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I Need Romance 3 Episode 16 - Finale

It's official, we have reached the finale episode of this kdrama journey!  I have to admit that although I really enjoyed this show, and Sweet Potato might have achieved a spot on my "fantasy ideal man list", I am still happy to bid this drama goodbye.  On to new and bigger things.... or at least different.

So.........I am not really sure how to wrap up my blog posts for this episode.  There is not so much plot movement as much as just daily situations and individually cute moments between all the characters.  So in an effort to keep this short and sweet I decided to just go through the couples and let you know where they all ended up (and a few thoughts about their situations along the way).  So I will go from least favorite to favorite as we say goodbye to our Fashion Squad and OTP.

Maknae Couple (Hee Jae & Woo Young)
By far my least favorite couple of the show (seriously how did they even beat out the cold couple as least favorite).  Their romance was kind of boring and Hee Jae's personality just grated on my nerves. And unfortunately for us we watched way way too much of their story in the final two episodes.  We also got to witness that her selfishness was not contained to only one relationship but moved with her to her next one.  At that point I am pretty sure that we can conclude that it is not the men, but her that is the problem.
She decides that she has been so obsessed with preparing for her future financially that she has lost her present.  So she informs Woo Young via a call in radio talk show (Joo Wan's talk show) that she is taking all of her money and going to travel abroad for a year to "find herself".   Wow, that is one sincere way to let your boyfriend know that you are leaving him.  Of course she does not break up with him first, but expects him to wait it out.  SIGH....  Hey annoying girl, if you can't find yourself, then going to America and eating a hot dog is not going to help you find enlightenment.

Cold Couple (Tae Yoon & Se Ryung)
So of course both of these characters have been redeemed more or less.  And while I don't mind Se Ryung that much (but seriously I would not want to be her bestie........way too much drama) Tae Yoon continues to be on my hit list.  I don't care if they tried to start explaining his actions away  and he suddenly saw the light about Min Jung's pregnancy/work situation.  He is still a jerk and I just don't like him.  (I am seriously hoping that his character has not ruined the actor for me since he has already landed the lead in an upcoming weekend drama.)  In the end he gets promoted and heads to Hong Kong for work.  Se Ryung meets him at the airport and gives him back his necklace, but makes it clear that she will be waiting for him when he comes back and is ready to give their relationship another go.  I can't decide if I want these two to end up together just so they don't ruin anyone else's lives with their dysfunctional love, or remain apart and not doubling their evilness as a couple.  In the end, I just don't care and hope to never have to see either character again.

Cute Preggers Couple (Min Seok & Min Jung)
I consider this couple as the perfect example of a side character relationship.   I was involved in their story, I found them very charming, and at the end I was happy for them to get their own happy ending without being tired of them.  If you recall we ended their story in episode 15 with Min Seok finding out that he was not only going to be a father but a father of twins.  He start to totally lose it when he finds that every time he drinks he goes binge shopping for baby supplies, including a double stroller for his twins.  Seriously how cute is this guy.  He throws in the towel and Min Jung tells him that he should continue to live next door and they can raise the kids together.  She is not interested in marriage, nor is he, but that it only makes sense for them to co-raise the kids.  She also tells Min Seok that if he get's too overwhelmed and needs to leave at any time, she will not hold on to him.  This seems to calm our poor father to be down.  We finish the show seeing them preparing for their family.  Each giving the other a kiss on the cheek and saying "I love you" to the other behind the premise of saying it to the babies.  I of course have this fantasy that they have a long and happy life together as a couple, regardless of their married status.

Our OTP!!! (Shing Shing & Sweet Potato)
For those of you that were worried that our sweet couple would have some last minute problems, let me put your fears to rest.  All we get is a lot of cute couple power plays that were pretty tame and sweet.  Instead of bringing up all the possible problems that could occur between the couple, the writers chose instead to show them easily overcoming the curve balls life can throw.
There were so many cute scenes between them I decided to just choose my top 3 of the episode, so if you have not followed the show, be sure to check out the finale at least.  There is so much cuteness that I was not able to cover, not to mention some steamy scenes between the main couple.

#3 Crap My Boyfriend is Famous
I love how Joo Wan's fame never really came into the story before now.  It is great how she loves him without figuring out if their finances and levels in society match.  So it is a complete shock when Joo Yeon is faced with the reality that her boyfriend has groupies.  Seems that his live video broadcasts are watched by scores of female fans who are all a twitter of his sexy voice and good looks.  Joo Yeon watches the latest video in where two female idols admit that he is their ideal type.  But no worries, since Joo Wan smoothly brings his girlfriend into the conversation and even gives her a I love you shout out over the airwaves.
#2 Relationships are Like Home Shopping
I never realized what kind of drawbacks there would be in a relationship going backwards.  Joo Wan moves back in, which you would think is a good thing, however now they have the problem of who has the upper hand in the relationship.  I have to admit I don't understand why there would still be a problem about initiating sex since they had already passed that point at his hotel room but I guess I am looking at it differently.  Now that they are living together again Joo Yeon is trying to figure out how to invite him to sleep with her without losing the upper ground and looking too easy.  She decides to put all of her extensive knowledge of home shopping to use by using marketing ideas to get Joo Wan to come to her.  She plays hard to get, gives him a time limit, and even offers a free bonus (which is hilariously a face to face with the giraffe doll).  Joo Wan, wise to her sneaky ways, eventually goes to her room to receive his free gift, but lets her know that all of this is not needed.  Just be honest and direct, if you want to sleep with me just let me know.  And of course this results into some sexy kissing time etc, etc.
#1 Playing Hard to Get can Backfire
Taking him at his word Joo Yeon informs Joo Wan that she will be sleeping in his room tonight, he decides to be all cute (and totally ditch his rule) and tells her that he does not feel like it tonight.  LOL  She puts his resolve to the test when she drops her robe, wearing a slinky slip underneath.  Pushing him up against the wall she takes advantage of him with a bunch of sexy slow kisses.  To say he crumbles like a tower made out of sand, is an understatement.  Not even lasting a minute, he grabs her and drags her into their room.
Again, if you want to really get the full effect of their cute coupleness be sure to watch the last episode.  I really enjoyed that they made the couple stronger together and  really let the cuteness and love for each other burst forth rather then trying to turn it into a more adult relationship.  I am happy with the ending of the drama, and with the drama as a whole.  I have thoroughly fallen for Sung Joon and am just thankful that I am married and none of my relationships have to live up to his ideal boyfriend behavior.
As of right now I have not chosen a new drama to review, but I am sure I will be back with weekly recaps soon since there are so many amazing dramas starting.  But never fear I will be working hard on my weekly kdrama countdown, as well as some more throwback thursday reviews, and several new drama overview recaps.  Thank you to everyone that joined me on this journey and I hope you tune in for my future posts.


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