Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gap Dong Episode 6 - It's Getting Better!

I was so excited that I was actually entertained watching episode 6, and not in a "What where they thinking" way. We were finally able to see some clever connections between the two main men which is what I have been waiting for from the beginning.  Also a kind of cranky workaholic bromance is developing between the two cops which is very entertaining.  I guess two crazy cops can relate when they are not trying to frame one another.  Now if we can only ditch the annoying female characters, the show would be perfect.  It makes me wonder if the writer hates women, because rarely have I seen a more poorly developed character then Maria Oh (Although it might also be the actresses fault that she can't do anything but give that annoying wide eyed deer look).

"Insane Dudes Can Spot Insane Dudes"
It is interesting that this seems to be a common theme throughout the show.  The whole correlation between a psychopath murderer and a psychopath cop and being able to recognize each other.  I have a feeling that these few comments that have been dropping in the last few episodes are just the foreshadowing of the drama's actual theme.  How the original Gap Dong and the newbie psycho were able to recognize each other, as well as how they are able to emotionally connect to Moo Yeom.  They all recognize the crazy in each other, because after watching six episodes I am pretty sure that Moo Yeom's crazy is barely contained.  And as Tae Oh said "I don't mind being the psycho if I am not the only one."  I am pretty sure we are beginning to see this concept being developed into fruition.
Grumpy Old Men
Does anyone else find it kind of funny that the Mad Monk and Crazy Tiger have bonded over chopping off Chul Gon's finger?  OK so it is really their mutual hatred for Gap Dong, but still all of the finger references are really funny.  They even have an official "spot" for their clandestine meetings (complete with mood lighting).  I can totally see them growing old and grey, meeting by the river to snipe at each other.  Their unexpected bromance is growing on me.
The Perfect Alibi
So Moo Yeom now knows who the Gap Dong copycat is, but proving it is difficult.  With the upcoming anniversary of the fourth murder he and the police are on Tae Oh like white on rice.  There is no way he is going to be able to kill someone on their watch, or so they think.  
The original murder was one that baffled the police at the time (and made Chul Gon sure of Moo Yeom's fathers guilt.)  The blood type at the murder scene had been different than those of the original three murders so it was unsure as to whether it was the same killer.  We are shown the reason why as Tae Oh recreates the murder in a way that deflects suspicion off himself.  He finds a simpleminded father and threatens the man that he will kill his son if he does not kill this women (in a specific way) and then kill himself by being hit by a train.
While the murder is going down, Tae Oh enjoys a creepy date at the fair with Dr Maria (while being tailed by Moo Yeom).  His alibi is now airtight.
The only fly in the ointment is that this is obviously a recreation of the incarceration and death of Moo Yeom's own father.  Realizing the similarities and what they mean, our Crazy Monk is devastated.  This also makes me wonder if the two Gap Dong's realize who Moo Yeom really is?  Because for this to truly take suspicion off of Tae Oh, then it would not have to be easily connected to the original case.  And I think they would have gotten away with it if they had not had the son of the first patsy there making connections. 
The Crazy Monk Releases the Crazy
Our two Gap Dongs obviously pushed too hard since Moo Yeom does not handle this latest development in the way they expected.  Instead he steals his partners gun and rushes to Tae Oh's house to play Russian Roulette.  Moo Yeom demands to know who Gap Dong (the original) is and if Tae Oh does not tell him he will shoot him.  Tae Oh begins by treating it as a joke and is obviously shocked as Moo Yeom continues to fire the gun at his head.  Even when he says "you won't be able to find Gap Dong if you kill me" our cop does not flinch.  The gun keeps firing empty slots til we reach the final chamber filled with the bullet.  Tae Oh breaks first and tells him to stop then we hear a shot fired. 
I love how much confrontation we had between the two leads this episode.  This is really where the strength of the show stands and I think they should keep this plot line front and center.  Both men have an intensity that just keeps me riveted to the screen.   I personally can't wait for next week and want to see where their ill fated connection takes them.


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