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The Top Actors/Singers of 2013

So this is officially my last blog post of 2013..... And since this is not getting up till today when I add all the awesome photos, it is also my first blog post of 2014.  WOOHOO for blogging.  I enjoy it even more then I thought I was.  So I just want to thank Shannen and Jess for giving me this opportunity.  It totally rocks.
When I was thinking of who I wanted to put in my top men of 2013 i decided I wanted to branch out a bit.  As you know I liked certain shows and a lot of my favorite actors and actresses were in so said shows.   So instead of doing all actors (and repeating the same info over and over) I will be adding some singers/groups mixed in here or there and maybe some movie actors as well.  We are just going to play it by ear and of course have a whole lot of photographic evidence of their awesomeness.
The Workaholic
So this groups title is pretty self explanatory.  These are the men who don't sleep ever.  And I seriously think they might have cloned themselves since I don't see any other explanation for how they got so much accomplished in one year. 

Joo Won

What can you say about Joo Won other then he is amazing.  An actor among actors he takes everything he does very very seriously.  When he gets into a role it is 100% and he said in an interview that he always has troubles falling for his costars since he becomes so close to the character he is playing onscreen.  This has been a huge year for the actor.  He recently won an award for best actor in his portrayal as a  genius doctor suffering from autism.  He also was in Level Seven Civil Servant (the best thing about the drama was his character), the movie Catch Me, Broadway Musical Ghost, sang a song in every dramas OST, and is even going back to school because after he retires someday he wants to teach.  Also add in his variety show (retired recently from it) One Night Two Days where he stole our hearts with his adorable serious side.  He truly is the king of workaholics, but that is OK since I love everything he does.  Be sure to look forward to his next movie Fashion King in 2014.

Kim Woo Bin
Considering he did not even have a leading character (a co-lead in 2013) he sure took 2013 by storm.  Starring in the hit dramas School 2013, Heirs, the hit Movie Friend 2, and Modeling, modeling and more modeling, he still found time to come out to the public about his two year romance with fellow model Yoo Ji Ahn.  Many, including the members of this blog, felt that he outshines the other actors (and that is a hard thing to do when you are up against a smorgasbord of khotties) including Lee Min Ho in Heirs.  And we are all waiting for him to make that jump to leading man so we can see him finally "get the girl".

Lee Jong Suk
Another huge workaholic is Lee Jong Suk of I Hear Your Voice fame.  He started the year off with his first large role in School 2013 where he played a troubled youth attempting to make it through school and maybe find redemption from his ex BFF.  He then jumped straight into I Hear Your Voice a noona comedy mystery fantasy romance where he played a young student who could read peoples minds.  Add in two movies Hot Blooded Youth and No Breathing and lets not forget that he is probably the most photographed Korean of the year (I swear you had new CV and magazine photos of him daily for a while) and you have one bonafide Korean superstar.  And this all happened in one year.  Cant wait to see what he brings us in 2014. 
Building up My Resume
So I have noticed that there are actors out there that go for the role's that give them experience regardless on whether it is the B Lead or not.  These are actors that have a tendency to avoid typecasting and are in it for the craft.  You have to give them props for their efforts even though I wish sometimes they would stick with being the A lead because I swear if Kim Bum does not get the girl in one more drama I might scream.  

Jung Kyung Ho
Just off his Military Service Kyung Ho jumped back into dramas by accepting the part of Doc's Son in Heartless City.  I personally had known him from his work in Smile You where he played a sweet guy next door type character.  So I was very happy to see him take this darker character and run with it.  He even finished the last weeks of his drama with a herniated disk but still kept up the action and intensity to the end.

Kim Bum
Kim Bum has had a year of really well acted B lead roles.  He was the scrappy BFF in Winter Wind Blows and then went straight into the tragic fighter who pines for the unattainable girl in Goddess of Fire.  He also was the tragic Gothic mind reader in the movie Psychometry. I appreciate that he is looking to expand his skills by taking character roles rather then just the handsome A list romantic drama roles but I really really want to see him get the girl soon.  He has been B lead (I am pretty sure on purpose not because he does not have the chance at A lead roles since he was the lead in Women Who Still Want to Marry) in his last three dramas and I personally really really really really want to see him as the romantic lead.  I don't care if it is a Sageuk, Comedy, or Melodrama.... Just please come back to be the star we all know you are.
Yoon Shi Yoon
Beginning 2013 with his role as, Enrique a multi national computer gaming genius, Yoon Shi Yoon spread his acting wings to play the layered character to the fullest (to bad he had the romantic downer Park Shi Hyun as his leading lady......... she really ruined a lot of dramas for me this year).  He also put his all into the newest and short lived (thank goodness because there are only so many episodes you can watch on diving and cooking before you go crazy) variety show barefoot friends.  And finished out the year as accepting the 2nd lead in Prime Minister and I (which is AWESOME if you are looking for a good romantic comedy).   He truly is a Renaissance man............not only is he an amazing actor but he also speaks, Japanese, Spanish, some Mandarin, and Korean..........and it shows in his acting.
This next star is the maknae of the musical group Shinee.  Taemin has often been considered the young sweet cute member of shinee.  But I am happy to announce that he has finally matured and is branching out.  He guest starred in drama Dating Agency: Cyrano as well as helped several friends by being in their MV's.  Add to that all that he accomplished with Shinee and it equals into one great year for the young singer.  Enjoy the MV's below and notice his amazing presence and dance style.
Henry-Trapped featuring Taemin MV
Boa & Taemin MV & live performance (the live performance was pre2013 but still good)

I'm a Bonafide Movie Star

Kim Soo Hyun 
After having the break out hit of 2012 with Moon Embracing the Sun, everyone was interested to see what Kim Soo Hyun would do next.  He decided to try his hand at the big screen and scored two of the largest movies of the year.  In Secretly Greatly he played an undercover Korean spy who had to fake being simple minded as a cover.  Although the movie on a whole had some issues, he was amazing and I could not have been happier.  He also was a member of the ensemble cast The Thieves and I personally think that his character stole ever scene he was in and resulted in one of my all time favorite kisses.  He ended out the year by taking on the lead role in the drama My Love from Another Star where he plays an Alien who has lived in Seoul for 400 years and falls for a top actress.  All in all it has been a huge year for this amazing actor.
Lee Byung Hun
Lee Byung Hun actually did most of his work here in the US.  Starring in the two Hollywood blockbusters Red 2 and GI Joe Retaliation he became the new Asian face in US action movies.  He also found time in his busy schedule to marry Lee Min Jung.  Look forward to more Lee Byung Hun in 2014 in the movie Memories of The Sword.
Singers Make Women Swoon

 The CNBlue boys have been very busy this year. Between all of them doing various dramas (Heirs, Marry Him if you Dare, Sword and Flower, My Daughter Seo Young) as well as world tours and putting out new songs they have been working non stop.  But all of this work seems to have payed off as they are more popular then ever.  It also helps that they seem to have matured from their guy next door look to something much more sharp and dashing.
I'm Sorry Live

G Dragon
GD is not really a bias of mine.  However no one can disagree that he has had a huge impact on the music scene this year.  As a solo artist and entertainer he has continued to put out quality MV's and do entertaining variety show guest spots all year long.  My personally favorite was his work on the variety show Infinity Challenge.

GD and Hyung Dong - Going to Try (infinity challenge)
 Crooked MV
Who You MV
Coup D'Etat MV
Junsu is one talented singer.  He spent the year performing in the musical Elizabeth and also found time to put out a solo album and do his job as one of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Ambassador
2014 Incheon Asian Games Ambassador
2014 Incheon Asian Games Ambassador
along with the other two members of JYJ.  I also count him as one of my favorite Korean idol dancers because he has some insane energy going on.  I am adding a behind the scenes dance rehearsal so you can focus on how amazing he is without being distracted by the MV.  Enjoy

Incredible MV
BTS Dance Rehearsal
Junsu - Musical Elizabeth
Ballad 11a.m. MV

Seo In Guk
So those of you who know me know that Seo In Guk is my #1 Bias.  It was so hard to pick where to put him in the line up.  He is a workaholic, also played a 2nd lead character in the hit Master's Sun, starred in the movie No Breathing, and had multiple hit songs as well as a hit Japanese Album not to mention a ton of photo shoots for various magazines.  But I decided to stick him with the singers this year since he had so many amazing songs released as well as a current (or at least a week ago current) #1 duet with Zia.  So enjoy some of his MV's from this last year.

With Laughter or With Tears MV
No Matter What - Masters Sun OST
Loved You (featuring Zia) - There is no official MV yet but the song is still amazing.
We Can Dance Tonight MV (japanese CD)

I'm Lee Min Ho, I defy the list system
I think that as women we are just predisposed to fall for Lee Min Ho.  I don't know why but it is just a part of life, like the rising of the sun.  Every year we wait for whatever drama Lee Min Ho decides to put out.  Sometimes the are great, sometimes they are so so, but it does not matter since it is Lee Min Ho.  This years drama The Heirs was a mix of great moments and shallow writing (feel free to read the Crazy Ahjumma's reviews of the drama) that left me happy if not necessarily fulfilled.   But it again proves that it does not matter how many ugly sweaters you put him in, we will still watch.

Welcoming in 2014 and the khotties I want to see more of!
Choi Jin hyuk - Emergency couple airs this Saturday and I am excited to see our very own Papa Gumiho as the lead.
Kim Woo Bin - Come on already he deserves to get the girl and not just steal our hearts away from the OTP.
Hyun Bin- I know that he has a movie (The Kings Wrath) coming out this year but is it to much to ask that he come back to dramas.  It has been three years and a military service ago since Secret Garden.
Kim Nam Gil - I loved him in Shark (mostly because he is Kim Nam Gil regardless of how lazy the writers got) and I cant wait to see him in Pirate.  He is always at his best scruffy and kind of crazy. 
 And that officially completes my review of the great year that was 2013.  Lets cross our fingers that this next year will be equally as entertaining for us Kdrama junkies.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014

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  1. Agree with everything here that you said, except for GD not being a bias. It's okay if he's not your bias, but I totally don't get why he isn't. I mean, it's GD. I'm grateful that you at least can recognize and appreciate his hard work and achievements of the year. That's enough for me. I'll just keep the hotness all for myself then.


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