Monday, August 18, 2014

Kmuse's Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - Villain Edition

I know that I have not been doing my weekly top 5 countdown where I let you all know my favorite kdrama moments of the week.  Unfortunately real life and a whole bunch of vacations have interfered, however until I can get all caught up (which might be a couple of weeks) I decided to amend my past format and start doing themed countdowns.  This week you get to find out who my favorite villains are from the current airing dramas.  Who will win?  A scheming mother, a crazy magician, or maybe just a psycho 2nd lead? Come join me as I count down my favorite people who I love to hate!
#5 Min Hye Rin (aka The Iron Butterfly) - Endless Love
I originally thought that the bad guy was Park Young Tae ( the person who actually killed the heroines mother), but it turns out that the real villain of the drama is Hye Rin.  Wife of the current prime minister, her greed for power knows no bounds and she will do literally anything to further her goal of becoming the First Lady.  Even having the heroine, In Ae,  arrested, tortured, raped, and impregnated, so that her son will stop his infatuation with the delinquent actress.  And that is all without knowing that she is really the daughter of her husbands first love (the daughter she had ordered killed along with her mother 26 years earlier).  All of these things put her firmly in my best evil villains list.
#4 Kang Se Ah - Marriage Without Dating
 She is the worst kind of ex girlfriend, the kind that can not understand rejection and the word "NO".  While all the other characters have slowly grown on me (even ex-boyfriend with the peter pan complex), Se Ah's narcissistic entitled rich girl ways continue to drive me batty.  I don't care if it makes you unhappy to see your ex move on, it does not give one the right to ruin his life 3 years later.  My advice is go to a therapist and learn to get closure because right now you just coming across as bat crap crazy. 
#3 Merchant Choi (aka The Leader of the Gunman) - The Joseon Gunman
Choi Won Shin not only is an amazing bad guy, but a character that I love almost to the point that I can't hate him.  Merchant Choi is stuck in a situation where there are very few options. He either follows the directions of the evil nobleman, or he and his daughter will be enslaved and lose everything.  So in order to survive, Merchant Choi aligns himself with the strongest side and sets about eliminating their roadblocks.  Unfortunately one of those roadblocks was the hero's (Park Yoon Kang) father.  Personally I am still hoping that there will be some kind of redemption for him and we can see he and his daughter get a happy ending away from political scheming. 
#2 Sa Dam - The Night Watchman's Journal
Does he overact to the point it is almost comical?  Yes he does.  Does he have the classical evil villain vibe that is missing only a cape and a twirling mustache to become a cliche?  You bet ya!  And yet I can't get enough of Kim Sung Oh playing this over the top evil magician.  At this point I really have no clue what is going on except he has A serious love for his stone dragon and large staff/costumes, yet I am highly entertained through every episode.  It could be because he plays such a good opposite of our flamboyant hero Lee Rin.  Whatever the case, I say bring on the Liberace themed costumes and the evil cackles since I am waiting impatiently for the new episodes each week.
#1 Yeon Min Jung - Jang Bo Ri is Here
Do you ever wonder where evil mother-in-laws come from?  I am pretty sure it is from aging people like Yeon Min Jung.  Greedy and narcissistic to the nth degree, Min Jung lives her life hopping up the social ladder by stepping upon anyone and everyone.  If there was a gold medal for lying I can guarantee that she would win first place.  Unlike other evil villains, her lies sound so believable that I am pretty sure even she believes them.  Min Jung also does not let confrontation or surprises divert her from her evil goal, when confronted she is quick on the uptake to make up another lie to cover herself.  Her amazingly psycho character is the reason I am so excited to watch this drama each week, and I can't wait to see her fall into a pit of her own making (I am even thinking of looking up this actress and watching some of her other work, I am enjoying her acting so much).  
This completes my favorite bad guy segment.  Did your favorite make the cut?  Feel free to comment about your secret love for evil in the comments or be sure to like us on FB for more kdrama discussion and updates.
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  1. Hahah This list is Fantastic~ Can you do one on Favorite villains from older series too?

    1. I will put it on my list of topics. Had a lot of fun doing this one:)


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