Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Stills For Upcoming Drama "Dr Stranger"

Stills from the drama "Dr Stranger" were released this week featuring the two leading men.  I was personally ok with this since at least one of the leading actresses (Jin Se Yeon- Bridal Mask, Inspiring Generation) is on my Black list.  Both of the leading men, Lee Jong-Suk (I Can Hear Your Voice) and Park Hae-Jin (My Love From Another Star), are looking amazingly hot and yummy which is a good thing since it has two strikes against it.  1.  It is a medical drama (medical kdrama cliches drive me batty) and 2.  It has Jin Se Yeon and her freaky breathing issues in it playing two different characters.  SIGH..  For an actress that has problems even giving life to one character, I don't see her being successful on making me enjoy two separate characters.  But then just when I consider giving this drama a skip I see these stills and am engaged again.  Let's just cross our fingers that the medical jargon and the bad acting is kept to a minimum and we instead get a lot of drama/bromance between these two amazing khottie actors. 

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