Wednesday, July 2, 2014

King of High School Episode 6 - Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive.

This episode has me alternating between smiling and saying awwww (you can ask my kbestie Angela, she is proof that I did literally go awwww and LOL all through the episode.)  Min Seok's realities/roles are starting to get blurry, as he delves deeper into his disguise as his brother.  Especially when he has the added distraction of his emerging feelings for Soo Young to contend with.  It is not easy being an 18 year old, pretending to be a 28 year old, and falling in love with your 27 year old secretary.  Things can get a bit complicated emotionally.
Min Seok attempts to hire Soo Young as his secretary, unfortunately, he instigated his idea a bit too fast, making the decision without asking anyone including Soo Young herself.  She ends up storming off saying "thanks, but no thanks".  Of course Min Seok's handler starts yelling at him for always trying to do "things" and not sit quietly in his office.  "Do you think you are really a director?" he shouts, to which Min Seok begins undressing (hmmmm undressing is always appreciated).  Min Seok yells back "I quit then" and begins to storm out, but is stopped by his handler giving him a back hug and saying that he is sorry and was wrong.  HAHAHA  so funny and yet so uncomfortable at the same time. 
Looks like Min Seok is not the only person leading a lie. Soo Young has not yet told her mother that she has been fired and mama arrives at the company unannounced.  Soo Young tries to get her mom and aunt in and out of the building as quickly as possible, but she is caught by Min Seok who comes to her aid and supports her lies of employment.  Mother is ushered out without further incident and Min Seok takes the opportunity to apologize for his hasty behavior earlier.  He lets her know that it was not only out of pity for her situation, but because he really does need a secretary since he is not that smart. 
AWWWW, he is so open about himself when he is around her. It makes me all giddy and stuff.  I am also amused at The Twitty Duo, who show up behind him, listening in on his conversation.  They each give him amused looks behind his back (Does anyone else want to see their expressions when they figure out he loves Soo Young, who is not their idea of an ideal older women?  I am guessing it is going to be pretty funny).   Min Seok quickly finishes up, asking her to please consider coming back as his secretary, before dragging his twitty BFF's away.  The next morning he gets a wake up call from Soo Young (Awww!!! Min Seok with early morning drool face is just so adorable) as she officially starts her secretarial duties.
I know that a lot of people have been waiting for the makeover of Soo Young, and we get one, kind of...maybe....sorta.  We at least get a more schoolmarm looking Soo Young minus glasses.  Min Seok walks around the office beaming since his popcorn noona is back, and laughs at her overeager determination to be the perfect secretary.  I do like that Min Seok tells Soo Young to put her glasses back on and be her normal self.  He is obviously a sincere man, who can see beyond the outer shell, even before officially falling in love. 
Being Min Seok's secretary is not all smiles and popcorn, especially when your coworkers don't respect your position.  One of the other girls from the office feels offended that she has to take a message for Soo Young and haphazardly puts the post-it note on the edge of the desk where it falls to the floor, unread.  Upon realizing the mix up, Soo Young rushes after Min Seok, grabbing a scooter from a random delivery man, and chases her boss down.  Truly an awesome scene and I love Min Seok's expressions when he realizes what Soo Young had done.  Definitely going above and beyond the requirements of a normal secretary.
I just can't like Jin Woo, I am sure there is going to be some big explanation to understand why he acts like a vampire with a stick up his booty, but his treatment of Soo Young just makes me cranky.  His fake demeanor (I am just going to assume that it is 80% fake) is cruel to the poor girl who tries her best to stay out of his way after the confession debacle.  Now some people might argue that he is actually interested in her, but I am just not buying it.  Maybe I am wrong and he is attracted to Soo Young, but the fact that this change occurs after he had told her to stay away from him and his getting her fired does not make much sense.  I would have to have seen some further interaction between the firing and the interest and as it is, everything coming from Jin Woo's mouth just feels false.   The only other option is that the actor is unable to portray the nuances for me to actually believe he is sincere, which also could be true, but again the timing of the interest is just so suspicious for that scenario.  
Soo Young does not seem to question Jin Woo's sincerity and is on cloud 9 after their dinner date. It's OK since Min Seok is questioning it enough for a dozen Soo Young's.  The boy is not a happy camper when he discovers the budding romance and begins to obsess over whether he should warn Soo Young about Jin Woo's suspicious behavior.  On one hand, it would hurt Soo Young's feelings if she knew the truth about who instigated her firing.  But on the other hand, Jin Woo is an insincere jerk who is taking advantage and she should know sooner rather than later.   Decisions. Decisions.  
Min Seok is not one to keep things bottled up for long, and his anger eventually spills forth resulting in our OTP (one true pairing) having their first serious fight.  It ruins Min Seok's day and his anger follows him into his hockey practice where he takes his anger out on his teammates poor stalker girl, who is just being her usual stalker self (actually felt a little bad for her).  After losing a fight with some empty boxes on the side of the road, a light bulb blinks on in Min Seok's brain.  
He hunts Soo Young down and tells her that he needs to check something and to stay still for ten seconds.  Min Seok then pulls Soo Young (by her scarf which was kind of dominate and sexy) and gives her a hug to end all hugs.  I am just saying, if a sexy hot guy (especially Seo In Guk) gives you that kind of hug, then all other thoughts should be gone out of your head and you hug him back.

I truly loved that last scene.  It gave you one of the, gasp then squee, moments which are like crack to the romantic kdrama viewer.  It also continued TvN's tradition of having amazing OST music playing during all the best moments of a drama.  TvN is revolutionizing single handily the use of unique and perfectly matched mood music in their shows which I highly approve.   I even spazzed out again after watching the next preview, and all I can say is "bring on the romantic triangles and confessions".  If nothing else this is going to be one heck of a romantic ride.


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  1. Do you know the song at the end? The song that was playing during the hug, recap, and preview.

    1. I think I found it thanks to a friend. It is Honey G "Fluttering Heart". Let me know if this is the right one.

  2. Searched for it, but so far it has not been released. Just the first two songs Transfixation "one way" and Jung In "As Life goes On". I will keep my eyes open and let you know when I find it.


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