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Ouroboros Episode 7 - Blood Bath at the Haunted House

It's a bloody fun time at the amusement park as every cop and their minions show up in search for either answers or to keep answers hidden.  Thankfully some secrets are finally out in the open, but for every secret revealed only more questions remain and I personally am as confused as our boys on who is the good guys and who is the big bad we need to watch out for.

I have discovered that it is much harder to recap Jdramas, than my usual Kdramas, at least one of this complexity.  I always feel so stressed to leave anything out that might be a vital clue to my readers.  But this should be a matter of enjoyment for both me and the viewers and not feel like work.  So with that in mind, I am announcing that I am going to switch to my more breezy style of  recapping where every plot point might not be mentioned. Which means that if you are relying on my recaps for your Ouroboros info, then go get onto your bottom and watch the drama for yourself. So with that in mind, let's jump into episode 7!

You know those shows where the good guys get beat up and are able to continue looking perfect with just a slight trickle of blood on their lip to show they were touched?  This is not one of those shows.  In fact our hottie leads are so beaten and bloody, that they resemble survivors from a horror movie, more than anything else.
Poor Ikuo is a crazy bloody mess and ironically, is getting no weird looks as he staggers through the amusement park in search of Tatsuya.  He loses energy partway to the haunted house and passes out on a bench.  I would worry that he might be dead, but since we are barely half way through the show, I will assume he survives.  Sure enough he has visions of his sensai's death and that combined with his love for Tatsuya allow him to go past his bodies limits and rise again. 
Tatsuya is not fairing much better as he gets the living bejeebers beaten out of him from one of the Zero thugs (even beaten and bloody, he still manages to look sexy).

Before finishing Tatsuya off, the Zero thug asks one question.  Where is the ouroboros pendent?  What?  I did not think the necklace was anything other than a pretty bauble that represented their code name as well as a memorabilia from their Sensai.  Luckily for Tatsuya, Yakuza Kid had not run away and instead drops a giant chandelier on the Zero Thug's head. 
Unfortunately, evil minions usually travel in pairs and the 2nd Zero Thug makes his entrance.  But instead of immediately attacking our injured hottie, 2nd thug murders 1st thug by emptying a syringe of poison into his neck... OUCH.  The last living Zero member then takes Tatsuya and poisons him with diluted puffer-fish venom, trying to force the answer to the Ouroboros question out of our battered hero.  Tatsuya continues to be beaten and right when he is about to be killed, he looks past Zero Thug and says to ask Ikuo about the necklace.
Ummm is anyone else thinking Zombie apocalypse when they see Ikuo in this scene?  Seriously?  Total set up for a zombie moment.
In case you were wondering how Ikuo actually made it off that park bench, let's jump back a few minutes.  Powered up on the memories of Tatsuya and Sensai, Ikuo recovers and staggers to the haunted house (how he knows they are there is a mystery.  Maybe he has Tatsuya radar) where he arrives in full psycho mode just in time to save the day and kick the bad guys booty.  I had to laugh at this scene since it would be impossible (even running on adrenalin) to pull those moves with a giant hole in your stomach.
But beat up Zero thug Ikuo does, and manages to knock the bad guy out and then collapse in exhaustion.  Had to laugh at the scene of all three of our boys (including Yakuza kid in this count) sprawled out on the ground.
Let's take a quick shift and discuss what is going on outside of the haunted house.  Things have been going crazy since every cop in the city has converged on the amusement park in search for the Yakuza kid (and maybe Tatsuya and Ikuo depending on the cop).  Deputy Commissioner Hijuri and his squad arrive first followed by Director Hibino and his underlings.  
And caught in the middle is the Good Guy Gang of smirky cop and the two division leads.  They snuck in among all the ruckus and are searching for Hibino and Ikuo.  Worried about being caught, they quickly discuss what they will say, which leads to my favorite quote of the whole episode.  Division 2 boss says they should say they happened to be at the park when it went into lock down to which smirky cop replies: "What kind of sad middle aged trio comes to an amusement park together?"  BWAHAHAHA  
Hibino is also in the park.  She has finally chosen which side her loyalty is to and begins searching out Ikuo.  She follows the blood drips to the haunted house and is just in time to get caught by some mysterious men in gas masks and chloroformed. Men who start a fire in order to kill Ikuo & Tatsuya ..... or at least scare them out of hiding into the open where they can then be shot. But it is not that easy to kill our heroes and everyone makes it out safe.  Tatsuya and Yakuza are saved (and hidden) by smirky cop (Yay! So cute) and Ikuo is taken to the hospital by the police who assume he was there as part of the investigation and got shot in the process.
The aftermath is what really is crazy.  Surprisingly, it is Deputy Commissioner Hijuri  who saves Ikuo from being shot by the masked killers.  He pushes Ikuo out of the line of fire and is shot in the arm.  This is suspicious behavior for someone who is supposedly in charge of the secret killers.  The Deputy Commissioner also is arrested by Deputy Hibino with conspiracy to murder the other Deputy Commissioner.
 It seems that everything should be fine now that the supposed "bad guy" is arrested and both of our heroes are alive and not outed as vigilantes.  But why does it seem that things are not all that they seem?  It is suspicious that out of the two high ranking officials, the one who was supposedly squeaky clean now is sending out evil vibes right and left.  Director Hibino is also the only high ranking official left now that his two counterparts are in jail and the hospital... hmmm I think everyone got played.

One of my favorite things that happened in this episode was the changing of Hibino's mind upon her strict feelings about crime/and associating with criminals. In a drama that is so much gray, it was hard to see her character being judgmental (OK, so maybe it was moral, but still...) against the men we have learned to love.  I also liked that as her loyalty shifted, so did her role in the story.  Now instead of being just a character to be held up as a moral ideal, Hibini now has a real purpose and has been sucked into the crazy.  Her discovery of the necklace's secret and her kidnapping by a mysterious unknown who tases her at the end of the episode just concretes Hibini's new role within the drama.
Random Thoughts:Ikuo in a wife beater (even bloody) is truly a sight to be appreciated. His shoulders are droolworthy.
Did anyone else totally love the scene between these two? I almost wish they would go off and do a cop show together.  Quirky partners with personality differences?  I would totally watch that.
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  1. Holy crap, this episode was so intense! I was alone in my hotel room, sick from eating too much spicy food and thought this episode could ease me! Damn, I was wrong! Hibino was a surprise for me too! It never crossed my mind that she would switch gear coz it is so hard to read her throughout the show. I finished ep 8, I can't wait to read your opinion, Amber!

    1. I will work hard on getting 8 out so you don't have to suffer to long:)


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