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Gap Dong Episode 5 - What is Going On With All the Crazy?

Hello kdrama viewers, Kmuse here just giving you an update on my situation.  I have family in town for the next two weeks (my parents are retiring and moving here to Portland with me) so I will be busy for the next while.  But don't worry, I will continue to bring you my witty blog posts (at least I hope they are somewhat witty or at least well done snarky) but in a mini version.  Trying to house hunt and put out 5 blog posts over the weekend gets a bit tight.  So please continue with me and I promise that by the middle of the month everything will be back to normal.

Does anyone else other than me feel that the whole crime reenactment with the supposed killer is just all kinds of inefficient stupid?  Why?  Why is this needed and considered concrete evidence.  Especially when the poor guy is being forced physically to hold the knife the right way (the officer's hand was literally moving Moo Yeom's), and reenact things by what the police tell you, not by really what happened.  It is totally pointless.  Maybe it is just the American legal TV fan coming out of me, but it just seems ripe fodder for a mistrial.   I
"I feel like I need to do something insane today"  
This quote provided by Yang Chul-Gon, pretty much summed up my impressions on everyone's actions in episode 5.  There was A LOT of crazy going on.  We see Chul Gon beating up Moo Yeom in the interrogation room, trying to force a confession.  
He literally folds up a chair WWE style and smacks him over the head with it.  Just when you think things are going to go really really bad (although short of pulling out his fingernails, I am not sure what more he could do to the poor mad monk) we see them sitting side by side on the floor.  It seems that the Crazy Tiger finally admits that maybe Moo Yeom is not the current killer and agrees that there is good evidence that the real Gap Dong is in the mental institution.  The only problem, being that the higher ups want to cut Moo Yeom lose again, even after a full confession.  
So they concoct a plan for Moo Yeom to chop off his boss's finger (only severed it partially) so they would be forced to send him in the psych ward.  Because that is the only possible solution to the problem (SIGH).  I have to admit that I don't mind the two coming together to catch the killers (especially since they can't seem to do it on their own) but this extreme action is just way out of the box and made me roll my eyes.
Communication Between Killers
One thing that I really did like in this episode was the revelation that the two killers are actually in contact with each other.   It seems our hottie psycho, Tae Oh, has been having phone conversations with the original Gap Dong (beginning to wonder if he really is the real one though.  There seems to be a lot of random suspicious people roaming around.  And if some of the crazy plot twists are anything to go by, the writers don't mind going a little convoluted to tell their story).  
Whether it is the original killer or not, the two are timing the appearance of the third body to get rid of the pesky incarcerated mad monk.  It is hard to properly investigate everyone, when your guilt and incarceration is dependent on the bad guys cooperating.
And sure enough Moo Yeom is kicked out once Gap Dong's third victim is discovered.  I guess his chopping off his boss's finger was not enough to keep him within the crazy house.  He heads to chat with our very own walking disaster Dr Oh.  Maria is also walking out on this dark night, being terrified by sounds of someone following her.  She remembers Moo Yeom's advice and starts blowing her whistle.  
A strange silhouette stands before her and she closes her eyes (still blowing the whistle) and starts to thrash her bag towards the general direction of the possible killer.  Hmmmmm.  I declare this the worst attempt of self defense ever.  This is even worse than when she had previously tasered herself. Hearing the whistle Moo Yeom comes running and punches the menacing figure (of course it is our hottie killer Tae Oh) down to the ground.  Playing innocent again (how many times is this "I was in the area" excuse is going to work?) Tae Oh is the one who walks away with the Dr and Moo Yeom stalks off in embarrassment.
Checking out Tae Oh on a hunch he learns that his excuse for the murders is actually Dr Oh which makes his killer radar start shooting off like crazy (FINALLY!).  He rushes back to Maria's trailer and then the two men, crazy killer and crazy cop, smile at each other.  A great moment in a cesspool of WHAT THE HECK?

I have to admit that this show is a lot less scary then I was expecting, not to mention all the characters except for Tae Oh are kind of crazy.  And if your serial killer is the most logical and least crazy of the bunch, then maybe there is a problem in the character development department of the show.  Still enjoying it well enough, but it is not currently providing me with that great mystery Sherlock/Moriarty confrontation I had been hoping for.  That is all for me today.  Be sure to check back tomorrow when I list my five favorite kdrama moments of the week.


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