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Witch's Romance Episode 3 - Everythings coming up Yoon Dong Ha

Witch's Romance continues to run away with my heart as we finally get to see what happens when Ban Ji Yeon does the unthinkable and kicks out the delicious Dong Ha from her bed.   SERIOUSLY!  WHO DOES THAT?   But never fear, Yoon Dong Ha is not your normal younger man in a noona drama.  He is the super cute puppy like hunky man all around white knight and can overcome cranky noonas.  He is also 100% what makes this drama work.  I think if it had a different leading man it would not have clicked with me the way it is now.  So that is why we are going to do a Dong Ha centric recap today, because I personally can not get enough of his adorable cuteness.
So back to the beginning, our cute Dong Ha is half naked and lying on the floor with a confused look on his face.  The poor boy is then promptly kicked out the door, still wondering what just happened and why this lady is screeching about an age difference.  Wouldn't the normal reaction be "sweet I look young enough to score with a younger man?"  But no, the poor sexually frustrated boy must go home (across the walkway... hehehehe..... can't wait for this to become common knowledge) and go from confusion to smacking his head as he wonders what he was thinking.  I love when he mutters to himself  "Why does she have to live next door?  Lets stop getting tangled please."  She is in her apartment also muttering to herself that she is so lucky that Seoul is such a big city and they shouldn't have to ever meet again.  LOL  There is fate out to get them again.

But everything is not all flowers and sausages the next morning when the part time guys wake up to find that they have been a victim of a vicious article in "Troublemaker".  It seems that even though he provided a refund to the Evil Coworker Trio, they did not let it go and wrote a scathing article on what a scam their fix it company was.  All of the odd job appointments were cancelled and a bunch of negative comments froze their web page. (YAY for a scene with BFF Hottie!!!!)
Enraged and full of rightful indignation, Dong Ha storms the newsroom and begins to berate the inept trio.  (I love that he is not a weakling and goes to confront the problem right on.)  They wonder why he is here and how he is connected to the "witch".  And then ask in disbelief, "did she hire you?" and her injured assistant comments "as expected, Senior Ji Yeon is a step ahead of everyone."  However he tells them that he was disgusted with their immature behavior and stepped in to stop it.  Who knows how long the argument would have gone on, if not for Ji Yeon arriving.........and freaking out when she sees Dong Ha.  Dragging him in the hallway she begins interrogating him as to why he is here.  When he replies "because of yesterday" (meaning the article against his business) she misunderstands and keeps slapping her hand over his mouth afraid that he was going to spill the "almost sex" beans. 
The situation is in mid resolve (the president of the magazine had to get involved) when Ji Yeon receives a brightly wrapped package.  However our white knight Dong Ha notices blood is beginning to drip from the bottom of the box.  (EWWWWWWWW!!!!  That is so gross and I was totally expecting there to be a dead rat or something in the box.  It turns out to be a bird?  Huh?  Why a bird?)  Faking a calm veneer, Ji Yeon makes it into the bathroom before freaking out in private.  Dong Ha in the meantime is negotiating with "Trouble Makers" president so he can not only be recompensed for the damage done by the magazine, but also be able to protect Ji Yeon from further harassment.  He is now the official assistant to star reporter Ji Yeon (at least for three months).
Ji Yeon immediately begins laying down the law and threatening Dong Ha with the possibility of being fired.  He has to talk to her in a certain way, but not unless she gives him permission to ask questions.  And above all else he must forget that anything sexual ever happened between them or else he is fired.  I love how he just humors her and I always feel like he is on the edge of patting her on the head.
Taking his new boss to her home (he is such a cute little bodyguard/assistant) Dong Ha continues to follow her until she starts yelling at him to go home.  The time finally arrives where he tells her that he is home since he lives next door, and it is hilarious.  Ji-Yeon instantly goes into conspiracy mode and figures that Dong Ha is a super efficient stalker who had managed to get them to meet over and over.  Dong Ha just rolls his eyes and closes his door in her face.
She enters her own house and starts her nightly loud music/dancing routine, but realizes half way through that her nosy neighbor hottie can probably hear everything she is doing. HAHAHA  It just so happens that Dong Ha is smiling and tapping his foot along with the music, commenting to himself about her cute habits.  But when she turns off the music mid song he begins to worry and rushes over to the rescue.  Ji Yeon  again accuses him of being a stalker but is caught off guard when he yells that he was worried about her.  Glancing down and seeing that he was in such a rush that he put on two different shoes she forgives him.  And since she is a little unsettled and jumpy from the experience it would be all right if Dong Ha hung out for a while.
Ji Yeon offers her savior a beer but quickly recants with an awkward look.  Instead they decide to watch TV, but instead of something bright and entertaining, a steamy make out scene is playing.  HAHAHA  So what do two almost lovers  do when everything seems to be a reference to their previous evening.  They listen to the radio of course.  And we viewers are highly entertained by an impromptu competition between the two over the quiz show they are listening to.  I love that both are so competitive and that they can still enjoy the competitive nature of each other.  One thing leads to another til they begin discussing music and finds out that Dong Ha does not know any of the songs from Ji Yeon's youth.  Luckily this possible disaster age gap moment is overcome when they realize they both like a common song (one that had played when she was young, but had a remake version by Big Bang).  They finish off the night singing it together, with Dong Ha adding in the Big Bang rap chorus.  It truly was a cute scene to show that they can overcome the age gap if they work at it.
They are suddenly woken the next morning by Ji Yeon's mother banging on her door.  Dong Ha is thrown into the closet to hide and a flustered Ji Yeon opens the door.  Her mother is as funny as ever, as she informs her daughter that she had signed Ji Yeon up for a dating service.  I love that mom was insistent that it had to be now since if it was after Ji Yeon turned 40 it would cost more.  Hehehe.  I guess avoiding blind dates was more important then a moment of embarrassment since Ji Yeon promptly dragged Dong Ha out of the closet and claimed him as her boyfriend.  Her marriage obsessed mother was so happy and already calling Dong Ha "son-in-law" (and probably picking out the wedding venue.)  Dong Ha goes along with it but you can tell there is going to be some reckoning later on.  He politely says his farewells (cute bed head and all) and takes himself and his mismatched shoes home.  This was such a cute scene and hopefully is a set up for some really funny moments in the future.

Just when you think everything is good and it is safe to be home, the real stalker/thug returns.  This time in her actual house (I would just like to tell all you female readers out there, if your door is open and someone is stalking you, DO NOT GO INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!) where she finds everything destroyed and a blood covered nightgown hanging up with an ax through it.  Unfortunately for our heroine, the thug is still in the house and breaks through a window pain and chokes her.  Our white night hottie arrives just in time to scare him off and save Ji Yeon, but talk about a terrifying experience.  Dong Ha rushes her to the hospital and we see Ji Yeon drifting in and out of consciousness.  She reflects on her past heartache and relationship and then wonders if she is brave enough to try again as her gaze focuses in on Dong Ha.
My Thoughts:
I think we still are going to have a long wait before these two  officially hook up, no matter how many times he saves her.  She seems to be very stubborn so I am sure it is going to be an uphill battle.  But that is fine by me as long as the show continues to bring us these super cute and funny moments between the OTP.  I am not looking forward to the return of the ex-boyfriend.  What he did was pretty despicable and I am not sure if there is any excuse that can actually make me accept him as a possible significant other again.  I guess we will learn more in the next episode.
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