Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"She Was Pretty" Releases 4 Magazine Inspired Posters

SQUEEEE!  This show is looking so cute.  Of course you have to roll your eyes at the idea that Hwang Jung Eum is the ugly one.  I can only imagine that the storyline will have her go through some plastic surgery to "fix" her looks, since in the poster, she is looking as beautiful as ever.

I also love the "Great Gatsby" style Park Seo Joon is sporting.  That boy is looking mighty fine.

"She Was Pretty" is a story about a girl who was pretty when she was young loses her looks during her teenage years, and a boy that was ugly as a kid goes pretty as he ages. They meet and have a fated love.  Sure it is kind of a shallow plot, but hopefully the actually story will have a depth that the synopsis is missing.

The PR department has been busy releasing teasers the last several days and they, combined with these posters, has me very excited.  I love the slick look of the magazine along with the little tidbits about the characters personalities.  All in all the posters are clever and unique, earning an A+ from this Ahjumma.

"She Was Pretty" begins airing on September 16th.


  1. Getting more excited for a good rom-com! The teasers are great! Cast is amazing group. Bring it on!

  2. So excited seeing PSJ again with Siwon!😘

  3. Did they deliberately misspell mystery on the Siwon poster or is that just an epic fail on the editors part?

    1. Hahaha. that is so funny. Not completely sure. Was watching "Last" this week and they had a computer screen with the word Gogle on it. Yet another miss on someone's part.


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