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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - April Week 2

Scary birds, serial killers, hormonal angst, and the cast of  running man discovering new uses for a water bottle, are all in this weeks top 5 kdrama countdown.  Come and join us as we discuss this weeks best moments as well as some newly airing dramas.

#5 So Many Unexplained Birds
Hotel King debuted this week and surprisingly made our #5 spot on the countdown.  I say surprisingly due to the fact that I did not particularly love this drama (at least so far).  But the closing scene in ep. 2 really left a lasting impression so onto the list it goes.  Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da Hae - Iris 2, My Girl), the pampered heiress is in mid fight with her nemesis sexy Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook- My Girl, Scent of a Woman), when she stomps off across the courtyard.  We hear a ear piercing scream when she sees a couple pigeons on the ground.

Expectation From Scream Level
Now this might seem like a random scene to enjoy, but it leads us to the closing scene where some unknown intruder leaves  a little warning (a pigeon corpse) on her bed.  This sends her into a catatonic state and also allows our cold lead to see her vulnerable and needy.  It was a great scene because not only does it bring our OTP closer together but also brings up the question "Why is she so freaked out over birds?"  Did one poop on her designer shoes?  Peck at her crazy hats?  Cant wait to find out the answer and that alone will keep me watching this drama despite the lead girl's horrible acting.
#4 Teenage Hormones and Angst
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup has remained in my top favorite dramas several weeks running (seriously, I can't get enough of this drama).  The sparks and plot heated up this week as our two young leads find themselves alone in the house  watching soccer, and drinking a huge amount of champagne.   It is no surprise when the extreme touching and hugging due to the soccer game turns into something more and our two cute teens take their skinship to the next level.  However due to misunderstandings, insecurities, and just plain teenage angst, their morning after is not the thing of dreams.  I love how this drama truly sucks you into their emotional state.  It makes me truly thankful that I will never have to experience my teenage years again.
Soccer Romance Clip

#3 A Terrifying Smile

I personally am just barely figuring out who MBLAQ is so this is my first experience really noticing the idol turned actor Lee Joon.  Friends who are a lot more obsessive in their fandom then I, began posting stills and teasers for this drama featuring him and I was instantly hooked.  This guys creepy smile is spectacular and now I can't help just thinking he is a psychopath anytime I see his photo.  But it was his ability to instantly go from normal guy to crazy killer by a twist of facial muscles that really brought this character to life.  
An inmate in the psych ward (we currently don't know for what) he makes even other inmates nervous and he always seems to be wherever there is Gap Dong drama going down.  His pointed interest in our leading man is sinister from the get go and when he interacts with the doctor I get shivers.  I predict that he is going to be visiting my countdown again soon.

#2 The Death of Saet Byeol: Take 2
We have made it all the way from the first death of our little girl Saet Byeol to the unfolding of the same events a second time.  For those of you who don't know the premise of Gods Gift - 14 Days I will provide a brief synopsis.  

Kim Soo Hyun's daughter is murdered by a serial killer.  For some unknown reason she is given a second chance and must relive the past 14 days in an attempt to find the killer and save her daughter. 
This drama is truly brilliant.  The writing is so extremely tight and intricate that you can rewatch from episode 1 and see layers upon layers of clues that are just playing out in the last few episodes.  We are finally back to the beginning where Saet Byeol is kidnapped, but thanks to the efforts of Soo Hyun events progress slightly differently leaving clues that will eventually lead to the truth and hopefully save our mini heroine.   It is fascinating to watch the same thing happen, yet see the differences.  Can't wait to find out what the drama brings us this week.

#1 How to Properly Use a Water Bottle
I about died from laughing so hard during this last episode of  the popular variety program Running Man and it is all thanks to one hilarious guest.  Ryu Seung Soo (Wonderful Days) was teamed up with Jae Suk  to complete various games/contests and advance in the competition.  It just so happens that one of those games involved a construction cone going up one's booty.  Between the two men they had to sit on this construction cone for a total of 3 minutes.  Sounds easy in theory, however the reality of a pointy object inserted near one's bum is nothing to scoff at.  After failing once they again have to attempt the quest and Ryu Seung Soo gets on the cone and totally goes into a zen induced zone.  He achieves the needed time but trips as he is getting off the painful object.  Unfortunately for him, it is discovered that he had cheated by putting a water bottle down his pants to protect his most sensitive area.  This is truly not only winning this weeks coveted #1 spot, but also going on my list of favorite Running Man moments of all time.  Let's just say that if Ryu Seung Soo ever decides to do variety, I will be an avid viewer of anything he is on.

 Running Man Clip (scene starts at 5:45)

Thanks for joining me for another week of kdrama goodness.  I am hoping that Dramafever will finally put out the subs for Golden Cross tomorrow.  Also Witch's Romance is making is debut and I hope to have my recaps for that drama up ASAP.  If anyone has any questions about where various dramas are being subbed, or really any other inquiries/comments, feel free to leave a note in the comments section or on our Facebook page.


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
Ruby's Ring (counting it as a currently airing drama since it had never been subbed til now)
A Well Raised Daughter
Bride of the Century
Sly and Cunning Lady
Hotel King
Fall In Love With Me (Tdrama)
Witch's Romance
Gap Dong
A Secret Love Affair
Empress Ki
Beyond the Clouds/Full Sun
Wonderful Days 

Cubic - Thailand Drama
God's Gift: 14 Days
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Tdrama)
Golden Cross

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