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Weekly Top 5 Countdown: January Week 2

Since I just finished with my review of Pretty Man I am now left with no weekly drama to recap (at least until I am inspired to review a new one).  I kept trying to decide what I wanted to blog about in the meantime.  I could review older shows that maybe have not gotten much notice (and I might still do this now and then) but that did not sound like much fun to do weekly.  So instead I decided to start my very own Top 5 Countdown.  Since I watch a lot of currently airing dramas (See the list at the end):  I have a lot of options to choose from and it also gives my readers a tiny glimpse into the style of different dramas.  I really don't have any type of specific theme to the top 5.  Mostly just chose those moments that I thought were really well acted, written, or both.  So without further ado, here is my first top 5 kdrama moments for January week 2!

#5 Prime Minister Plays White Knight
I know I have mentioned it before but this show totally gives me the warm fuzzy's.  It is like a bowl of hot homemade soup on a cold rainy day.....absolutely satisfying.  In episode 9 we see Nam Da Jung (Yoona - Love Rain)  and Kang In Ho (Yoon Si Yoon - Flower Boy Next Door, Me to Flower) set up in a compromising position at a hotel.  Fleeing from a hoard of ravenous reporters they head to the stairs which have "conveniently" been locked.  Stuck and discovered they are cringing at the accusations of cheating when the Prime Minister (Lee Beom Soo - Iris 2, History of a Salaryman) arrives looking dashing, calm, and collected to save the day.  He says that he had reserved a room for a romantic get away with his wife and his aid was escorting her to him.  He thereby saves the day, makes the reporters look like idiots and gets some quality alone time with his fake wife in a hotel room.  A win win for everyone involved.   And again the best thing about the scene is that he looked so suave while doing it.  Love him so much.

I hate when I cant get the youtube video to link up.  However if you are interested in seeing this scene for yourself here is the link.

#4 15 seconds in heaven
I am not sure if there is an actual scene in either of the two episodes that does not deserve to be in my top 5 (which is why two scenes have made it onto my list).  The first of the scenes is the ending of episode 8 where we get our first "serious" kiss.  Song-Yi  is completely miffed as to why her sexiness does not seem to effect Min-Joon....I think she is also still upset that he said that he compares her to a pretty vase or a plant, pretty but does not really cause his heart to flutter...... So she orders him to stare at her for 15 seconds and if he does not feel anything by the end then she will believe he is not moved by her.  We see her do seductive model poses and then go to the cutesy expressions.  Just as the time runs out and she starts to turn away, Min Joon grabs her, pulling her towards him and kisses her.  And when I say kisses her, I mean the boy all out sizzling kisses her leaving fans of this show squealing with happiness.  Also if you have not already watched this moment, be sure to stay tuned for the little clip at the end where he talks about living for the moment. It just adds the extra amount of awwww that you wanted.
Best Kiss of the Week Clip

#3 Sharp Dressed Man


Lets Eat is another one of those dramas that has a ton of possibilities for my top 5 list.  There is the scene where the main girls BFF's husband eats eel tail (I guess that is a romantic aphrodisiac?  Why are so many supposed aphrodisiac's so gross) and decides to get frisky in his wife's apron.  The scene where the son of before mentioned couple decides he has a crush on Yoon Jin Yi resulting in a hilarious display of player moves. 
But the real shining moment of the drama was the opening sequence where secretary Lee Soo Kyung was clothes shopping with her twitterpated narcissist boss Kim Hak Moon.  When setting the scene imagine that you see an upscale men's suit store in the background plays the song Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.  A sexy young lawyer tries on suit after suit doing a whole catwalk performance to show off the cut of his awesome potential suits, and his crush/secretary is...........falling asleep and drooling on her hand.  HAHAHAHA  Seriously was such a great moment, made even better with the running joke of her having to return the suit he buys and  then re-buy the suit a second time as punishment for her lack of appreciation.  (there is no clip for this scene but if you want to watch it then check out episode 7 time stamp 2:44)

#2 Saving the Damsel in Distress Alien Style.

My number two pick this week goes to our most awesome drama My Love From Another Star (has a million other titles as well but for now this is what I am going with).  Cheon Song-Yi has been kidnapped from the hospital by lackeys of our resident serial killer.  Taking her to a cliff they disable her car, put her behind the wheel, and push it toward the edge.  Waking up just as she starts to move she scream Do Min-Joon's name in terror (how cool was it that she called out for him when she was in trouble).  Hearing her with his super alien senses he transports himself, dropping right in front of her car and doing an awesome Edward Cullin twilight impersonation, stopping the car just before it careens off the cliff.  This is how a sci-fi/action drama should be shot.  Great action, minimal special effects, amazing directing, all combined to equal a top notch action sequence that was unexpected in a weekly drama.  I could not have been more thrilled and probably watched it again enough times to see it in my sleep.
This is how you Save a Damsel in Distress with Style Clip

#1 Confessions, Kisses, and Blue Lips = Epic moment.

 King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang is one of the best Sageuk's that I have watched in my kdrama watching history.  And the strength of the drama is mostly because of an amazing OTP.  Through 65 episodes we watch them fight, flirt, and eventually discover love and I would not give up one moment of their relationship.  It all culminates in what I consider the most sincere and heart wrenching confessions.  Kidnapped and stored in an empty warehouse by enemies to the crown, Seol Nan and crown prince Myung Nong starve and freeze for 2 days trying to keep their spirits high even at the face of impending death.  The last night as they struggle to stay awake for fear they will die from hypothermia, Myung Nong gathers Seol Nan tight and admits that he loves her and wishes that he had told her sooner before they were so close to the end.  He then kisses her forehead and then her lips for the first, and what they assume to be last time.  They then fall asleep in each others arms.  I was truly touched at how beautifully simple the scene was.  It did not need that dramatic sizzle moment since their love was enough to make the scene shine without the extra bells and whistles.  Luckily for us they did not die so we now get to watch them attempt to be a couple in a court full of intrigue.

There is nothing like death to help one confess - Clip ep 65

  I hope you all enjoyed my first ever countdown.  I look forward to being "forced" to watch everything each week to give you the best up to date input on the must watch scenes.  Someone has to do it so it might as well be me!  Be sure to check in next week for my second Top 5 and also for Dongsaeng's upcoming reviews on My Love From Another Star.  I cant wait to see what insight she brings to this awesome drama. Have an amazing week


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23 (subs are behind in relation to the filming schedule)
A Well Raised Daughter (subs are behind in relation to the filming schedule)
One Warm Word
King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Pretty Man (ends this week)
Empress KI
Lets Eat
Prime Minister and I
My Love From Another Star
Golden Rainbow
Age of Feeling (Starts Next Week)
I Need Romance 3 (Starts Next Week)
Emergency Couple (Starts Next Week)

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  1. Only watching the 1st and 5th so I totally agree!! They just keep giving us these moments. And yes, SBH has now made my top 10 favorite period dramas! I have a lot more to see as I've been told. I guess I saw more of the obscure ones!! Great post!


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