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I Need Romance 3 Episode 15 - New Beginnings

I am just going to throw the thought out there that this episode (and I suspect episode 16) could easily have been condensed into one episode.  It is not that we don't get plot movement, we do, but a lot of it feels like filler and really when it comes down to it, I could care less about the youngest couple.  They bore me to tears and I always get the urge to FF. 
I was totally expecting her to rush into Sweet Potato's arms the second she dumped the jerk.  How could she not?  She finally had realized her feelings and everything was going to be smooth sailing from here.  Right?   In true Joo Yeon fashion, everything did not move that quickly.  Can I just say that that girl is slower than a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter.  Seriously what is to debate, go and get your man.  BALLI!  BALLI!  But nope, we get a bunch more inner monologue about relationships and why they don't work, blah blah blah.  I know that I should be marveling at how insightful she suddenly is about love and relationships, but when there is a cute suffering Joo Wan impatiently waiting for her confession, I just really don't care.
Joo Yeon explains (via more monologue) that she is worried of losing him if they official start dating because of all the problems that are facing them.  The age difference, their mothers, is this leading towards marriage?  I personally would have bought her issues if they had come up AT ALL in the last fourteen episodes, but with the exception of the age (which was only a problem after she found out he was Sweet Potato) all of the usual kdrama relationship issues have been pretty mute.  However, she slowly, so ever slowly, overcomes her urge to flee and text's Joo Wan's radio show to test the waters.  I love how she starts out really vague.  She asks (as an anonymous caller) “If I send the man I lived with a text that says, ‘I cleaned your room,’ will he come back?” Wan responds: “See here, Caller 5061, how bad must things have been for him to move out of the house?"  She goes farther and asks if the fact that she watered his plants would sway him?  Followed by I miss his soup and I sleep in his empty room alone every night.  LOL  She does everything in her power to lure him home without having to say the dread "L" word.  But Joo Wan stays strong and refuses to come back until she makes some efforts in wooing him.  That and actually admitting that she loves him.

Let's take a quick switch of characters and focus in on our favorite parents to be.  Through the whole drama I have just loved these two.  They are so clueless yet sincere that it is impossible not to love them (see maknae couple, this is how you do a good side character relationship).  We watch as Min Seok goes into serious fake daddy mode as Min Jung watches him via CCTV.  He is so serious about changing the baby and feeding it that I just fall in love with him.  He even takes it to the grocery store in a stroller which appalls Min Jung who scream whispers "its a fake baby".  He just complains that she was supposed to come pick it up but was late so of course he had to take it to the store with him.  HEHEHE  He then continues to follow her and berate her over the shoddy care of the "baby" since people could come and take it easily without her realizing it. 
At home he again asks her how she thinks she is going to be raising this baby well.  She has no family to help and is all alone.  Min Jung replies that she intends to hire an ahjumma, and that if he is really that worried why does he not just stay living next door to supervise her.  He does not have to marry her, but stop nagging if he is concerned.  HAHA  He replies that he did not want to say this but maybe she should reconsider the whole abortion thing since she is just not mommy material.  She just snipes back "I really did not want to concern you with this, but guess what it's twins."  She totally wins the argument by default since I am pretty sure that Min Seok swoons.
Back with our OTP Joo Yeon is yet again dragging her feet towards officially confessing.  At least this time she has made it as far as his hotel, where she sits in her car freaking out.  Of course it is at that moment that Joo Wan drives up and she promptly ducks inside her car.  He rolls his eyes as he passes and sends her a text asking if she thinks he does not recognize her car.  He also gives her an ultimatum that she has to come up or they are done.  She slowly drags herself forward, box of laundry in hand.  She hands it to him and he asks if this is why she came.  She nodded her head and he closes the door in her face. HAHA  Behind the closed door poor Joo Wan is telling himself to stay strong and smiles as she rings the doorbell again.  He answers and puts his leg up barring her entrance.  Joo Yeon begs him to come back home and they can talk things over then.  He just asks why she can't admit that she loves him.  Joo Wan: “If you’re a woman who realizes the truth but still can’t strike up the courage to take the first step, then what does it matter if I move mountains on my own?”  Poor Joo Yeon just can't take that extra step and slinks away.
She goes home to find that the heater has broken and she promptly texts Joo Wan asking about how to start the coal fireplace in his room.  He starts obsessing about her dying from carbon monoxide poisoning and quickly races home only to find her gone and at the local spa.  He, being the cutie that he is, follows her and they play a game of he chases her while she ignores him that end with them spooning on the spa's floor.  AWWW...  He tells her that he will give her another chance to confess this weekend but she better do it right this time. 

This time a more determined Joo Yeon arrives at his door and as he opens it she smiles widely and says "I love you".  It is so cute how he makes he say it several more times after which he kisses her.  Total swoon worthy moment.  I am just getting all happy when the stupid director cuts away from the kiss to tell us what is happening with the boring vanilla Maknae couple.  Who the heck cares.  They are throwaway characters anyway and I demand that we get back to the OTP.  Bleck they annoy me.
We FINALLY get back to our favorite couple after they have slept together.  Both are beaming at each other and it is just so adorably sweet.  And can I just say that Joo Wan has one sexy bedroom voice.  But then things start to go in a more normal relationship manner as the glow wears off and they instantly start bickering.  Seems she likes men to be more reserved and he loves huge celebrations of love.  He likes cutesy girls, and she is not that at all.  They just look at each other and sigh.  "We sure are going to fight a lot" Joo Wan tells her.  And in her head she thinks about how it sucks that dating hell has started again.
My Thoughts:
For a drama that began with a roar this drama sure is going out on a very mellow note.  For the most part this episode was angst free and very predictable.  If anything surprised me at all it would be that Joo Wan made Joo Yeon work a little harder then I was expecting but by the end everyone was right where I expected them to be. 


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  1. My thought :
    ~ I don't like the way Wan treat her in the beginning of their relationship. I really hate that door scene. It feels like .. "What r u doing standing there.. he said leave.. just leave. for good..pppfft." my pride hurt there...if I were there..i will kick his ballz then leave..ahaha.. mian

    ~ Min Seok give me another good point of view about this kind of man. Look like he don't care/coward..but he actually really2 sweet and caring. Forget about Wan... I want this Min Seok!! :D


    1. I think for me he was hard because he knew that she liked things easy. If he moved in she would have the relationship without having to commit like she did last time. I agree that for him to move in she has to be just as committed as he is which is why I dont mind his actions. I love Min Seok also. He is a cutie


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