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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - April Week 1: Khottie Edition

This weeks countdown is being dedicated to something that makes kdramas so engaging, addicting, and worth watching.  Of course I am talking about the massive amount of hot guys that are cast as the leading men.  There is nothing better then being able to fawn over a good actor and his amazing looks at the same time.  Now I know that I am watching a huge amount of dramas, and there are an insane amount of khotties within all those dramas.  That said, I tried to pick the one's that have actually engaged me with their performances and not just the fact that they are attractive.  If your favorite is not on my list, feel free to let us know who he is in the comment section.  I only have time to pick out five today, but I know there is an infinite amount of khotties to choose from.

Song of The Week
CNBLUE - Truth
We have a whole band full of Khotties in our musician of the week since when you think of hot musicians CNBLUE should be at the top of the list.  They came out with their 2nd song off their current album and I personally like this one a lot better then their first one.  I like CNBLUE the best when they have that peppy fast beat and an MV with lots of close ups and it just so happens that this MV delivered the hot closeups in spades.  It is even enough to distract me from their Engrish in the chorus.

#5Yoo Joon Soo (Lee Won Geum - Moon Embracing the Sun, Passionate Love)
This kids smile is infectious and I can honestly say that I have never seen a khottie who's smile literally lights up his face.  His character in Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup is the perfect package, handsome, smart, kind, and all around happy with (at least so far) no huge emotional issues.  He also shows signs of being adept in more serious scenes so I am kind of excited to see him deal with the romantic fallout that we know is coming.  If you like family dramas then I would highly suggest starting this one since it is well paced and has a superb cast.

#4 Red Headed Hottie from Empress Ki, also known as Tal Tal (Jin Lee Han)
I am embarrassed to admit that I seriously did not know the characters name until I was forced to look it up for this blog post.  To me and my friends whom I discuss this drama with, he has always been the redhead hottie who wears black.  He is also a balm to my poor soul, as politics and just the crazy behavior of royalty, make the two leading men more and more "eh" for me.  You know he is a good character when you kind of wish the leading lady would ditch both of the other men and hook up with the supporting character.  (I know his hair looks brown, but when he is not in a dark set it has really red tints hence the nickname.)

#3 Kang Dong Hee (TaecYeon - Who Are You, Dream High)
I am just going to come out and say it, TaecYeon is not really a great actor.  The poor boy has his limits.  That said I will clarify that although he can't emote, he still is a very entertaining actor and sometimes that is what a drama needs.  His character Kang Dong Hee (Wonderful Days) is the family black sheep/thug who always is getting into trouble with his quick temper and inferiority issues.  But I can't help but love him despite his serious character flaws.  This week we see him get angry (AGAIN) and he stomps off like a five year old, running away from home..... All the way to the end of the street where he sets up a tent to live in protest.  I love how his first night "away from home" he keeps staring at his phone and wondering why no one is calling.  "Don't they realize I am gone?" he says to the silent phone.  HAHAHA  And as an added bonus of his being cast, we get wonderful scenes like this one in the sauna.  Thank goodness for Khotties and their need to have the perfect abs.

#2 The Men of Inspiring Generation
So I am dedicating my #2 spot to the whole male cast of Inspiring Generation, because lets just all admit that they are the sexiest thing to come to historical kdramas in a long long time.  Seriously there are so many khotties in this show that it is almost impossible to choose a favorite (although Mo Il Hwa pulls slightly ahead on my bias list).  So I am weepy eyed and saying a sad farewell to this drama and its insanely hot cast.  You will be missed and most likely rewatched many times in the future.

Mo Il-Hwa & Jung Jae Hwa bromance fight clip.  (I about died when Jung Jae Hwa winked in the middle of his fight.)

#1 Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo - Horse Doctor)
When I decided to do a Khottie theme for this weeks countdown, there really was no question as to who my #1 pick was going to be.  Jo Seung Woo is AMAZING.  His acting is effortless and he drags you into his character Dong Chan (Gods Gift - 14 Days) so quickly, that before you know it you are actively praying for the leading ladies marriage to dissolve so he can step in.  He has a lot of baggage but he plays this complex character (ex-cop, brother of a serial killer, disappointing son, and white knight) to the 9th degree.  He outdid himself this week as he serenaded (YES HE CAN SING TOO!) the little girl at the lakeside.  It was a beautiful scene and probably one of the prettiest cinematic moments to be released recently.  And then in a complete switch we also had an amazing fight scene on a rickety roof top in the rain.  If you are not already watching Gods Gift 14 Days then start ASAP since he is definitely worth watching.
Lakeside Serenade Clip

Rooftop Fight Scene (starts about 2 min in)

And this concludes my tribute to the Khottie.  I hope they are bringing as much enjoyment to you as they are for me.  Also be sure to check in next week as we have a lot of new dramas airing (Hotel King, Fall In Love With Me) and hopefully making it onto my countdown.  I will also be adding new recaps (Witch's Romance & Gap Dong) this week if the dramas end up being as good as they look.  Have a great week and as usual if you have any questions about any of the dramas I watch (where you can find subs, times, etc.) be sure to ask in the comments.  I always love hearing feedback from my readers.


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
Ruby's Ring (counting it as a currently airing drama since it had never been subbed til now)
A Well Raised Daughter
Bride of the Century
Sly and Cunning Lady
Hotel King
Angel Eyes (maybe going to watch)
Fall In Love With Me (Tdrama)
Witch's Romance
Gap Dong
A Secret Love Affair
Empress Ki
Inspiring Generation (last episodes)
Emergency Couple (last episodes)
Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun
Ghost Seeing Detective CheoYong
Wonderful Days 

Three Days (have put on hold, just not grabbing me)
Cubic - Thailand Drama
God's Gift: 14 Days
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Tdrama)

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