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Kmuse Top 5 (plus 2) Kdrama Countdown - Favorite Kdrama Drinking Moments

I would first like to thank everyone who has sent me suggestions on what topics I should cover in my Top 5 countdowns!  It has really gotten me excited to work with this segment as well as given me a lot of future ideas.  If you also would like to let us know what Top 5 you would like to see featured in our blog, be sure to leave it in the comments or send us a quick message on our FB page (  As I was going through the hundreds of dramas that I have watched trying to pick my favorite drunken kdrama moments, I realized that I might have more than just 5 so you get a few extra bonus moment of hilarious imbibement as a thank you for following our blog.  If there is a top moment that you think I missed be sure to let us know!

#5 Don't Drink and Date- My Secret Hotel
Number five on the list is from the newest show on our recap list (be sure to check it & our recaps out) My Secret Hotel.  Who knew that Yoo In Na could play such a likable drunk.  Her character Sang Hyo goes into despair when she is forced to plan her ex husbands wedding, which leads to a couple drinks, which in turn leads to her flopped on the floor of the hotel, proposing to her boss.  That is one way to get noticed by your hottie boss.
#4 Drink til you are Drunk and Then Some - History of A Salaryman
Next we have a scene from one of my all time favorite dramas "History of a Salaryman".   It is always on the top of my recommend list and one of the most underrated dramas out there.  Bratty chaebol heiress Yeo Chi challenges a local mob boss (and two of her coworkers) to a drink off with the last one standing (or not throwing up) winning a boon of their choice.  Yeo Chi manages to drink everyone under the table and still be sober enough to trick her crush into taking her home.  That is truly a talent worth photographing.
#3 Drunken Possession-The Masters Sun
Nothing screams comedy more than a fun comedic actress becoming a dog due to ghostly possession.  Luckily for Tae Kong Sil (and we viewers), this only happens when she imbibes and her emotional boundaries are down.  Leading man, Joo Joong Won, got an unexpected midnight visitor when Kong Sil comes to visit possessed by the ghost of his dead ex-girlfriend.  And then proceeded to see a whole lot of crazy as she was then possessed by a toddler, a seductive french dancer, and finally a feisty dog.  Needless to say, Kong Sil should be careful to stick to Sprite in the future.

#2 Drink til you Feel the Urge to Reenact ET - My Love From Another Star
Doing something embarrassing while drunk is taken to a whole new level when it comes to our favorite alien.  In a flashback Do Min Joon explains the events that lead to his current need for sobriety.  Unknowingly drinking rice wine during the Joseon period, Min Joon got tipsy and lost his serious demeanor.  Losing it by making things float in the air and taking a horse for a joy ride across the path of the moon.   I guess that if I was alive during a time where they promptly killed anything unknown, I would try to keep my ET moments to a minimum as well.
Drunken Seduction - Witch's Romance
I love this scene where the romance really starts to heat up between our leading lady Ji Yeon and her much younger costar Dong Ha.  We get a narration by Ji Yeon's BFF, Na Rae, who explains that somehow her friend always seduces her boyfriends with her drunken crazy persona.  As Na Rae is narrating we see Ji Yeon compliment herself in front of traffic mirrors, fight with banners, and order Dong Ha into her house to have another drink.  The drunken crazy is obviously in full swing.

Poor Dong ha did not have a chance since a drunk Ji Yeon pretty much assaults him with her mouth.  But after a second he is fully involved and they move it to the bedroom.  I will let you all see the next parts via pictures since they truly do the scene better justice than my prose can.
You Drunken Dog You - Reply 1994
This wins my vote for most unexpected reaction to drinking.  Before all of the OTP (one true pairing) wars that this drama created, there was a wonderful drinking scene between the cast as they just hang out in the living room chatting and drinking beer.  But it was when Sung Na-Jung (played by the hilarious Go Ara) started winking that it got truly amusing.  Her roommate, Haetae, starts to tell in a voice over, that whenever Na Jung drinks she turns into a real dog.  We see her walk over to her roommate/brother figure Trash and lean in really close. Just as you think she is going to passionately kiss him, she bites his lip instead.  HAHAHA, truly a funny drama moment and makes you wonder how they filmed it without cracking up laughing.
Unsanitary Drinking - You're Beautiful 
I will never forget one of my first and most memorable kdrama drinking scenes.  This one makes me gag to this day anytime I recall and is truly the grossest drunk moment on our list.  Nun turned kpop idol, Mi-Nam, has her first experience with champagne at a party where she is pretending to be her twin brother.  Feeling dizzy and nauseous, the poor thing heads to the rooftop where she finds her unsuspecting band mate.  Throwing up first in a planter (which is gross enough), she then falls on top of leading man and fellow band member Tae Kyeong.  At which time she promptly throws up again IN HIS MOUTH...  EW EW EW.. There is no amount of sanitizing that could make that poor boys mouth clean.
This concludes my trip down memory lane of my favorite drinking moments.  Remember to send me a quick note if you have a topic for our future countdowns, as well as if you have your own favorite drinking moment that is not already listed.  It is always fun to chat with other kdrama fanatics. 

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