Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kmuse's Musings: Kdrama/Kpop Fashion Fails.

I have decided that this is indeed going to become a weekly posting for me.  I enjoy sharing the funny fashion, and I might even add some of my favorites into the mix as well.  So please check back each week for the worst (and sometimes the best) of the latest Krelated photo shoots.  Without further ado, here are my Fashion Fails of the week.

Kim Young Kwang for ANDEW
If they had gone with this print as a shirt......OK I can live with that.  Even as a pair of shorts, fine it could look cute with a tight T-shirt.  But to cover him in this print completely is just a crying shame.  

Daniel Choi - Sure Magazine May Issue ‘14
Sorry, a ginormous flower on your chest is just not sexy.  It kind of reminds me of those T-shirts you can buy that look like a tux, well this one is similar and has a huge flower shaped cravat coming down from his neck.

Hyun Bin - CINE21
This one was actually submitted by one of our awesome readers.  Thanks Laurie for thinking of us when you see bad fashion!  Hyun Bin is probably one of the hottest kstars out there, but turtleneck, under dress shirt, under vest and sporting some medals is just not a good fashion look.  Even for him.

Yoon Seung Ah - High Cuts

 Is this a pictorial to sell shoes?  Because I have to say that I usually have negative connotations when I think of candy or ice cream touching or falling on my shoes.  Nothing worse then getting that sticky mess on your shoes and then having that suction cup feeling as you walk down a hallway.
Love the shoes (would love to own a pair) but the dress is a no go for me.  If my eyes don't deceive me there are actually two different tiny flower prints/color pallets going on.  It would be bearable with one fabric all the way through but the mix of the two just makes my eyes hurt.

Choi Jin Hyuk - L’Officiel Hommes
Now this is an amazing photo.  The only complaint I have heard from my kfriends is that he is wearing to many clothes.  I especially like the spray from the water with the amazing lighting........and of course the subject himself who is drool worthy.

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  1. LMAO- but nothing gets me laughing more than Hyun Bin in those darn zipped up to the chin track suits in The Secret Garden. Adore your blog!

    1. Those were epic and the standard that all bad kfashion should attempt to achieve. Thanks for reading!


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