Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Joseon Gunman Episode 3 - The Calm Before the Storm

We have another episode where we predominately get to see our OTP (One True Pairing) come closer together while the bad guys scheme on how to defeat Yoon Kang's father.  Since I am busy getting ready for my week of family vacation (why does it take so long to organize 3 kids and a husband?), I am declaring this the beginning of my mini-recaps!  Don't worry my readers, since you will still get a lot of content, just a bit faster and less in depth.  I really want to make sure not to miss any episodes so I thought this might be the best decision til I get home and can really give the show the focus it deserves. 
Remember that we left off with Yoon Kang and Soo In facing the gunman on the edge of a cliff.  They gave him the enlightenment manuscript, but he still prepares to kill them.  Just as he is about to shoot, an arrow whistles past his head.  It is Yoon Kang's father and his men who surround the trio.  But the gunman is determined to prove that he really is the Joseon Terminator.  Instead of accepting his capture, he runs and jumps off the cliff into the river below.  Now if only he had screamed "I'll be Backkkkkkkkkkkkk" as he fell, it would have been perfect.
BAD (Bad Ass Daddy) is not going to be outdone and he jumps off the cliff after the gunman.  What follows is yet another example of a perfect action sequence.  Everything from the chase, to the misfired gun (the water springing out of the chamber as he releases the bullet), the flinging of the sword and the shot fired from the gun at the same time.  It was just a moment of breathtaking cinematography for us viewers.  BAD is shot (I am seriously wondering if this is finally the end?) but survives since his sword grazes the gunman who runs away.  Seriously, BAD has the lives of a cat, over and over again he cheats death and we are left waiting for that fatal blow to fall another day.
We finally are introduced to the male romantic rival of the drama.  Coming home from abroad, Kim Ho Kyung ( Han Joo Wan -Wang Family) is an enlightenment scholar and a close friend of Soo In.  He returns as a border at Soo In's family home (they provide housing for some scholars) and Yoon Kang is eaten alive with jealousy.  It is a competition between brains and brawn with the two men.
Yoon Kang is obviously starting to have a romantic interest in Soo In.  And since this is more important then his usually conquest all his player moves seem to have deserted him.  It is adorable how he is so anxious to spend time with Soo In alone, even to the extent that he tries to get rid of his younger sister by giving her an illness so she won't come on their "date".  But he makes up for his slightly awkward start with a sneak kiss attack during the display.  You have to love a man who goes after what he wants.
The mood is broken when Soo In's maid comes rushing back saying she can not find Yoon Kang's sister.  His sister has been kidnapped by the bad guys in order to use as leverage.  They send a note to BAD stating that they have his daughter and to come alone at noon at a designated spot.  Yoon Kang is berated by his father because of his sisters abduction, but starts to freak out when he discovers that she was kidnapped by people trying to get to his father.  Yoon Kang begins to scream at BAD, saying that his sister can not end up like his mother (she was killed by his father's enemies as well), and BAD locks Yoon Kang in prison to keep him from going to look for his sister.
Yoon Kang convinces the head guard to let him go, saying that he can not see the same thing happen again.  Our hero then follows his father to the meeting sight.  Yoon Kang confronts BAD and tells him that he will never again hide while someone he loves is in trouble.  He would rather die. Reluctantly BAD agrees to his sons accompaniment and they head off on their rescue mission.  Something tells me that BAD's number is finally going to be up.  There were enough ominous comments throughout the episode to pretty much guarantee his eminent death.  It also looks like we are going to have a time jump and a wardrobe/style change soon, since in the preview we see the more modern sexy Yoon Kang that caught my eye in the long preview.  All I can say is bring on the guns and the sexy glasses.

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