Thursday, July 31, 2014

King of High School Episode 13 - No Skinship For You!

We had some great character movement this week as well as some interesting new questions uncovered.  How is our OTP (One True Pairing) going to deal with the real life issues regarding the age gap, most importantly the whole underage problem.  Being a pedinoona is all well and good in theory but it still goes a bit into the ick zone in actuality.  Also what is going on with CEO jerk father and his searching for Min Seok's dad?  And as we start getting to the end of the story, we demand the answer to the #1 question of the whole drama.  What is going on with Min Seok's brother/doppelganger and what kind of fallout will he bring upon his arrival?
Before we talk about my favorite topic (Seo In Guk and his amazing ability to be romantic and funny), lets touch on some of the side characters.  Or as I am beginning to call them "The Loyalty Gang".  I love the development of all the side characters as they are slowly pulled into the gravitation pull of Min Seok's orbit.  Min Seok is one of those characters that seems to change those around him.  For example, we see his two handlers slowly become less of adult handlers and instead become minions/friends.  They are constantly splitting their time throwing their hands up in the air and wailing about Min Seok's actions and worrying about him like mother hens.  I loved the scene where Team Leader Kim comes in and starts crying to Min Seok, that he should not worry about his future. That he would take responsibility for Min Seok and get him a job at his brother-in-laws sports club. Then there was a lot of hugging and cheek smooches going on.  AWWWW bromance rules!  And when the two minion handlers discover that Soo Young knows the "secret" they get super duper cute and form a little club that is designated to keeping Min Seok's identity safe.  It was hilarious how into the secret group everyone was, even going to the point of a quick cheer for loyalty.  Poor Min Seok was sitting back in embarrassment but reluctantly goes in for a quick cheer.  I think it is interesting that this group is very similar to the interaction between Min Seok and his high school buddies.  I have this fantasy that when this is all over all of his friends, old and new, will go out for Chinese food and beer.
We get a little more insight into the huge guilty secret that CEO evil dad (I might downgrade him from evil to just emotionally stunted dad).  Surprisingly it does not seem to be a direct murder type situation, but rather an unintentionally destruction of Min Seok's father's company which lead to his committing suicide.  Which does not make him a good person, but maybe not evil enough to warrant the absolute destruction that I feel Hyung Seok has planned.  I am guessing that the problem is more one of extreme guilt than actual nefarious actions since CEO ES Dad is the one to go find Min Seok's adoptive family.  He even tries to give father Choi money for Min Seok and Hyung Seok as an apology but the money and the apology is rejected.  I am very interested to find out exactly how involved ES Dad was in Min Seok's parents death.  
Yoo Ah has turned into one of my all time favorite 2nd female leads.  Not only does she take the mature route and let Min Seok go as it comes apparent that he does not have feelings for her, but is also (after the shock) 100% supportive of Soo Young after the reveal.  I am so used to the absolutely brain dead and/or crazy 2nd leads that when a normal female is in that part I am not sure what to think.  Yoo Ah's comforting Soo Young and working towards getting their relationship back to that of close sisters was truly a wonderful character moment.  Again I thank the writers for thinking outside of the box in both their plot as well as their characters.  
I will admit that I am not one of those viewers that is really putting much thought into the whole age problem, mostly due to the fact that the actor is Seo In Guk (SERIOUSLY, a girl would have to be stupid not to fall for him whatever his age).  I guess in my mind he is Seo In Guk and totally deserves a pass on the whole underage thing.  But after reading a few other comments about the last two episodes I realized that if some older cougar hoochie tried to seduce my son when he is still in high school I would be sending the police after her so fast you would not be able to see straight. 
Not saying that this is me..............but not saying it is not either clip.
 So it was with some appreciation that I realized that the writers were going to actually deal with the age gap even after both of the OTP declared that they would not let it keep them apart.  It also helps that the writers solution is pretty freaking hilarious.  Min Seok arrives at work all ready to be back in boyfriend mode with his popcorn noona, but was in for a huge shock when Soo Young informs him that she would not be participating in any skinship (hugs and kissing) until he turned legal.  HAHAHA  Poor Min Seok of course was flabbergasted at her restrictions and Soo Young simply tells him to "grow up faster".  Luckily we do get some exceptions to the no skinship rule.  My favorite being when Soo Young is looking at photos on Min Seok's bed and when they grapple for the photo album (Min Seok is trying to hide naked baby photos) Soo Young ends up sprawled on top of him.  I love how both just seem to hold their breaths since both are obviously aware of how enjoyable their situation is.  Then the tension is broken when Min Seok begins to tease her and call her an insidious grandma.  Phttttt, our OTP so cute when they tease each other about the whole age problem.
We also get some resolution to Min Seok's injury and impending leave from the hockey rink.  I appreciate that we are not expected to think that having a girlfriend is going to completely fix his life and make all the bad things go away.  Min Seok puts his usual stoic face on concerning the injury, but Soo Young is determined to help him recover.  Soo Young pretends that she wants him to be her personal trainer (since it should be Min Seok rather than some other muscular hottie) and then secretly have him do physical therapy during their exercising.  There were a lot of cute moments where she miraculously "found" therapy equipment set up and he eventually blows up at her trying to fix something that can't be fixed.  Luckily the fight did not cause long term damage and the result at the end of their working it out involved some sexy kisses (Has anyone else noticed how different and interesting each kissing scene is?  I thoroughly approve.)  Anyone else thinking that she should have maybe suggested kisses for physical therapy?  It is a win win and she is doing it for his own good......totally justified.  She has nerves of steel to keep saying no to an adorable and horny Min Seok.

In true drama fashion, we get to see the big "dum dum dummmmmm" cliffhanger as Jin Woo finally discovers Min Seoks big secret.  How is this going to affect the nemesis relationship?  Are we going to finally get some cute bromance moments now that Min Seok is not the threat he originally thought?  When are we finally going to see Min Seok's hyung because double Seo In Guk characters are always better than one? I personally can't wait to see what happens next since I highly doubt this drama is going to disappoint.
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