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The Master's Sun Final Review

Hey guys so my family, for now, seems to be surviving well enough for me to get back into the swing of things.  For the first time in months, a drama actually caught me, & kept me, for more than one episode.  But I'll get back to that later.  I want to say thank you so much to all of you who have emailed, tweeted, and facebooked me over the last few months, with words of encouragement & support, it meant the world to me, to know I hadn't been forgotten by my favorite peeps.

On with the review, I'm going to wrap up the last three episodes in this one review. I really enjoyed how they wrapped up this drama, granted it was a little predictable and they used one of my least favorite, but overused ploys, the whole going away for a year & then coming back but I loved the faces that Joo Joong Won made when he was pretending that he was in so much pain and that he was gonna let her walk away from him when really he wasn't.  I enjoyed how each character was paired off for a happily ever end.  Call me a romantic or a goofball for liking a clean cut happy ending if you want.  It doesn't bother me.  Life is so full of complicated, messy endings, that most of the time don't actually feel ended that when I'm watching a show I want what I can't really get in real life.  Real life is overrated.

Cha Hee Joo: (The Real Cha Hee Joo)
At the end of 15 all is revealed, all that was pretty much visible throughout the drama, at least to me.  She is the REAL Cha Hee Joo.  She was the one who was in the orphanage, when her sister came to see her for the first time, we see that Han Na was actually the nice twin, probably because she was raised with adoptive parents in a nice, read: rich, environment.  The whole nature vs nurture issue comes up here.  That CHJ had a thing for JJW, but was too scared to approach him, so her sweet twin sister did it, while pretending to be her.  Eventually CHJ was going to tell JJW the whole truth of their deception, once she started having feelings for him.  But then CHJ stepped in & there was the kidnapping, the jewelry heist, the murder of her own sister & then taking her sister's place as Han Na.  She gets caught, admits to her dirty deeds, 2 day before the statute of limitations expires, how convenient, and is hauled off to jail.

Tae Gong Sil's Eonnie and Cheap Mouth:
Weirdest pairing I've seen in a while.  They start off as acquaintances & out of nowehere they're flirting & hanging out, he's no longer using her to get the dirty deets to take back to Uncle.  And even though she finds out he's the one with cheap mouth selling secrets of her own sister, she continues dating him.  But he was funny & cute & he was willing to do all those shots for her so even I forgave him.  Besides she has enough sass & feistiness in her to make him pay but in a totally loving & funny way.  So in the end it worked.

Aunt & Uncle:
Aunt becomes pregnant!  And we find out that she has never been able to carry a baby to term.  Which has made her sad & bitter & probably caused failed relationships in the past which explains her need to control everything & why she is very guarded.  I ended up really liking Aunt.  But it took TGS to point out that while it is scary to trust & rely on others that it is also good for you, even if you get hurt.  I loved how happy Uncle was & how he was prepared to raise the baby after Aunt gives birth, because 50 is too old to take care of baby, in Aunt's mind.  I think these 2 just might make it.  He's the perfect Yin to her Yang.  And he cracks me up every time he cheers, "TGS, Fighting!", under his breath.

Kang Candy & Tae Yi Ryeong (or Black Whale):
She gets him drunk!  Kang Candy drunk is adorably honest.  And I love that she spiked his drink.  Way to go girl!  Again this is the kind of stuff that is just creepy & wrong in the real world but is awesome in KDramas.  While intoxicated he admits he thinks she's quite beautiful.  And you can see how happy it makes her to hear this.  In fact she likes it so much that she agrees to help Kang Candy & JJW stop TGS from leaving the country.  In the most awesome ways ever!  Loved the 'OMGosh I think I am dying' on the plane, acting & the way she was grabbing on TGS & dragging her with her out of the airport to the hospital every step of the way.  Pretty strong for someone who is abject pain.  And afterwards, Kang Candy rewards her by basically agreeing to be hers.  Totally adorable couple!  I loved them together so much!  Very reminiscent of Ice Cream Girl & Cha Moo Won, from Protect the Boss.

This leaves us with...

Joo Joong Won & his Billion Won Radar, Tae Gong Sil:
So many happy feels.  I loved that even though he didn't want her to leave him, he told her "Get Lost" in that fantastic way.  I was glad that she didn't come back from her search for answers, all healed & unable to see ghosts anymore.  Her explanation that while she was in a coma & traveling with the photographer who can see ghosts as well, she was touched by the spirits & promised to help them & that is why she is such a shining light to them, because of her promise to help when she got back in her body.  It was very sweet.  After the tried & overly used plot device of separating for a over a year they run into each other again & she fakes that she is cured so that he doesn't feel sorry for her, because she wants him back.  But she wants him back on her terms, not because he thinks she needs him to protect him from the scary ghosts.  She's even earned some major bank while she was gone so that she can buy her apartment building, which he told her early on if she bought that building he'd take her then.  I'm paraphrasing of course but you get the general idea, right?  Anyway, he finds out when he gets her drunk & has to keep a plethora of ghosts from taking control of her.  Again I loved watching Gong Hyo Jin play so many different characters in her one body.  She is one of my favorite actresses.  Eventually it all works out, she buys the building, he finally gets the girl & she accepts herself & her abilities.

Weekly Ghosts We Grew To Love:
They even managed to wrap up the ghosts...Trashcan ghost was at the trashcan because he lost a big time lottery winning ticket & let his family down but JJW fixed that by helping Trashcan ghost's daughter have the wedding of her dreams.  Then there was Woo Jin.  Who's mom, is so distraught with grief for her son that she almost commits suicide, but TGS rescued her in time.  We even found out that the coffee ghost kid, that I loved the best, is actually just like TGS.  He's still awake & avoiding the pressure of college & exams & life by staying in a coma, like TGS did & following photographer guy.  Sigh, it felt good to get those answers.

So all in all it was a fun, different kind of rom/com Kdrama.  I enjoyed the actors & actresses & the characters & most of the writing, plot devices & all.  And I have another K Crush in So Ji Sub, who is my age...feels good to crush on age appropriate men.  ^^

And that about covers it for me folks.  I am moving on to review It's Okay, That's Love, again starring Gong Hyo Jin.  It's been a seriously long time since a drama has caught my interest for more than an episode or 2 & I really like the more grown up, serious feel to her new drama.  I also like the fact that she isn't some poor pushover or in need of protection heroine.  In this one she is sassy, big mouthed, intelligent, and successful.  It's a nice change.  But I probably won't get any of the reviews out until I get back from KCON next week.  My eldest son & I are flying out tomorrow.  I hope to meet a lot of fellow addiKts & squee & have a total blast with all of you.  This is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity & there was no way I was going to pass up this experience.  Thanks everyon e for the love & support & the cheering section for me & especially for the Crazy Ahjummas.  We love you guys!



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