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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - February Week 4

So I would just like to apologize to all my viewers who were driven crazy by the fact that I had skipped a month in my last three blog posts.  In all the titles I stated it was March instead of February.  Ooops.  The only excuse I have is that my birthday is in March and so I must have really really been looking forward to it and skipped February all together.  I have since gone and fixed all the posts and am feeling very very absent minded.   I don't know why, but I have no problems keeping track of 17 different dramas cast, airing times, subbing locations, plot lines, and all.  But ask me what month it is and I am sure to get it wrong half of the time.  Priorities Kmuse, priorities - face palm to head.

Song of the Week
Kim Soo Hyun - "In Front of Your House"
My Love From Another Star OST
I decided to add a favorite song of the week to the top 5 countdown.  Usually there is some OST (Official Sound Track) that I play over and over again or there is a really great kpop release that deserves a mention.  This weeks, and our first ever, song of the week is brought to us from the My Love From Another Star OST.  Towards the last fourth of the drama, they introduced us to this song sung by the leading man himself Kim Soo Hyun.  Many of you are aware of his amazing singing ability from Dream High, but for those of you who are not, be sure to check him out!

#5 Accidental Meeting in the Rain
Usually I don't add this drama into my countdown.  Part of the reason is that this is the drama I am currently recapping every week, but also since the majority of the drama is very subtle and slow moving so there are not often those WOW scenes that I love to put in the countdown.  But congrats to INR3 pulling out all my emotions right before the finale with this amazing scene.
Joo Yeon starts walking home but gets caught in a sudden rain storm and runs to a pavilion in the park to avoid the downpour.  Joo Wan, having given up and come back to see her also ends up in the same pavilion and she assumes he is just another hallucination. (for those of you not following this drama he moved out of her house and she is constantly having visions of him in her life still)  "Get lost I don't want to be considered a crazy person talking to myself."  Joo Wan tells her " I am the same, I close my eyes and see you, I open my eyes and see you."  Joo Yeon gets snippy and says that they were not even dating when he yells "We were dating.What we did is what normal women call dating."  He starts to stalk off but comes right back telling her that he is so angry with her and angry that he can't walk away because he can see that she is sick.  And while he does not care AT ALL, he is going to stay with her til the rain clears and then he is gone.
This is a great scene depicting the push and pull of a relationship.  Can't wait to watch the final two episodes this week.
INR3 Rain Clip

#4 The Hand Under the Freaking Bed!
Our #4 moment comes from the drama Let's Eat, known for its cute food porn moments and quirky characters.  But can we leave all the sweet and happy behind for a second and talk about the creepy hand under the bed?  This show has done an amazing job of mixing lighthearted romance and situations with the sinister serial killer creepiness to the point that you totally forget about the bad guys until BANG.................. A hand is shown under one of the characters bed!  In episode 14 we get the resolution to the local serial killer (in his own right is creepy as heck) who is caught by the police so we the viewers assume that it is easy sailing for the last two episodes.  I am all ready to fall in love with our OTP and have everyone wrapped up in a pretty pink bow of happiness.  But just when you think it is safe to live by yourself we see the cute next door neighbor girl leaving her apartment with packages in hand, and then DUN DUN DUN (imagine sinister music) the camera pans towards the side of her bed and we see a human hand slowly move out from under the bed.  What the HECK drama, you gave me nightmares.  I was home alone by myself and could not get to sleep til 4 am because of this scene.  So kudos to you for scaring the bajeebies out of me.
I could not find a clip for "the hand" so you guys get to enjoy the creepiness of serial killer boy.  Love how crazy this actor made his eyes look.  And his sing song speech gave me the chills.

Serial Killer Clip

#3 Act Like A Lady
YAY! We have a new drama making it's debut on our countdown this week.  When I started watching Bride of The Century I have to admit that I was not expecting much.  The trailers and synopsis had been slightly vague and confusing with talks of ghosts, look a likes, and curses.  But after watching episode 2 I am now a firm fan and have been waiting impatiently for the next episodes.  The two main characters played by Lee Hong-Ki (You're Beautiful - this drama might even break my need to call this actor Jeremy every time I see him) and Yang Jin-Sung (smaller characters in She Is Wow, City Hunter) have great chemistry.  And while I don't see this drama being one that reinvents the genre, I still feel very happy when I watch it.  My favorite running concept so far is how Na Doo-Rim (pretending to be her rich doppelganger) continues to let her lady persona slip in front of her "fiancee" his reaction to it.   Don't know why but I just can't get enough of it. 
My favorite moment so far is when she invades his bedroom, plays with his toys, and is caught by her having a sword fight by her fiance.  Then when he tries to get frisky with her she literally causes him physical pain.  Every time he gets his "what the heck are you" look on his face I just crack up.
My new favorite couple clip

#2 A Father's Regret
For those of you watching King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang you know that this is by far one of the best Sageuk (historical) dramas ever made in the genre.  If you have not started watching this for whatever reason, then you should suck it up and start.  IT IS AMAZING!  97 episodes in and it continues to just get better and better.  In episode 95 we see King Muryeong have to deal with the consequences of his actions when his "real" son is found to have murdered his true love in a misguided act of revenge.

OK QUICK PLOT DESCRIPTION (the condensed version).  King Muryeong's cousin (the current king) is murdered and he is forced to take the throne.  Wanting to make sure his cousin's son eventually inherits the crown he switches him with his own son so that he can ensure the kingdom will go to the late kings son and not his.  He sends his own son to be raised by the faction of the leaders that are against him to ensure his sons safety.  Then he takes his cousins son and raises him as his own.  Needless to say this causes problems later on when his own son seeks revenge for the person he assumes is his father, therefore killing his "real" fathers epic love and causing everyone involved some serious pain.  Especially the King who finds out that when he thought his real son was happy living on the fringes of the court, he was really jealous and lonely causing him to betray the king.
I hope that made sense.  Anyway back to the current episode.  The king is forced to strip Prince Jin Moo of his title and is so angry he threatens to kill him.  Prince Jin Moo tells him to do it since then he can go to the afterlife with his father and no longer be lonely.  This of course destroys the King who was unaware his "real" son had such bitterness and pain within him.  What follows is one of the best scenes of the whole drama.

A Father's Regret Clip

#1 One Last Memorable Kiss
With the ending of My Love From Another Star, was there any question of it not receiving my #1 spot, we were left on a whirlwind of crying, crying, hope for a happy ending, and more crying.  And whether you liked the ending or not we were sure dragged along for the emotional ride.  The scene that stood out the most however was that "last" epic kiss.  There have been some great kisses in this series.  The time stood still kiss, the 15 sec kiss, the selfish kiss, but there was always something missing.  They were all beautifully done but there was just not that extra oomph of passion that I know these two actors can deliver.  So I was one happy camper when the final kiss was dramatic, intense, and passionate.  Not to mention I totally loved the fact that he continued to "out" himself on the red carpet in order to claim his girl.  Very romantic and made me so happy.

Red Carpet Kiss Clip

It has been such a great week for kdramas and  I apologize for the lateness of my countdown this week.  I was sick and had some vertigo problems and as I discovered, it is impossible to write a blog that makes any sense when everything is spinning.  But something good did come out of my forced bed rest.  I have found one doozy of a #1 for next week.  It is a kiss that stands out among kisses and I bet that most of you have not even started the show yet.  So be sure to check back next week to find out what drama/kiss I am talking about and see what other four scenes make it onto my top 5!


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Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
A Well Raised Daughter (subs are behind in relation to the filming schedule)
Bride of the Century
Sly and Cunning Lady
Can We Love
King's Daughter Soo Baek Hyang
Empress Ki
Full House (Thailand version)- can find subs on Viki and Youtube.
Lets Eat
My Love From Another Star
Golden Rainbow
Inspiring Generation
I Need Romance 3 - Be sure to check out my recaps!
Emergency Couple 
Angel's Revenge (seconds away from dropping this one)
Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun 
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Ghost Seeing Detective CheoYong
Wonderful Days 


  1. Yes, the hand was creepy with a capital CREEP! And I am also enjoying Bride. I have to laugh sometimes because it is so pure, drama cheese. But how can I not enjoy a show where the hero is trying to kiss the girl every single episode. I'm not used to so many smooches in one show.

    1. HAHA I have to agree with you. Did not realize that he does try to get a lot of kisses in every episode. It is really cute. I don't even mind that they are the cheesy kdrama kisses since it is just so fun. I also like that the bad women (cant believe that there are so many of them) in this show are really really bad. I cant wait til next week.

  2. Looking forward for ur Bride Of the century recap . My plan, im gonna download it then marathon it later. I have no patience to follow it week by week... hahahaha


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