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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - April Week 4

Can a person be in drama heaven and hell at the same time?  If so, then count me there.  So many newly released dramas, good existing dramas, and amazing upcoming dramas (seriously there are 4 this week alone) that I can barely see straight.  Add in visiting relatives and you have one busy and sleep deprived Kmuse.  But persevere I must since I am sure you are just waiting to hear what the top moments of the week were.

Song of the Week
Melody Day "Another Parting
With all of the music debut's and comebacks on pause because of the ferry disaster (yes, even weeks later they are still on pause) we have not had any new MV's being released.  But never fear since there is always something we can share, even if it is not new.  So enjoy this debut song from Melody Day "Another Parting".  It was used in the web series also called "Another Parting" which starred my #1 bias Seo In Guk.  You can find the links and my recaps for the drama at this link if you are interested in checking it out.

#5 Sexy Voice Overload
 If we were going to rank dramas and casts to find the best voices in the kdrama universe, then you might give new drama "A New Leaf" first place.  Casting Kim Myung Min (the Sean Connery of Korea), hot ahjussi Kim Sang Joon, and Jin Lee Han (of Empress Ki Hottie fame) provides us with a sensory overload.  Now if the plot can continue to stand up to the pretty sounds and visuals coming from our TV screens. 

#4 Late Night Cuddles
I was so happy to finally get some good couple moments from the OTP (one true pairing) of Tdrama "Fall in Love With Me".  It has not been a bad drama, but up to this point I never really felt that click of connection between our leads.  That all changed this week when Lu Tian Xing & Tao Le Si get stuck in a warehouse together.  He purposefully scares her with fake mouse sightings and they end up cuddling on a couch while waiting for the company to open the next morning.  It was truly a cute moment that made me happy I did not drop this drama.
#3 An Emotional Ending to Empress Ki
Usually I try not to give spoilers to the ending of shows, but since I have seen comments and discussions in abundance online I doubt you have been able to miss them.  But just in case, do not read past this point.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
My two favorite characters DIE!!!  SOB SOB SOB.  Both Tal Tal and Ta Hwan pass away and the Yuon empire begins its collapse and eventually absorption into Goryeo.   I knew it was coming, I had read up on the history, and this is a Sageuk (90% of the time at least one member of the OTP dies), but I was still hoping for some kind of happy ending.  As emotional as it was, it was not a bad ending, but rather a bittersweet one.  Both characters had great goodbye moments with Nyang so I felt that there was closure.  Tal Tal goes off to fight and dies in battle defending his ideals to the end.  At least we are saved having to see him dead on screen.  But it was Ta Hwan's passing that really had my tear ducts working overtime.  Poisoned past the point of return by those he trusted, Tal Hwan uses the last of his time to rid the court of all those that would try to harm Ki and his son.  The last scene involved Nyang laying Ta Hwan's head on her lap as she cleans his ears (just as she had done when she first came to the palace).  They declare their love one last time (I was so happy to actually hear the words coming from Nyang at last, that she had indeed loved the emperor) and he passes away holding her hand.  Such a great moment and ending between two wonderful characters/actors. 

#2 The Ghost of the Night that Did not Happen
Being tormented by a stalker/bird killer can be stressful for anyone.  So when young assistant/neighbor/almost lover Dong Ha offers to keep her company til she feels more secure, Ji Yeon accepts.  However just the previous night they had "almost" had sex so to say things were awkward would be an understatement.
Ji Yeon offers her savior a beer but quickly recants with an awkward look (over imbibing on beer had caused the almost connection).  Instead they decide to watch TV to keep their minds of the situation, but rather than something bright and entertaining, a steamy make out scene is playing.  HAHAHA.  She quickly switches the channel to find an even sexier scene taking place.  So what do two almost lovers do when everything seems to be a reference to their previous evening.  They listen to the radio of course.  And we viewers are highly entertained by an impromptu competition between the two over the quiz show they are listening to.  I love that both are so competitive and that they can still enjoy the competitive nature of each other.

#1 When Lies are Found Out
Have I mentioned yet that I was 100% wrong about boycotting Angel Eyes (mostly due to the fact that I don't really like the actress playing the lead).  Never have I been so wrong about a drama because this is one AMAZING drama and a must watch for all kdrama fans.  The two leads, Soo Wan & Dong Joo have such a natural chemistry that it is sometimes hard to keep in mind that you are watching a TV show.  My favorite scene happened at the end of Episode 6.  
Dong Joo has realized that he must leave his love behind since he does not want to interfere with her upcoming marriage.  Even after she realizes who he is (they dated when she was blind in their late teens before she had a surgery to repair her sight) he brutally crushes her images of what they had had.  All in the name of loving her and pushing her to go on with her life without him.  Dong Joo tells her that he had rarely if ever thought of her and to go away.  He then leaves for the airport devastated by his own actions.  However she races after him, after finding an MP3 player that he had kept voice journal entries on, telling her about his life in the states.  Armed with proof that he had been lying she frantically hunts him down.  Their reunion at the airport brought an emotional avalanche of both tears and smiles to this viewer.

Airport Romance Clip

I hope you enjoyed my favorite moments.  Be sure to check back in the next several weeks as we add in a whole slew of new dramas into the running.  Also check out my recaps of Gap Dong and Witch's Romance each week and if you are not already following us on FB then please go to this link and click LIKE! We are planning some giveaways and love to have chats about all things kdrama and kpop related.


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
Ruby's Ring (counting it as a currently airing drama since it had never been subbed til now)
A Well Raised Daughter
Hotel King
Fall In Love With Me (Tdrama)
Angel Eyes
Bitter Blood/Partners in Blood (Jdrama)
BORDER (Jdrama)
Witch's Romance
Gap Dong
A Secret Love Affair
Empress Ki
Wonderful Days 

God's Gift: 14 Days
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Tdrama)
Golden Cross
Big Man
A New Leaf
Dr Stranger
You're All Surrounded
Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

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