places.  Following the cop car, Gang Boss BFF swoops in to save the day. He offers a deal to the detective.  Let Yong Pal go, and Gang Boss will give him a known killer.  A killer who just so happened to have thrown Detective off the roof the previous night. Namely he will give him Scarface in exchange for Yong Pal.  Detective agrees if he can have proof of the trade and is told to pull over and open the trunk.  Hahahaha Gang Boss had Scarface tied up with a bow in the trunk of the cops car.  I love those two gangsters and wish they had more scenes.

So it is back to the Registration Office to get married.  I still find it odd that you can declare you are married when one of the party is not present......Hmmmm so if I steal Seo in Guk's passport and go register us as man and wife is that legal?  Fangirl loophole?  If I wasn't already married and all that.

Yeo Jin makes her big entrance at her funeral.  She confronts her brother with a horde of onlookers that are all crooked.  And things went along as planned, even down to the Do Joon trying to imprison his sister yet again (that is seriously so messed up) and here we are.  Yeo Jin looking all damselesque at the front of the room nibbling her lip wondering where Tae Hyeon is.  Do Joon of course is gloating over winning against his sister yet again and the scene.........ends.

My Thoughts:
Why couldn't Yeo Jin and Tae Hyeon keep in contact through cellphones in regards of where they were both at in their plans?   Talk about poor time management and communication skills.  It got to the point where I might have screamed at the TV screen once or twice.  Sure it is good that both sides have their own thing going.  But when you are a couple and are working together to take down an evil mastermind, you shouldn't be doing your everything independent of your ally. I am sure that next episode, Tae Hyeon will be bursting in to save the day, but for right now I am going to stay annoyed.

I would also like to point out that Yeo Jin is NOT doing a good job of making me think she is a shark and not a minnow.  She keeps saying she is tough and all, but at the end of the day, she pretty much just cut her hair this episode.  Writers need to step up their Yeo Jin game just a bit.

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  1. I think, given the chance to have in her possession Seo In Guk's passport, Kmuse will still try to register for a marriage license, previously married and all. heehee.. just to see if it works, of course ;-)

    1. I guessed nothing much is logical in Kdramaland. Haha.

  2. Her biggest hurdle is the legal Guardianship, once that's taken care of, I hope to see Yeo Jin start pulling out her cards and become the crocodile she spoke of with her new hubby. :D

  3. To be doubly safe you'd need that little stampy thing used for a signature....

  4. Very illogical to be able to register for marriage in that way. And I was impressed with previous epi on how smart our lead couple were but now I'm this epi total opposite. I was so frustrated when she handed the thumb drive to evil secretary who betrayed her etc and yes the poor time management n damn did they suddenly live in an era without any cell phones?

    I was very irritated at that detective who keep on constantly wanting to arrest him..pls..there are other more serious criminals than Yong Pal for eg murderers like what the nice gangster boss has said n presented one of the murderers to him as a gift.

  5. If they communicated by cell phone then the tension wouldn't be the same... plus she already told him to hurry up using telepathy.


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