Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lost in Lakorn Land

So I have been having a personal meltdown this week.  It is actually over something totally silly and does not make any sense at all logically.  My oldest daughter is off on a four day school educational camp.  I know I know, it is well chaperoned and organized and only an hour away.  But in my mommy brain (in my defense it is the first time she has ever left home at all overnight) she is off in the wilds facing bears, bad food, foot fungus from unclean showers, and possible weird camp leader perverts.  SIGH.... so in an effort to somehow maintain some semblance of dignity (my husband and mother are totally cracking up over my meltdown) I am throwing myself into my drama watching.  But with A paranoid emergency that is this big, normal dramas just do not completely keep my attention.  It is at that time that I break out what I like to call "THE MEGA CHEESY FLUFF SHOWS!" or what others call Lakorns.   A Lakorn is actually the term given to TV shows in Thailand.  And just like Kdramas, Jdramas, and Tdramas, it also has its very distinct feel that is uniquely its own.  I like to look at them as the link between Asian shows and Latin telenovelas since I definitely see aspects of both and it equals into a whole bunch of enjoyable tv for those that don't want to think.

You might recall my huge push towards everyone to check out the Thailand version of Full House.  (By the way the ending was awesome and I loved every second of that show from start to finish.  If you have not yet watched it then I suggest you start post haste.)  A remake of the Korean drama of the same name, it brought a sweet, simplistic and genuine air to a drama that had previously been bogged down in angst.  This is the perfect gateway for those of you interested in trying out a Lakorn but are not ready for the super cheesy.
The Full House OTP has the BEST chemistry and I truly truly just adore them and their path towards finding each other.  I laughed, I cried, and totally cheered at times, as they lived together and learned the importance of love.  And they even filmed a lot of scenes in Korea so you kdrama junkies should have some comfort in seeing places that are familiar.

Now for you more adventurous drama watchers, I suggest giving this next drama a try. The Lakorn "Cubic" is currently airing (up to ep 11) and you can find it on Viki and on Youtube.
Cubic is in no way shape or form an actually well acted drama.  It's characters are over the top cheese with a capital C.   Many of their actions leave you shaking your head and saying "WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST WATCH"  Everyone has a gun and no one actually knows how to fire their guns.  There was one scene where twenty bad guys had guns and machine guns and yet could not hit our hero standing out in the open with absolutely no protection. There is an overabundance of staring..........and by staring I mean that I am pretty sure that one scene I sat and watched the camera pan from character to character as they tried to grasp a concept for five whole minutes.  By the end I had forgotten even what they were trying to contemplate, I suspect it was something important like "Should I have sugar or cream with my coffee?" All that being said, this is the most addictive and hilarious show I have watched in a long time.

When a businessman has to welch on his loan from the mafia, he must fork over his oldest (beautiful) daughter who he put as collateral for the money to Lin Lan Ser (main mafia boss).   Lin Lan Ser was attracted to her beauty and planned to make her his mistress.  The businessman father instead runs away with his favored oldest daughter and instead leaves his younger ugly duckling daughter, Ruethainak, to take her place.  Enraged Lin Lan Ser takes Ruethainak as collateral as he searches for the rest of her family.  Slowly they become closer as she works off her families debt doing various jobs for him.  Oh and while all this is going on he makes sure she continues to go to school.  Just so happens that our mafia kingpin owns a school and is the principal of so said school.   I will pause just a second so you can wrap your heads around the concept of the sexy head of the mafia also being the principal of a high school...  Mind boggling isn't it.
Why You Should Watch It:
It is hard to say why you should watch it per say, just that you should.  I forced my mom and sister to give it a try and they also went into full dramathon mode and could not stop til they were caught up.  It is one of those shows that is so so so so bad that it is good.  Kind of like those awesome cheesy cult classic movies from the 80's.  You go back now and still laugh and get emotionally moved by the characters despite the so so writing and acting.  I would highly suggest giving this drama a two episode try.  It might be painful at first, but before you know it you will be laughing along with the rest of us.  Also, the plot is actually not that bad.  If you can get past the staring (oh my gosh so much hilarious staring) and over acting, the plot is pretty interesting and I would totally watch the same thing if it was transferred into a Korean drama.  Before you know it you are actually wondering what is going to happen next to our OTP, and how long it is going to take the dense ugly duckling to
realize that she has her own gun toting prince charming wrapped around her finger.

Thanks for hearing me whine a bit and I hope that some of you will enjoy the dramas I suggested even if they are out of the kdrama wheelhouse.   Also if you by chance already watch Lakorns can you send me some suggestions on one's I should watch in the comments.  I have noticed that it is really hit and miss with these so any help would be appreciated.  That is it for me, I am off to catch up on all of this weeks dramas for the weekly countdown.  Hopefully it will continue to distract me for the remaining two nights my daughter will be gone.


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