Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Joseon Gunman Episode 4 - Death and Despair

Hey all!  Kmuse here for yet another minicap of "The Joseon Gunman" episode 4.  Since I am currently in the middle of vacation and traveling these mini recaps are my way of still getting to stay on schedule while juggling the added stress of long car rides, in laws, and sketchy wifi.  So thanks for your support on staying with our blog until I am back at full recapping power.
-My Random Thoughts-
Lee Joon Gi is ALWAYS sexy if he has a weapon in his hands.
I know, I know, he is always sexy no matter what (I swear I could her my friend Debbie yelling that at me as I wrote the above sentence).  But there is just something extra sexy about him holding a sword, knife, bow and arrows, and now a gun that adds that extra bit of manliness to his persona. 
WTH Soo In?
Soo In is overcome with worry for Yoon Kang and his sister, and convinces Ho Kyung to take her to the mountain to wait for Yoon Kang.  They arrive and see the soldiers swarming the area looking for their leader.  Yoon Kang's sister comes riding on a horse, telling Soo In that her family is still up on the mountain and in danger.  Ho Kyung turns to go tell the soldiers what is going on, but Soo In declares that there is no time, and pulls out her derringer.   Soooooooooo....  You think that with your puny little gun, you are a better match against two snipers, then a whole fort of soldiers who are very close behind you?  I guess they want us to think that they are far off, but the directing of this scene did not really portray that.  Oh wait... false alarm she is just shooting the gun dramatically up into the air (whenever people do that I always wonder about the bullet falling back to the ground and possible casualties).   Still kind of WTH, but with a little less level of stupidity involved.
Farewell BAD (Bad Ass Daddy), you will be missed.
It is rare that a parent in a Sageuk makes such an impact on the storyline.  BAD was truly a hero, and someone who commanded attention anytime he was on screen.  Injured and trapped in a cave with Yoon Kang, BAD decides to sacrifice himself so his son can live.  He knocks out Yoon Kang (since his son is a tad bit stubborn and refused to leave his dad) and leads the two assassins away from the cave.  As this drama constantly reminds us, swords can not defeat guns, and our BAD is finally killed.  But it was not enough to just get rid of the King's man, the bad guys decide they have to ruin his reputation as well.  They set it up that witness after witness come forward accusing BAD of treason against the crown.  The king has no choice but to declare BAD a traitor and make his family suffer the consequences. 
Traitors of the Crown
Yoon Kang's sister (might have to learn her name some day) is dragged away to become a slave and an order goes out for Yoon Kang's death.  Soo In and Ho Kyung rush to prepare a boat for Yoon Kang's escape.  Poor Yoon Kang is reluctant to leave his sister, but the whole "you cant protect her if you are dead" concept made him agree to go into hiding.  We get a wonderfully done goodbye between our OTP (One True Pairing) but just as he is about to depart, the soldiers arrive along with the sniper, who shoots him in the heart.  Yoon Kang falls out of the boat and he is presumed dead.  Luckily for him the bullet actually hit the compass that he had been carrying, and Yoon Kang is taken away to Japan.
TIME JUMP!!!!!!!!!  
We get a time jump as well as a wardrobe and hairstyle change (thank you Korea for perfecting the use of hair and clothes in your entertainment medias!)  Yoon Kang has returned to exact his revenge.  A sexier and more modern Yoon Kang (aka Hanjo) who is sporting a snazzy black suit and a modern pistol.  I for one wholeheartedly approve of the change and look forward to next weeks episodes.

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