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King of High School Episode 14 - The Secrets are Out

Thanks for everyone who is still reading my recaps even though they have been a tad bit erratic lately.  I have been busy getting ready for KCON (Only a 5 more days!!!) so recapping has been stuck in between my busy schedule of shopping, watching dramas, and of course parenting my kids.  Expect a lot more blogging to be done as soon as I return.  Just a reminder that if you are going to be at KCON come check our our panel on Sunday.  We will be discussing 2nd leads and are very excited to make our KCON debut.  
 The worst of the worst has happened.  Jin Woo knows the secret!  What is going to happen?  Is he going to do the mature and proper thing by telling his father immediately that there is an impostor in his midst?  More importantly that there is a 18 year old kid running the company and making big important decisions worth millions of dollars?  Why nooooooooo.  Instead lets sit around and gloat and enjoy seeing Min Seok squirm.  Because that is the mature way to deal with the situation of getting one up on your nemesis.  I wonder if he had gotten to the point of being slightly embarrassed that he is constantly coming in second by someone with no qualifications.
Poor Team Loyalty, they are pretty much in deep despair when they discover that the secret is out.  They attempt to do a brainstorm meeting but all that was accomplished was Team Leader Kim suggesting they all write out their resignation letters together.  Hahaha.  Even in defeat these four continue to be hilarious.
If we have learned anything from growing up on a steady diet of Disney cartoons, it is that good sidekicks and/or minions are absolutely necessary for good comedic moments. Team leader Kim and Director Han are wonderful examples of minions used as a comedic device.  As all the secrets come out they continue to bring a levity to the storyline that the leads can't, because well, they are the leads and are busy carrying the main plot.   My personal favorite scene with these two was their reaction to entering the elevator of doom which contained our OTP, a smirking Jin Woo, and the president.  Their expressions were priceless.
I am not going to go into all of the horrible things that happened to Jin Woo thanks to his horrible father, but suffice it to say that he has a truly horrible day resulting in a unwise combo of sleeping pills and alcohol.  Soo Young comes across him just as he passes out and promptly gets him to the hospital where he gets his stomach pumped and receives orders to watch him through the night.  I was concerned that she was going to keep Min Seok in the dark about Jin Woo (yet again) but luckily those fears where put to rest as Min Seok arrives to help get the still drunk Jin Woo into the taxi.
A jealous Min Seok shoos Soo Young away with the words "don't you know I am the king of jealousy?" and the promise to take care of Jin Woo even though he despises the weasel.  As Jin Woo slumbers in bed, Min Seok wanders around that room eventually changing into a pair of his clothes (I guess for bed since those cut up shorts seemed drafty.  Min Seok's first clothing attempt is into Jin Woo's skinny jeans which barely came up his much more muscular legs.  "They're narrow and skinny like a girls" Min Seok grumbles and then tries on a pair of shorts that fit, however the sweaters arms are way too long.  "Even his clothes piss me off" HAHAHA  I love that Min Seok is doing his own version of Goldilocks with Jin Woo's wardrobe.   And just like in Goldilocks, Min Seok ends up in bed with his nemesis resulting in a truly great bromance moment.  Awwww  why are they so adorable when they cuddle like that.
Poor Jin Woo is hilariously uncomfortable with Min Seok's invasion of his personal space, but Min Seok tells him to be quiet, wash up, and eat the food he made for him so he can leave.  Just as Min Seok begins to eat Jin Woo's phone begins to ring with a call from the president.  Answering it, assuming it is because of work, he is surprised to find out Joo Win's birth secret.  I loved the smile that came across his face as he agreed that he would keep Jin Woo's secret if he kept his underage high school secret.  These two are such great frenemies and I really hope they develop a better relationship. 
 We end the episode with the discovery that Min Seok's missing brother is heading the company that just signed a contract with Comfo (still hating the company name 14 episodes later).  Now I am not a genius, but I am taking a wild guess that this does not mean good things for Comfo's future.  It will be interesting to see where Min Seok's loyalty will lie.  With his estranged brother or with the company who consists of people that have become his friends.  I am assuming that his loyalty is going to cause problems for his brother's revenge plans.  Can't wait to find out on Monday!
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